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416 Pond St
Boston, MA 02130

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April 03, 2015
My son spent 5 years at the British School. He now attends a highly-ranked public high school. The other day he said, "I really miss the British School. My current school looks beautiful from the outside, and the AP courses seem impressive, but the learning is all disorganized and disjointed. Everyone crams for tests and then forgets the material instantly. But at the British School, we learned how everything connects into the big picture. I can still remember much of what I learned there." He frequently references things that he learned at the British School. It is obvious, from his grades in the AP classes, that BSB prepared him well to handle the challenging material. The BSB education really shows in everything that he does.

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2014
This school has really great people and teachers, but so does every other school in Boston. What makes this school different is how relaxed and small it is. For a high school, there's a lot of free time, assemblies, culture weeks, a lot of random "fun" things.The high school is very small (~20 people per grade), which is something that you should obviously consider before attending. Everyones nice, it's just a lot harder to make real connections from a pool of 20 people. Everyone gets to know their teachers really well, and you're stuck with the same ones for however many years you decide to stay, which can be either good or bad, depending what you make of it. Like at most schools, some teachers suck, but I've heard of students avoiding those teachers by switching classes. Your reputation matters a bit more here than at other schools because it's so small and everyone knows everyone. The grading is much more arbitrary than a typical high school, so being smart and ontop of things will get you far. The schools attempt at sports is nice. They don't hire coaches for sports, but they're genuinely fun!

- submitted by a community member
November 25, 2014
BISB is a great school with a great faculty and a really good curriculum. The school is in a decent campus in Jamaica Plain, but it would benefit if more facilities are added such as larger music rooms or a bigger library. The rigour of the academic programmes at BISB is one of the leading in Boston, and most teachers are generally supportive in ensuring you can get the very best out of the curriculum. Having said that, there are some teachers who need to be a little less strict and also need to stop giving us so much homework! The school truly shines in its extracurricular activities and programmes. Although it is a small school community, it is very dynamic with a plethora of options to choose from, such as Model UN, Soccer, Basketball, Curling, Cheerleading, Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E) and Science and Maths Olympiad. The school tries to give as many opportunities to pupils to participate in competitions and conferences throughout. The British-style international curriculum at BSB truly thrives because of the school's modern features. The use of technology for educational purposes is very popular in the school, which is engaging and beneficial. All in all, BISB is amazing

- submitted by a community member
November 14, 2014
I am a parent with two children here at the BSB. We have been at this school for along time. I must say yes we lack sports and other extra's however we make it up with what these chidren are taught. The teachers here are the best the proof is when ill children fight to go to school. The two most important people in the world are my children and I trust the BSB with them. I am a working man and tuition is high. In life we must make choices for our childrens future this is why we tighten our belt. I love the school,staff and education and my children also do who as a parent can argue against that. Thankyou to all at BSB and to those who have gone before us.

- submitted by a parent
June 17, 2014
I am a parent with a child who just finished Reception (equivalent of preschool). While I was a skeptic in the beginning, after completing our first year here, I have been massively impressed with the individualized learning that my child has received. Teachers have tailored their material to him, and thus have allowed my child to excel in areas of strength, and improve in areas of weakness. They track my child's progress very closely, along multiple dimensions. Even though they work outside the classroom, the administration and staff truly know my child personally -- it's an intimate school and my child is supported and recognized. The older students are also very warm with the younger children, and I am always surprised when they greet my child by name, which creates a nice sense of community. I've been able to raise concerns to the administration and they have been responsive, with real change and not just lip service. I'm extremely happy with my son's progress and I have high hopes that the school will continue to grow and thrive, especially with the administration's responsiveness to parental input. Fantastic school, involved parents, great teachers!

- submitted by a parent
February 08, 2013
I have two children at the British School, a boy in Secondary and a girl in High School. We have attended top private schools and top public schools. However, my kids were not challenged until they came to this school. The school was recommended to me from a psychologist specializing in school placement for gifted kids. The teachers are excellent and both the teachers and students are from all over the world. That is important to me in a global economy. It prepares them for real life.

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2012
I have two children at the British School, one in High School and one in Middle School. The school is academically very strong, able to prepare students for the best schools in the city as well as for the IB program, possibly the most rigorous international high school degree. Teachers here are excellent - of a high caliber, fun and yet firm. Learning is personalized - with differentian built in across the curriculum. The atmosphere is wonderful students here are engaged in their learning and take pride in what they do. The high school sports teams are small, but they are growing and there is a huge variety of sports on offer. Teacher-run clubs run after school every day - a huge variety, making for a difficult choice.

