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Roswell, GA
Students enrolled: 775
Before care: No

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9375 Willeo Road
Roswell, GA 30075

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(770) 641-8257
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April 06, 2015
I have been a student since kindergarten at Saint Francis, am now a junior. I have been exposed to many teachers, and of course, many students over these 12 years. I can say that the school has been as supportive as you can expect, letting us grow as students and helping us learn to deal with real-world-like conflicts more and more as we get older. The counselors have all been fantastic as they have helped those of us who may have felt awkward at various times. The support from the academic staff has always been there for those of us who have sought it. I feel Saint Francis has been a good preparation for college.

- submitted by a student
February 10, 2015
I absolutely do not agree with the previous two reviews. My children have never felt bullied at St Francis and have a diverse group of friends. They are not part of the Athletics programs and do not feel slighted in the least. They are progressing very well in school and I feel they are better prepared than my child who attends a top Cobb County public school. The staff is supportive, but firm. They expect a lot from their students and won't put up with behavior problems. We recommend this school to anyone who ask us about the program. They have varying levels from support to honors classes and are willing to move children if they prove to need a different level of teaching. Keep up the good work!

- submitted by a parent
February 09, 2015
My time at St. Francis was nothing short of horrible. The teachers are mean, the "point system" is a negative reenforcement system and as such source of intense stress and fear, bullying and superiority complexes among the students are a major problems which the staff outrightly refuses to deal with, even in serious cases, they're scared of the affluent oversensitive parents is all I can figure. It is not a good fit for children who are different. I'd like to state that I was being generous with this review.

- submitted by a student
February 08, 2015
On a good day, this school is mediocre. If you do not mind your children watching TV during physical education, playing ABC Mouse during computer class, learning a reading program geared toward the below average reader, and an overall academic program slowed down and spoon fed in order to keep pace with the overwhelming amount of ADHD students they accept. The administration at St Francis falsely represents their school by not identifying to perspective parents they are a school for children with learning disabilities and behavior problems. If your child is self-motivated, possesses average intelligence, and has self-management tools, I do not feel this is the right academic environment for you. I had high hopes for St Francis Elementary, but instead I have been let down and disappointed.

- submitted by a parent
January 12, 2015
The admissions director went out of her way to schedule a time and met with me to discuss my child. The admissions director took the time to review my child's file and let me know her thoughts on what St. Francis could do to help my child meet success. My child is having an amazing year at St. Francis. I thank the admissions director for her support during the admissions process.

- submitted by a parent
September 28, 2014
I am conflicted about this school because even though most of the teachers are great teachers the administration is lacking. If your child is good at sports or your family has a lot of money you will be treated well. They have their favorites and treat those kids better than the others. Especially, if your child is a great football or basketball player. These kids get special treatment across the board. It is not fair to the other kids. Some kids especially in high school are recruited from other schools to play basketball and because they are good at sports they dont have to pay tuition and get full scholarships. This is very unfair to those parents who work 2-3 jobs to be able to afford to send their kids there. Stop the favoritism St. Francis! Also, get yourself a kinder admissions director with some people skills. Do you really want the first impression the new parents get to be an abrasive, irritable individual. This could be a great school but the tuition is way too high for what you get and all kids need to be treated equally.

- submitted by a parent
June 26, 2014
St. Francis School is definitely 10 stars!!! There is not enough space here for me to list all of the things that are great about our school. My 3 children attended Elementary through High School and this is why they were & still are successful in college & beyond. I am very bothered by the review in April, where the parent criticizes our High School for not getting (or wanting to get) to know the students. This is so untrue! My children bragged to their friends that their Principal knows them for who they are... not because they are bad and sent to her office! The teachers @ St. Francis not only want to teach, they want to teach the St. Francis "way"..... making sure our children feel good about themselves and feel successful. Parents need to do their part too. Become involved! Participation is the key to success!

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2014
Our daughter, now a 10th grader, started at St Francis in kindergarten. The curriculum, the method of growing the kids, the athletics and the caring for the kids and their future successes have all been spectacular. Highly recommended.

