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Relocating to Atlanta from Los Angeles, CA


user5245469 August 16, 2013

Hi ! Can someone help me with high school I am thinking about relocating from Los Angeles, Ca. My son will be going into the 11 grade by the time we move to Atlanta. Currently he attends a charter school that is very divers. And I would like the same. Any suggestions?

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MagnetMom August 18, 2013

Hi user5245469, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

Until someone locally responds, here are a few suggestions. First, visit:

Type in the zip code of the neighborhoods that interest you, and then read the parent reviews and here's a great article that will give you excellent tips on choosing that school from afar:

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


user5391793 December 23, 2013

lets be honest...what do you mean diverse? black, asian, hispanic, white? cuz theres schools for each.

but basically, if you want the single overall best public school, go to walton...although alot of great magnets are around if math/sci is your thing such as gwinnett math/sci...supposedly a top 10 school nationwide!

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