- submitted by a parent
October 15, 2012
I didn't realise how much my child did not learn at the British School until she left. The lower school is great, but the secondary program is lacking. Many students leave to attend more established, better programs, for the "high school" years. The community is very small at the upper end, leaving the extra curricular and sports programmes sorely lacking.

- submitted by a parent
February 29, 2012
We joined the school at the beginning of the academic year following a visit in the Spring. Our daughters are in the middle and high school. We are very happy with the school in general. I have little exposure to the lower school so I can only comment meaningfully on the older years. We have found the teaching staff in particular to be of high calibre. They are without exception highly motivated and engaged in their commitment to pushing the students to the heights of their abilities. Our daughters settled in very quickly and are very happy school. They really like their teachers and are always keen to get their homework done. They often come home with tales of an interesting lesson, such as today my younger daughter spent a whole lesson as a given character which helped her think in detail about what made her character tick. They are also keen to be involved in extra curricular activities spending four evenings in sporting and other activities such as Model UN and Duke of Edinburgh awards. The school is relatively small but there is a real sense of community with the kids knowing others from years below and above them and showing an appreciation of diversity.

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2012
The IB diploma programme is widely accepted, by the most prestigious universities, as the single best programme designed to prepare students for life at university and beyond. It's so well rounded, and challenging, and goes beyond the traditional (and often shallow) American education. I couldn't be happier with the education my children are receiving at the British School of Boston!

- submitted by a parent
January 04, 2012
I have a son that has been at the school for 5 years now and I recently started my daughter in the Nursery class. I am completely satisfied with the school. There is a high level of learning taking place as well as a great love of learning. The teachers are outstanding. Every year I think that the past teacher will be hard to beat, and the following year proves me wrong. There is a true sense of community at this school. I highly recommend it.

- submitted by a parent
August 27, 2011
BSB is outstanding. I am a student at BSB, and I have been here for 4 years. I'm writing on my own behalf and I have seen the school change over the recent years and this is in a upwards direction. I am one of the oldest students in the school and have spent all but one years of my middle school/high school education there. My opinion of the school, is the staff are highly trained in there fields and are very proffessional, in fact there are very flexible and are able to see a parent or help a student out in any time of day. The physical education department is actually quiet good. They do many sports such as basketball, soccer, swimming and many others, with after school clubs and teams. The secondary school is ever increasing throughout the year with students from America, UK and other nations. The education is the best Boston has to offer. It is an outstanding school, and for the price it is a lot cheaper than other schools in the area, who are not as challenging and as good as BSB. BSB does the IB and it is more preferred than the SAT to colleges worldwide. Over all BSB is the best school in Boston and the staff are of high quality and the education is excellent.

- submitted by a community member
May 19, 2011
I can speak about the upper school. There has been a very strong leadership effort this year, resulting in many positive changes. My BSB student is engaged and challenged. He is also happy. Nearly all 8th graders are returning to continue their high-school years at BSB. I think that BSB is poised for greatness. I am happy that we came at the right time, and that it's still a bit of a secret.

- submitted by a parent
March 24, 2011
Prior parent (3/11/11), we don't all care to grovel to try and get through the rigged system that passes for admissions at the elite schools these days. Some of us appreciate feeling like family at BSB, and are appreciated back. We have faith in the vision of what this school is becoming as we speak. We have commited to the upper school and look forward to the next four exciting years of learning at BSB under new leadership/ Submitted by a parent

- submitted by a parent
March 11, 2011
It's incredible that this school has an aggregate 4 star rating! My children were here for primary and secondary respectively until we transferred them to outstanding schools in Newton and Weston. The Principal was pleasant but rarely present and many of the teaching staff were unprofessional. The small class sizes comprise many children with academic or social challenges who have not managed to get into other schools (especially in secondary) and the place always seemed to be permanent crisis with high staff turnovers. The senior staff are very uninspiring. The physical environment is pleasant but extracurricular activities suffer from low student numbers. The best part of the school appears to be the preschool/kindergarten level with a steady deterioration in standards and teaching in the older years. I have heard that the International Baccalaureate program is failing and the school is now offering scholarships to try and attract students to salvage it. Overall, despite the British cachet, the many better schools in the Boston area- this is NOT a great school!

