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10 Libby Hill Rd
Gray, ME 04039

(207) 657-3323
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November 13, 2014
My oldest son had straight A's,but was bullied.When i went to the school for help we felt on trial.Teachers,counselors Beasley noone seemed to care.The school told him try harder to fit in.Really?I pulled him out of school and sent him to private where he thrived in every way,but can't afford to do it for all my kids.My son is a senior now and taking classes to be a lawyer.He wants to help other kids that are actually at school to learn and can be protected.My second oldest seems to handle the bullies but his grades suffer for it.Due to miss management over run classes he has been switched to another lunch and can no longer be with the friends he has made.The school is again uncooperative or supportive in understanding how hard it really is and how hard they make it.Parents don't let your kids be bullies and let's not bully each other.We need to set a good example.School/life is not about brand names or money.It's about your education,love,caring and working together to make this a better safer world to live in.My experience started in my own neighborhood Dunn middle now high school.Pathetic.I am surrounded by ignorance.Money is not everything.Jesus loves us all.

- submitted by a parent

October 28, 2013
I used to go to GNG. I went here for 5 years. And most of it was terrible. The bullying policy's are terrible and I don't think/reccomend this school in my opinion..

- submitted by a student

February 20, 2013
The high school has recently added the IB program and is changing to a standards based system; this should greatly increase the academic challenges for the students and raise the expectation levels. I've seen a change in the overall attitude for the better in the last few years, for an example the Community Service Club has over 100 members and they have done some remarkable things. My only issue is that my son just graduated and will miss out on many of these positive changes.

- submitted by a parent

September 16, 2012
Wow, if you are using this website to determine the excellence or failure of a school..you are crazy. Besides the latest entry being over 2 years old, it sincerely does NOT reflect what type of education your child will receive. I truly believe that all schools have their flaws and that some are better at hiding them than others, but a student and their parents are what make an education a positive experience, and a student's and their parents apathy are what make it a negative experience. My child is a sophomore at GNG and he is a successful student. Why? Because his father and I are parents that are partners with him and with the school to make sure his education is the best. There are great teachers and maybe some not so great..that is EVERY school in this country. It is a parents job to make sure that your child knows how important an education is and to make sure that your child is working hard in each and every class. In addition, his parents have participated as classroom helpers, coaches, board members etc. This school has made fantastic strides in the past few years and I believe it will continue to make even more! Making your decision by visiting the school.

- submitted by a parent

April 07, 2012
I am a graduating senior, heading out into the world in two months. It's a great school that's made gargantuan strides recently in athletics, academics, and pride. The teachers are highly qualified, with almost all of them having graduate degrees (either M.S. or PhD). The recent implementation of the IB program gives parents something to look forward to if they have a student coming up through the system who seems qualified for such a challenging course of study. The new alternative education program also keeps students who may have served only as a distraction out of other classrooms and in an environment with councilors and constant attention for their individual needs. Beware that the lunch program is expensive, ouch! It's going great at GNG. Now if only the district's middle school can keep up the supply of articulate and flexible students. I, however, don't foresee that happening.

- submitted by a student

February 02, 2012
Not only is the office staff welcoming and helpful, but the teachers are dynamic and enthusiastic and will take the time to discuss issues one-on-one. They seem to truly care about the students. The guidance councilors make special efforts to assure that students are taking classes of the appropriate level - I have experienced this first-hand. This is a school where things are always improving. Soon, they will be offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program! And since they renovated the building a few years ago, it is really a pleasant place to be. Also, the cross-country ski trails are INCREDIBLE!

- submitted by a parent

December 13, 2011
I was a former student at this school and am now a parent of a child in this school. The bullying is ridiculous! Nice to see that things haven't changed one bit in years. The school has a anti bullying policy but fails to enforce it. If buying a home in this town look for homeschooling or private school.

- submitted by a parent

February 12, 2011
Good school, learned a lot while I attended. Good HIGHLY qualified teaching staff and efficient use of technology.

- submitted by a student

May 05, 2010
I have one child in GNG. Though the school has made great strides with respect to acedemics and sports it still lags way behind. here is an idea... Atheletic achievement is good!! support that! Acedemic achievment is good! support that! Way too many pot heads! No school pride! Just a general lack of enthusiasm all around.. Not everyone, but you know who you are. To the kid who thinks they get too much HW... R U Kidding me? Spend a day in the life of a Bates college student.

