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what high school would be good for my son who is a freshman with a mild learning disability?


ckckck1 February 12, 2011

I am looking for a high school that would be good for my son who has mild learning disabilities. It can be in Chicago or the northern suburbs? I do not have a formal IEP only a private evaluation. I am despaerate since he is currently in a private school which does not deal with learning disabilities.

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ldtutor February 14, 2011

Have you considered Roycemore, St. Ignatius, or North Shore Country Day? Unfortunately, many private schools will provide accommodations, but very few offer remediation.


ss9609 February 14, 2011

Palatine High School in Palatine is a good one. I think its one of the best public schools in the northwestern suburbs for all types but especially for kids with some special needs. My son goes there and is a freshman too. I would appreciate if anybody could recommend a good private high school (more academic oriented) where kids with mild learning disabilities could go to in the northern suburbs of Chicago.


nanakw April 4, 2011

St, Ignatius is a very demanding school. Have you considered an alternative high school? A close friend's freshman son is attending a new school that is very exciting. It is: Global Citizenship Experience, 800 Buena, in Chicago. Very small classes are taught by experts in the community. The students commute from all over Chicago and suburbs. It is a private school with high tuition but I believe financial aid is available. Good luck.


mom1stTeacher2 April 10, 2011

I have heard that St. Gregory is a great high school for students with some learning disabilities. It is not as rigorous or as expensive as St. Ignatius. For any public schools you would definitely need to get an IEP and as a parent YOU need to fight for one, it will only help your child learn in a way that is least frustrating.


Hrmups April 19, 2011

St. Benedict Preparatory School accepts students with mild learning disabilities and offers small classes. The teachers always put in time after school in addition to kids receiving help from a Title I teacher.

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