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Looking for School for ADHD 3rd grader


joyceharrer August 25, 2009

I may be moving to Boise, I am looking for a school that will help my daughter without labels and push medication she is currently in Montessori and does well hand on creative environment any suggestiona would be wonderful.

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healthy11 August 26, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, not associated with any particular school or district. The chance of finding another parent who is from a particular city, with a child of similar age who has similar needs is slim. Have you tried using the "Find a School" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page, where you can enter a location and grade level, and see a list of all schools in a given area? Maybe there are Montessori schools for older kids in Boise.
I have a child with some special needs, and I always recommend that families contact a local support group for whatever kind of disability their child faces, and network through those other parents to find out about the best schools and other resources in a given area. For ADHD, you might check out or
For general questions, you might also like to join Greatschools Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at

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