- submitted by a parent
April 23, 2014
After a very unpleasant experience with the admissions process, I am glad I did not choose this school. The admissions director was very cold, and chose not to speak with us personally, would ask you to pose your questions in the for of an email, and then not respond. If this is how the school presents itself in the beginning, how would they be once they have your tuition,

- submitted by a community member
February 05, 2014
St. Francis day school has been a tremendous blessing for our son. He started this year in the 3rd grade and has made tremendous strides. The tiered curriculum is absolutely a God-send. He was behind in math so he was able to do the support class for math and be in standard curriculum for other classes. His insecurity about doing math is gone and he's caught up to be on par with 3rd grade standards. The people are very friendly and his teacher has been the best we've had. Unfortunately we are moving to another state at the end of the school year and leaving St. Francis is the most heart-breaking part.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2013
St. Francis was a good option for middle school but we made the mistake of moving to the high school. As a small school, it is shocking that they do not get to know (or want to know) kids we have entrusted to them. There is clearly only 1 decision maker and the culture reflects this.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2013
If your child has any issues with self esteem, bullying or is in any way unique, you should think long and hard about sending them to St. Francis. There is no support from the staff or counselors regarding bullying and the "mean girl" culture thrives. They don't want to offend the check writers. The so called reward system is actually punitive.

- submitted by a parent
October 09, 2012
Mr Buccellato is a great guy. I'm a successful 40 year old now and I went to Saint Francis throughout my middle school years. I was not a great kid and after getting kicked out of public school, he straightened me out. He simply taught me what was and what was not acceptable behavior in society. He's not trying to win friends or win awards, he just believes in teaching children wrong from right. So if you're looking for someone to baby your kid, he's not your guy but if your looking for someone that cares enough about your child, to not allow them to act like little jerks, then I highly recommend Saint Francis.

- submitted by a community member
September 10, 2012
This school cares more about the tuition than the children. The administrators will go above and beyond to avoid any acccountability for the emotional well being of a child if loss of tuition or exposure is possible. They will advise teachers to not speak up for the child and attempt to appear credible. Buccelato is a cad, cares about a families financial worth and just how he can get more for the school, regarless is the child is at risk.

- submitted by a parent
March 20, 2012
St. Francis has exceeded our expectations. My daughter transferred into the high school and they have been wonderful helping her transition from public school. Small classes, excellent teachers, and the administration cares about each individual student.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2012
Our daughter has attended St. Francis Day School for three years now and we've been very pleased. She entered the school with low self confidence due to a hearing problem and was initially placed in a support class with a superb teacher. The next year her confidence soared in a traditional classroom, and this year she is blowing away advanced classes! The staff has been very responsive to her needs, the structure provided by the school has been helpful, and she enjoys the extracurricular activities and being recognized as a good citizen of the school. We are grateful to St. Francis for helping her to bloom socially and academically.

- submitted by a parent
October 04, 2011
The Elementary school coordinator (principal) protects the school teachers as if they paid her salary. However, she treats the students and parents with disrespect. Many parents leave the school because they have no support from the principal. We experienced this last year. We had a bad teacher, who would insult the children in front of all the students. When communicated to the elementary coordinator, she refused to support the parents. On the contrary, she and the teacher made up stories about my child having issues. However, they never mentioned before I talked to the teacher about insulting my child. Both of this individuals have no business in education. No matter how many problems they have with parents, they are still there. This is not a good school. They should train they educators better, starting by "do not ridicule and insult children in front of the class. Additionally, they promote themselves as a school that helps children with LDs. They do not provide support, other that reprimand the child when they ask questions and do not understand. Furthermore, the headmaster hires mainly young, attractive girls for teachers, that do not have a clue on how to be educators. RUN!

- submitted by a parent
December 14, 2010
As the parent of three students who attended St Francis Elementary, Middle and High Schools, I am very happy to tell you about our experience. My oldest son was transferring into 10th grade and he needed the small classes. The classes were perfectly placed for his abilities and growth. My middle son started in 9th grad. He loved St. Francis so much. He needed support classes and those were appropriately scheduled for him. My youngest son started in 4th grade and later attended the Middle School. He made great advancements in his Reading and I have always been so thankful for that! The teachers and staff have been very open. The kids friends were nice kids and their parents are my friends. My sons had plenty of opportunities to participate in sports and clubs. I enjoyed the Parent Association and the school activities. I notice whenever I drive past St Francis, I always have a smile on my face! Such a great school and great memories for our family.

- submitted by a parent
August 04, 2010
We have been so pleased with the supportive and caring environment St. Francis offers. As a family entering into 6th grade we felt the transition from public was easier than expected. Any early adjustment problems are discussed and worked around. In our case they cared about the whole family and we are grateful for that. I would recommend St. Francis to any family who wants to send their child to a school who is involved with students growth, confidence and also the important accountability that our daughter is now so proud to achieve in many new areas.

