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Is there a good sports program at the school, my kids like basketball,football, etc.


Jking33 May 5, 2009

We live in Indiana and would like to relocate. Our schools have about 600 in them as well. Thanks

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healthy11 May 5, 2009

HI. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and the chance of finding another family from a particular town, who has children of similar age and with similar interests, is slim. I don't know if you've tried using the "Find a School" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page, but you can then enter a location and grade level, and see what schools are in a given area. If you click on the individual school names in blue, you can find out more details about them, and read any parent comments there might be. You'll probably also find a phone number and I suggest calling schools that you're interested in directly, to ask about sports programs.

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