- submitted by a parent
February 16, 2011
I believe this is the best primary/middle school in the area, and amongst the best high schools (the negative to our high school is just size, which is growing as generations of BSB kids mature). Each child can find their own level across a wide number of subjects which are taught to a very high standard, in a fun and inspiring way; there is a geniune emphasis on learning. My older boy moved from a Brookline Public school in 4th grade, and for the first time, started to enjoy the academic process (we found the curriculum to be far ahead). He now attends Belmont Hill, for which he was extremely well prepared; he also did extremely well on the entrance exams with little outside prep. My 2nd son has been at BSB since preschool and is now in 3rd grade. The skills, breadth of knowledge and how he has been taught to think are truly providing a foundation for life. Seeing his brother go off to another school, he tells me "I am staying at BSB forever," which would be fine with us!

- submitted by a parent
February 16, 2011
I have two boys that attend the British School of Boston. I thnk that BSB provides an amazing IB program and great teaching relative to other schools in the area. The teachers are excellent. They are well seasoned teacher, and offer inspiration to the student body. Throughout the time my boys have been at the BSB I can only say that the work is very challenging but fun and very advanced. I would classify this as a school for gifted and talented students. One of the key selling points is the teacher to student ratios which are better than a lot of private schools in the area. Leadership at the school is very strong and there are many new and exciting things happening in this area. I love that the the school is truly international, and it is wonderful for children to be exposed to so many different cultures on a daily basis. The after school program provides many great (and fun) activites for the children from Manderin to model making. What an expansive series of activities. If you are looking for a sports school this is not for you, this is all about the curriculum.

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2011
I have two children that attend the British School of Boston. I am an academic myself so evaluated the school with as much care as possible, relative to other schools in the area. The teachers are excellent. They are neither fresh out of school nor been teaching far beyond their need to retire. The are incredibley professional, wonderful, warm people, who truly care about the chidren's emotional and congitive development. Every day I watch the children leave the school, and I always note all of the smiles and giggles. Learning is very challenging but fun at BSB. I would clssify it as a school for gifted and talented students. The curriculum takes the whole child into account, and it is really quite amazing how the curriculum can be individualized towards each learner. This speaks to the teacher's capacity as well as the school's care to keep faculty to student to teacher ratios low. Leadership at the school is very strong and there are many new and exciting things happening in this area. Finally, the school is truly international, and it is wonderful for children to be exposed to so many different cultures on a daily basis. After all, this is their future.

- submitted by a parent
January 20, 2011
My advice is ... don't do it....my children have been to both British and American schools and this school is badly run, management is reactive and poor and at times aggressive. The staff , including senior members of staff, do not know what the word confidential means, they give preferential treatment to some parents ( the loud ones who give big Christmas presents) The school is under resourced, the staff are uninspiring. The secondary sector is very small and permanently under threat of closure as it is not profitable! The arts are non-existent. Physical Education consists of line dancing classes and is very poorly delivered. The academics are NOT what you are lead to believe and are far below what is expected in public schools in England. The teaching lacks the rigour that should be intrinsic to the British National Curriculum. You are being sold a lie, look around and spend your money else where!!!

- submitted by a parent
October 21, 2010
My child is attending this school with great joy. He wakes up in the morning eager to catch the bus! The quality of education the kids receive is outstanding. The school is international and it seems to me that the majority of the students have at least a foreign background. I read previous comments stating that the teachers are cold. They are not cold, they are British! In Europe people address each other with a level of formality that here may be perceived as coldness, but it is not. Instead I would say that the teachers are enthusiastic and creative, but also strict with their pupils and demanding of a certain level of respect. Maybe that is no longer appreciated here, but it is still the norm in other other parts of the world and this is an international school.

- submitted by a parent
August 30, 2010
Our children have been at BSB for 7 years and I am confident that they have received the best possible education in this area. BSB has helped our children to develop a love of learning and life and an international view of the world. Our children all love going to school and are proud to be members of the BSB community. Moreover is there any other school in Boston where children will say good morning to you in the corridors and hold the door open for you??

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2010
The British School of Boston is celebrating it's 10th year. Our family has been at BSB since 2001. This growing school has just graduated it's first International Baccalaureate students. The secondary school has a wonderful core of students that plan to graduate with the IB as well. The teachers and staff are engaging and are very student focused. BSB is an excellent academic option in the Boston area.

- submitted by a parent
June 27, 2010
BSB is fairly new and has had growing pains, but in a few years you may have a hard time getting your child in here, once word gets around about the excellent education at this lovely campus. Best-kept secret in Boston education. Shhh!

- submitted by a parent
March 25, 2010
BSB is awesome, I love all my teachers, and all the friends.

- submitted by a student
March 02, 2010
They have a good (British) curriculum to deliver -- but that is what they do. Deliver it. The teachers are quite cold. Also, there is quite a bit of turnover (both student and teacher).

- submitted by a parent

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February 01, 2014


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