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Therapeutic School in or near Chicago?? HELP PLEASE!


krischicago July 9, 2011

My adopted 9 year old's 2 therapists suggest he enroll in a "therapeutic school" for emotional issues and academic issues (he is of average intelligence but has fetal alcohol exposure, attachment disorder, mood swings, etc.....but NOT behavior problems at school.) We live on the north side of Chicago and he currently does "fairly well" at a private school but is starting to fall further behind and be stressed out. He did qualify for an IEP with some limited services but we did not put him in the Chicago Public Schools because we just didn't feel it would be enough support.
Any ideas for a therapeutic school? in the world do you get the Chicago Public Schools to pay for all or a portion of the therapeutic school if the child has not been in their schools?

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guest6 July 13, 2011

Go to your local public school and talk to the case manager there. That is your public school resource if you're child is an attending or non-attending student. They will be able to guide you to a school that fit's your son's needs (as well as update his IEP, I believe). Good luck.


teresag54 July 17, 2011

Your local, or home, public school is the place to start. The school will probably start with an evaluation of sorts and will probably not entertain the idea of a therapeutic school until your child is placed in a least restrictive environment which would be indicated by the testing results. You may provide results from private testing but CPS will more than likely place more emphasis on its findings for placement.

The public school may be the place for your child if the testing indicates significant issues. Private schools do not have the staff/funding to provide special ed services to the extent that CPS does; you will have to advocate, advocate, advocate. Make sure the school addresses the child, not the label and fashions out an educational plan that challenges the strengths of the child and addresses the needs.

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