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We will be moving to the Justice area in a week and my twins will be attending Wilkins Junior High School and


Yolandanicole2 May 8, 2008

I was wondering how well is this school? with teachers/work/and of course being there for the students. how is the enviroment of the School .

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healthy11 May 8, 2008

Greatschools is a nationwide community, and you didn't mention which state you live in. There's a Justice in my area, but I've never heard of Wilkins Junior High. Have you tried to use Greatschools Research and Compare feature? Go to the green menu bar near the top of this page, and click on "Research and Compare" then enter your criteria...


Yolandanicole2 May 9, 2008

We lived in the Southside of Chicago for a year and Ft Worth Tx for 12 years. and decided to come back home to Chicago. My twins have ADD and was just wondering do any of the Schools in the Justice,Ill district help students so they can have faith in the school to push on and become more involved in school and High School. The School is.. Geo T. Wilkins Junior High School in Justice,Ill


healthy11 May 9, 2008

Here's the link to the parent reviews of the school, which seem quite positive:
Unfortunately, Greatschools doesn't rate special education programs within schools, but you might want to join more of us who have kids with Attention and Learning Difficulties at


Maggamuffin August 8, 2009

Wilkins Junior High is in Justice, Il. I know from experience that the elementary by the same name and the Junior High have had disciplinary problems in the past from the principal who was afraid of the parents. There are several blacks and arabics in that area as well as white and hispanic. Last year the situation at one of the schools improved immensely from a new principal.

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