- submitted by a parent

March 25, 2010
I am the parent of a senior who has had a good high school experience. She has many friends, plays 3 sports and excels in her academics. The teachers & coaches at gng(with a couple notable exceptions) have always been helpful, very supportive & instrumental in her development as a player and a person. A.D. Mel craig is wonderful! my sympathies go out to her for having to deal with some of the parents who think their kid should play more, their kid is not being treated fairly, blah, blah, blah...Not an easy job! i wish her luck with future ventures. Principal penna is the reason for the 3 star rating (other than him, it would be 4 stars). He has his favorites and his not so favorites, which is blatantly obvious. Luckily i have only had to deal with him once in 4 years!

- submitted by a parent

February 16, 2010
This school never ceases to disappoint me. The school is built on old fashioned teaching methods but the world is changing and GNG just cant keep up. As the world changes there is less and less time to do homework, but teachers still continue to hammer us with it. The Principals promote the ideas of white collar jobs and practicaly drive it into our heads. I went into guidance the other day with the complaint that i do not have enough time to do my homework around my growing scedule. I tried to explain that my scedule was packed but all I got for an answer from assistant principal Springer was 'you will have homework in your job when you are an adult'. 'I plan on being a welder when I graduate' I replied. the reaction I got was nothing but attitide and discouragement.

- submitted by a student
no rating
October 03, 2009
I would like to comment specifically on the athletic dept. Our new A.D., Melanie Craig, has been wonderful! Whether enforcing strict academic criteria for athletes, instilling school spirit via rallies and new uniforms or updating the community about our athletic/athletes, she has provided a pride in our students not seen for a very long time!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
October 03, 2009
GNGHS has an educational program for everyone. Many students struggle with academics year after year. Some have learning disabilities, others have temporary set backs in one subject or another every now and then, The parents have an opportunity to be a part of the team working together with teachers, ed techs and others to assist their child in whatever way necessary to provide a positive learning experience.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 16, 2009
All 3 of my kids Graduated from GNG and now I have a Grandson in the GNG School System. Without the tireless help and commitment of the teachers and help that they give to all the kids that pass through the doors, our school system would not be a wonderful as it is today and into the future.

- submitted by a parent

July 09, 2009
Having recently left GNGHS I have to say that most of the teachers are simply wonderful. The administration, on the other hand, is tyrannical and very disorganized. The principal continuously undermines teachers and goads students, such that behaviors of 'favored' students become unmanageable in the classroom. Students roam the hallways, and the 'RTI' plan is a joke. I just read the most recent entries for 2009 and could not agree more with the comments. Penna serves only himself and does not recognize the talent available in the school. Penna should be fired.

- submitted by a parent

June 08, 2009
I just recently moved from another school and have had a broad experience of schools. GNGHS has its flaws and its ups, but still makes the bottom of my list. The students are treated poorly by administration and staff and other students. Bullying is a huge issue and the school does nothing unless it is one of the 'favorites' that are being bullied. There are teachers that are amazing and easy to talk to but other than that the Administration is very hard headed and is not organized. I am so glad that I am going to be a senior next year!!

- submitted by a student

May 28, 2009
I'm a graduating senior at GNGHS. Mr.Penna, our head principal, made a comment about students being 'very disrespectful to administration'. I ran a Gay Straight Alliance group in GNGHS- At it's peak, we had 25 members. Mr. Penna decided at the start of this school year to integrate GSA with the Civil Rights team, and it has since ceased to exist. We couldn't organize a Day of Silence this year because the other kids in Civil Rights thought that was 'stupid & gay'. I'm currently fighting to be recognized for the 3 years I spent in GSA trying to promote understanding & acceptance in the high school & our community. Penna's excuse was that GSA wasn't a 'school-sanctioned groud' even though we had an advisor that is on the GNGHS staff payrole & administrative approval. This school is disorganized beyond belief, & I am GLAD to be getting out of it.

- submitted by a student

April 29, 2009
Great curriculum and teachers are really nice and teach the students a lot about life. They prepare us very well.

