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my child came home crying ,because of several comment's the teacher makes to the class, what do I do


Anonymous December 14, 2008

my child came home crying ,because of several comment's the teacher makes to the class, what do I do

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curlysue December 14, 2008

That depends on what the comments were.


1seremen December 14, 2008

What do you do! Take time to know and understand the details of the comment. Arrange to meet with the teacher and listen to his or her side of the story.

How old is your child. Do you want to share those several comments. Get back to us if need more suggestion.

Best wishes!


kkornas December 15, 2008

Does this happen all the time, or was it just one day? What were the comments about? I agree with 1seremen. If it's an ongoing thing, take the time to understand what happened by talking to both your child and the teacher. If your child is shy and the teacher doesn't really know that, for example, then simply being called out in class may be enough to make your child upset. A conversation with the teacher to let him or her know that your child is extra-sensitive to being called out in class may be all you need to do to prevent the situation from happening again.


maggie93215 December 15, 2008

Obviously the teacher is saying something that is hurting your daughters feelings or scarying her either way this is unacceptable behavior on the teachers part. When you talk with the teacher ask her what she would do if her child came home crying saying her teacher made her cry! Next, we as parents need to let our kids know that just because adults talk rude or are mean to them it is not acceptable, by that I mean if you were with your daughter I seriously doubt that the teacher would do that or say whatever it is she is saying to these students. You know that good old saying "teat others how you would like to be treated." I would go stright to the principal with my daughter and let her explain as best as she could, then I ask the principal to set up a meeting with the three of you.
I want my kids to be at school and feel good about themselves but if they are around teachers like this it will make things difficult.


debrasuefitzge December 15, 2008

i agree with maggie,this teacher is saying something thats scaring your daughter.i would go to the pricipal and request a meeting with him and the teacher togather to get to the bottom of this and find out what she is saying thats making your daughter cry.


navajo December 16, 2008

She told the class they are the worst class she's ever had.And next year she get's to pick thier teacher's,and the bad kid's are going to get the mean teacher's.If one child is bad ,they all have to stand agaisnt the wall at ress.I have talked to the teacher and she said my child is just to senstive , she's 8


toucansam January 4, 2009

My child had an abusive teacher like that. The teacher told one boy,in front of the class, that he would not go on to the next grade because he was not able to do the work. She also singled out children and told them they were liars. I overheard her screaming at the children because they were not walking in a straight line. There were other bigger problems with this teacher. Since the administration would not do anything, we left. It was the best thing we ever did. My child is getting a better education and is a thousand times happier. Negativity come from the top down. In our case, the whole school was dysfunctional. I should have noticed all the red flags (teachers quitting mid year and the high turn over of students). I advise that you look very closely to what goes on in the classroom and talk to the administration about your concerns. If it is really bad, pull your child out mid year. Its just not worth it.


fluffy1993 September 29, 2009

send someone from the superintendant's office to listen to what is being said to these young children when the teacher knows she's alone with them. Kids with emotionally challenged "for the pay & impact" style staff are for Child-Watch Observation with Immediate Intervention. Gather evidence from other parents. And question the administration for keeping them after the first year - they know!

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