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Public charter
Saint Paul, MN
Students enrolled: 210
Before care: No

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768 Hamline Ave South
Saint Paul, MN 55116

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(651) 523-7170
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August 11, 2014
Online charters typically attract 1. Pre-professional kids in piano, skating, other and need the flexibility of an online school while valuing discipline/high academics. 2. Those who did not for whatever reason, fit into traditional school and can often bring a host of social/behavioral issues with them (and parents who expect the charter to deal with the demands) & can greatly affect the school culture and quality of the class experience. CVA seems disproportionately saddled in middle and high school with the latter. This strains the social fabric and strength and lessens joy daily in relationships. We experienced great differences in work load and communication with teachers. Sometimes wholly insufficient and totally overwhelming with unrealistic goals for the child resulting in much stress. However, the headmaster seems very willing to improve outcomes/child experience and work with families, but he results of new planning remain yet to be seen. Teacher quality runs the gammet. One female in particular is a bully. Outdoor play and offline experiences need to be more highly emphasized for better well rounded kids, as do hand crafts. Children learn through authentic play.

- submitted by a community member
May 11, 2014
This is our first year at CVA and we couldn't be happier for our 3rd and 5th graders. The only challenge is for families to figure out how to orchestrate Thursdays and Fridays which are online days, but the study center is open so if kids do need to be school that is always in option. Other than that, it is full steam ahead! Project based learning, teacher collaboration, open communication, students working at their own pace, friendly kids, small personal classes, no bullying, great teachers, great leadership. And cool projects for such a small school -- science fair, history day, project citizen, mini-society, school musical, talent show, community volunteer fair, PE and art/music every onsite day, field trips. We could not be happier! It's like a private school hiding out as a charter school. Kids do pull from all over the Twin Cities so it can be hard to connect with school friends and other parents, and they're working on that. There is also a learning curve with the technology and tracking projects but we got the hang of it after about a month and my kids are producing great work and so independent on Thursdays and Fridays. They are empowered and confident. Love CVA!

- submitted by a parent
March 27, 2014
My son is finishing up his first year at CVA, and we are SO impressed by this gem of a school. It is the best kept secret in St. Paul, with small classes, a warm atmosphere, and lots of attention to the needs of each individual child. Teachers are well-esptablished and seem to be happy working there. Gifted, including profoundly gifted, and/or kids with LD's or on the spectrum have their needs very well met at CVA, but so do all the other kids. The at-home/at-school combination is well organized. It's a great happy medium for people on the fence about full-time homeschooling. The curriculum is rigorous, so it's an adjustment for kids who come from a school with much lower standards, but there's lots of good support for getting there. One downside for us is that people drive from pretty far to CVA, and are already putting in a lot more effort with their child's education than is typically required, so those things impact the level of parent involvement. There's an active board, but not too much more, and because it's a small school, extracurriculars are somewhat limited. That said, the parents themselves are lovely people who clearly care about kids and education.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2012
Our student started this year and LOVES this school. The teachers are all involved and great at motivating students to learn. They do a great job of communicating with students and parents when concerns or questions arise. They readily see not just where the students need to improve, but also their strengths as well. They really focus on the learning and research process--connecting ideas, concepts, discussions through several disciplines. Since starting this school, our student has not complained once about going to school, which is WONDERFUL because other schools were "boring" and went at a too slow of pace. This school allows students to proceed at the pace they are able to and places them where they are at academically (not by an age or grade level). This is great because students might be better and learn more quickly in some subjects than in other subjects and this allows them to reach their potential. The online class days are very specific on expectations and assignments but teachers are avail. to answer any questions.

- submitted by a parent
September 16, 2011
CVA is a great school! It s very personal. The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated. They have been very flexible, patient and supportive in helping my child through a very tough couple of years. They are very responsive to the needs of individual children. I think they are almost as excited to see the improvement as I am. The small size of the school promotes a close and positive environment. The teachers are very involved and spend a great deal of time outside of the classroom leading various extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, music, camps and even trips out of state. CVA supports the kids on project such as Science Fair and History Day by breaking it down, giving weekly assignments to progress through to the end, and supporting it throughout the curriculum. They really teach them HOW to do it. They don't just assign it and say 'Have it completed in 3 months. See ya then!' The school promotes community involvement by encouraging community service and compassion for others. At the end of the year there is a community service fair in which the kids share their experiences.

