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rosejosh September 10, 2012

Hello everyone. I have been following some threads in this forum and everyone is been quite helpful. I will be moving from the UK to Atlanta next month and I have a 31/2 year old son, can someone please advise me on the school system in Atlanta. What is PreK, age to start etc. What area is best for school please. Thanks very much.

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MagnetMom September 14, 2012

Hi rosejosh,

Pre-K is essentially for 4-5 year olds. With so many kids in day care for suh a long period of time, there seems to be a name for everything to make it sound like the kids are progressing. Where there was once day care and preschool before kindergarten, now there's pre-K and transitional K, Pre-K is for kids who are about a year outside of kindergarten. Transitional K is a program for students who just barely miss the cutoff. Both pre-K and transitional-K are programs where there are fewer spots than demand, so they tend to have application periods and lotteries to get in.

A place to start would be here:
You can read parent reviews and learn about the school philosophies here as well:


111mb111 October 25, 2012

You'll find many independent preschools offered by local churches, etc that run up until kindergarten starts at age 5-6 (depending on child's birthday). The application period usually is in November for the following school year. In the city of Atlanta, it is very competitive to get into the good preschools and it's important that you call around to the preschools so you don't miss the application deadlines. As for elementary school, I would steer clear of APS (Atlanta Public Schools)! You can do a Google search and read all about the debacle that they're currently (and seemingly always in - inept board, temporary sup trying to cleanup decades of a mess, cheating scandals, etc, etc). In the City, you really have to send you kids to private school, which runds about $20k per year. If you are interested in public, East Cobb has an excellent system and I believe Gwinett might as well (not very familiar with it). I just have lived through the APS mess and can save you that trouble! Welcome to the US and Atlanta. It's a great place to raise a young family!


rosejosh December 17, 2012

Thanks very much for the information. So helpful. We live in East Cobb so I'm reading the reviews of the schools on great school website.. Not a lot of reviews on preschools. So will be looking at the local churches preschool for a start....once again thanks for the helpful information.


knickchick January 6, 2013

I would recommend Primrose Schools (Private and public Pre-K options. Excellent curriculum. Also, I would recommend looking into vlllage montessori in Roswell East Cobb, very good if you like a true montessori education.


isidore January 30, 2013

I am relocating to the clayton county area Riverdale,Ga I have been doing my reseach on the schools in the area where I relocating. I am looking for a performing arts middle school ,charter middle school, elementary, or charter elementary school for my three children. if you can give me some information to better direct me into doing more research i will appreciate that.
Thank you


abarclay April 7, 2013

A reply for isidore. I know only about Dekalb Co. School for the arts program, if you would consider. Dekalb offers a k-12 program for the arts. The elementary is housed as a k-7 and the 8-12 is the high school. Currently they are on separate campuses. In 2016/17 these two campuses will be consolidated to one campus located in the unused Avondale Middle School Campus in Avondale Estates, in central Dekalb. We have a daughter who has attended Dekalb School for the Arts high School (DSA) for two years now. It is a safe campus, offering accelerated and AP curriculum, with dedicated staff and parents and currently the county provides busing from central locations. The children are kind and supportive, very good experience.


mommiebear June 9, 2013

I am originally from California, moved here to Atlanta a little over 4 years ago. I moved to Dekalb County in the Fernbank Elementary School district. My advise, as I lived in Europe for several years, is stay as far away from the Dekalb County School system as you possibly can. There is a private school called "The International School" that has a bilingual program for pre-schoolers. There are so many options for pre-school in Atlanta, that it really depends on where you will live. I would also look into the Montessori Schools. Sorry I'm so direct, but sometimes it's necessary when it comes to protecting our children.

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