- submitted by a student

April 24, 2009
It's plain obvious that this school has it's problems. Sure, the facilities aren't in perfect condition, and some of the students ruin the experience of others... but that is true in any other school. Since 2007, this school has gone through a major change in environment. It has since become safer, the teachers are now doing more toward the students' education, and more higher-level education/advanced placement classes are being offered than ever before. I walk the halls every morning and I see people that actually enjoy being there. The students know how to take in their high school experience and live it to its fullest. Schools are not to be judged on what they can't offer, but what they can and do. Gray-New Gloucester High School has a Class A Drama program, known sports teams, absolutely no cliques, and a positive learning environment for students on the right track to success.

- submitted by a student
no rating
August 21, 2007
All schools are challenged with juggling funds/resources, state requirements, national requirements, parent/student expectations, and student/teacher ratio. At GNG High School the staff, parents, and students work hard to do the best they can with what they have. Can there be improvement? Of course, as is the case in any school district. People are not perfect. However, no one person is single handedly changing anything or will. It takes the dedication and cooperation of everyone. There are a lot of hard working employees, students, and parents that contribute to that equation and to suggest otherwise is a serious insult to all of us who have dedicated ourselves to educating our youth at GNG H.S..

- submitted by a community member

March 01, 2007
I feel very strongly that this school is in a very big rut that I am trying to single handedly change. The students here tend to be very disrespectful to administration.

- submitted by a teacher

April 12, 2006
Last year I lost a parent to cancer, and I missed quite a bit of school. We had to fight hard to get my make up work from my teachers. When I came back, guidance did next to nothing to help me, except to suggest that I earn my credits homeschooling. Not only did that cost us plenty of money, but it alienated me from my friends when I needed them. This is not a school for kids with any kind of problems. In order to be sucessful you need to be perfect. Overall, (i wont say completely, because I had a few teachers that were very good to me) they have the resources nor inclination to help you. The principal has major problems communicating with the students and parents. My high school expirience has left me disappointed and exausted. I hope that when the time comes, my child will fare better.

- submitted by a student

August 24, 2005
As a graduating student of GNG High School, I have felt my time there was less and rewarding. There is an over all lack of interest in learning amoung the students, this may be in part to the outdated materials available to the other students and myself. In the school there is a considerably dangerous amount of peer bullying and harassment. Someone would think that those types of actions would be stopped at the roots but when students and teachers alike speak out against the failing and careless actions of the administration they (teachers and students)become alienated. To the parents who are thinking about GNG as a prospective schooling place for their child I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. All that your child will learn at this school is hate and ignorance.

- submitted by a student

June 16, 2005
I am also a student at gng hs. I truly love my school, sure we struggle in some areas, but it is a very friendly school. There really are no cliques, everyone is basically nice to everyone. (Unless they have a reason) some people that have moved here love it because there is no distinct 'popular crowd'. Kids coming here from raymond's ms, or a transfer from windham will definatly tell you that. I have heard alot of them say so. I always knew i loved my school. Mr.Penna the principal is wicked cool, and a great principal, hes tough when he has to be, but he is very funny too. I love my school and I have pride, go patriots!

- submitted by a student

October 20, 2004
I am a student at GNG and I think it is a good school in some areas its slacking and in others its not so people should just be proud that they go here I know I am. Sometimes I hate school and others I don't so its up to you but I love it here and I know I am glad that I am going here.

- submitted by a student

October 06, 2004
I Thank that Gray is a great school if you want a Struggling student. My son went to this school at one point but i had to take him out of the school because they would not help him with any work. My son was a grat student and had a lot of friends at one point but now that he went to Gray high school I have seen a lot of depression. Some days he would come straight home from school go in his room and just sit there. Every time I asked him about his friends he would say I dont have any there all boaring and not my type. But as soon as i took him out of that school I noticed alot of good improvment come back to him. This is just what I think, Parent to Parent. I hope you take this into consiteration and learn something.

- submitted by a parent

March 23, 2004
If you are looking for a school environment where the students do as much for their peers as the teachers do for them, you've found it. Gray-New Gloucester School is not the richest school in Maine so if that is what you are looking for, sorry to dissapoint you, but the environment found at Gray-New Gloucester is educational, upbeat, supportive, and patriotic. Just watching any one of the numerous courses offered and how the students support each other in their learning, progressing, and developing in school can touch your heart. Its almost sad that this type of school environment is sought after these days instead of required, but the hard-working students, dedicated staff, and supportive parents help to make Gray-New Gloucester High School the foundation of dreams come true.

- submitted by a student
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Gray-New Gloucester High School
10 Libby Hill Rd, Gray, ME  04039
(207) 657-3323
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