- submitted by a parent
June 27, 2010
St. Francis Middle School was an excellent choice for our son. He has some learning challenges, but was placed in honors courses in the subjects he needed to be challenged with. The faculty, staff and administration are very supportive. Neither our son or we parents ever felt the school was punitive and always tried to hear the student's viewpoint. The MS principal knew how our son had done each year, and was even aware of his bus-riding schedule. Our son is now attending one of Atlanta's top-rated private high schools, and wouldn't be there if he hadn't attended St. Francis for MS.

- submitted by a parent
June 15, 2010
St. Francis was the worst mistake my parents ever made. I agreed to go there because of it's "has everything" feel you get from the tour however, there are a few problems they don't tell you in the brochure. For one, It has a negative punishment system which they call their "positive reward system, two the teachers are insensitive, three the most important problem and the biggest, the bullying which the teachers do nothing about. Nothing. They say zero tolerance but that is not the case. In all my schools I've ever been to or seen, or reviewed this one has the worst verbal and mental mean girls and mean boys problem. Do not send your child here as for if I could go back to where I never saw the place I would've been better off.

- submitted by a community member
February 21, 2010
As parents of two girls who attended St. Francis for 6 years we are extremely grateful for the academic, organizational, and social skills our girls achieved.Although our children have two very different learning styles, the program at St. Francis was supportive and challenged both of our children.Our oldest is now attending college.The skills she developed at St. Francis in reading,writing, note taking,and public speaking have made her very successful in her studies. Her weakest areas when she entered St. Francis are now her strongest.Our younger daughter who attended elementary school academically excelled in all her classes.The small class sizes allowed her teachers to meet her learning needs and keep her challenged. The drama classes that she enjoyed gave her the confidence to act and speak in front of large groups.We know that they will achieve their future academic goals due to the great foundation given to them at St. Francis.

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 18, 2010
Saint Francis School is true to their mission statement of providing a program of study for students with different academic abilities in a structured, challenging, supportive environment. My child has attended SFS Elementary thru High School. At the Elementary School level there is a concentration on the foundations of education; emphasis is on the three R s (reading, riting, and rithmatic). They have a great program that provides structure for learning how to learn, becoming organized, becoming responsible, and developing as a whole person. In addition to academic subjects students have computer, art, drama, and chorus classes. I would like to add that the program does require parental participation on a daily basis so if you cannot deal with rules and structure it might not be a good fit for your family. If you want your child to receive a classic academic education this might be the ideal school.

- submitted by a parent
February 18, 2010
St. Francis Day School created a fabulous learning environment. My three children attended from elementary through high school and went on to be extremely successful in quality colleges and life. They participated in many varied activities after school to become well rounded students. Their classes ranged from Honors/AP to Traditional. My children were challenged to excel and supported when needed. The St. Francis teachers provided a structured, yet nurturing, experience helping the children become organized and responsible for their school work. I highly recommend this private school to parents.

- submitted by a parent
December 02, 2009
My child spent one to many years at the elementary school. She only had one good year and the rest were very marginal. 'It was my mistake not to move her earlier! They are very punitive and do not cater to the individual needs of the student any longer. If your child has any deficits, they will not fit into this school. It is definitely not the right choice for him/her. When evaluating St. Francis, please make sure that you consider their social/emotional needs along with the academics. Remember to do your research. There are many good options for schools in Atlanta.

- submitted by a parent
November 21, 2009
The worst experience for both of my children. The school is very punitive! It does not encourage students to move forward or be creative in any way. They want all children, no matter what their abilities are, to stay at the same level. Boring and old fashioned curriculum. The administrators care only about the reputation of the school and little for the individual student. If you are looking for a school that has a repetitive curriculum and is overly structured this is the school for you.

- submitted by a parent
March 30, 2009
St. Francis has become a 'main stream' school and teaches kids at all levels. It actually has less percentage of ADHD/ADD than public school. Small classes, great caring teachers, wonderful Parent Association. Very unique school

- submitted by a parent
December 29, 2008
All my kids went to St. Francis. They have moved on, and are doing great. St. Francis is a great school. The kids have a great time while they learn to love to learn. The headmaster, is an unbelievable guy, and cares about each and every one of his kids. In a nine year run, we never had a bad teacher. The classes were leveled and small. My kids always worked to their ability. It is a great school for all kinds of kids, as the school appreciates all kids. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their kid to meet their maximum potential and have a great time along the way.

- submitted by a parent
October 11, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
no rating September 08, 2008
This was a great school! But my son said middle school was not as fun as the younger grades.

- submitted by a parent

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