- submitted by a parent
April 26, 2011
My son just started school at CVA this year. He was miserable at his old school last year so we wanted a school that had smaller class sizes and would work with him on his anxiety issues. He loves school, loves the teachers and is excited about learning again.

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2011
This school over the past 3 years has impressed me more and more each year. The environment is very much so like a village. It's a smaller school and the classrooms are not packed. My children get the attention they need and they love their teachers.The kids learn team work, they do so many great hands on projects and are learning more than I ever thought they would. One of my children is receiving some special ed services and the teachers are so in tune with her that she is surviving very well and gaining more and more confidence every day! I could just go on and on about all the great things at this school, but I guess it's just better if you visit and check it out for yourself! You have to see it to believe how great it is!

- submitted by a parent
April 22, 2011
We are so impressed with Cyber Village Academy. The curriculum is rich and in-depth; the teachers are supportive, knowledgeable and accessible; the students are respectful, friendly and generous. This is the third year our son has been in the school. We just love it!

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2010
I am an 8th grader currently attending CVA. This is easily the best curriculum I have ever seen in any school. The teachers are very supportive, and they get involved with students instead of just giving them work. The fusion program (3 days on campus, 2 days online) is a brilliant and well-executed idea. The social life at CVA is also very good; most of the students are friendly. It is easy to make long-lasting relationships here. Overall, CVA is a great school, the teachers are great people, and life here is great in general. I am very sad that I have to say goodbye at the end of the year (as I am graduating), and look forward to keeping in touch with teachers and all the wonderful friends I have made here!

- submitted by a community member
July 06, 2010
Small class sizes, non-traditional class schedules, supportive teachers, and families that want to be involved in their children's education make this a very unique school environment. We are a long-time home schooling family, but have found this school to work extremely well for one of our kids who needs that extra push and structure that the home setting doesn't provide for him.

- submitted by a parent
May 26, 2010
I like the small class sizes and the teachers truly cared about the kids and the special education team work hard to meet all the kids special needs and the team take the time to work with the parents. so thank you cva for being here

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2010
CVA is a good school. Although the teachers doesn't give accurate answers to your questions, they are very nice. The 3 days on campus and 2 days at home is a excellent idea. All teachers makes you comfortable at CVA.

- submitted by a student
April 01, 2009
I have great concern about a school where the director turns a deaf ear to student stress and concerns about instructors. Every student deserves to be treated fairly and to have their work and time respected.

- submitted by a parent
March 03, 2009
My child had grown so much since he started this school. It is excellent school if your child loves to do projects like science fair. 2 days off campas days gives them a time to focus on these projects as well as review what they learned on their own pace.

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2009
Not a good school for special needs students. Our child has not received services that are needed and were promised.

- submitted by a parent
January 22, 2009
Our experience at CVA has been wonderful and we have a challenged student. We've done the big, public school and homeschooled, this is the best choice of both worlds. Two days at home are going to reflect what you already have at home. I have encountered an eagerness to help from all of the staff currently on board and timely responses. Our student loves CVA. I would highly recommend this option.

- submitted by a parent
January 20, 2009
Do not send your child into the PASCAL program. I'm not sure about the campus, but my child does the PASCAL program which is all online. She hates it. The teachers take forever to answer her e-mails and HELPS. They forget that she isn't on campus and send her confusing e-mails. Shes not socially involved and constantly feels purpose less because once shes finished with her lessons...she can do whatever she wants.

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2008
My daughters love this school, it's a great learning environment. I love that it's 3 days on campus and 2 days online. It's works well with crazy schedules.

- submitted by a parent
April 03, 2008
I am extremely pleased with the school. My daughter is thriving there due to small class sizes, rigor in the curriculum (kids get placed in math and language arts based on ability, not age), focus on literature circles, school wide science and history projects and the type of peers she is exposed to. I cannot say enough good things about the school.

- submitted by a parent
February 20, 2008
I am a parent who posted a very high rating several years ago. I am sorry to say that the school has gone downhill in several areas. The teachers are still incredible, but they work in extremely adverse conditions, due to budget cuts and new administration. Parents sign a compact to supervise instruction two days each week at home and risk hostility from the administration if they ask for guidance. This school has great potential and could become one of the best if students and parents are treated with respect.

- submitted by a parent
January 22, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2007
My four years at CVA were easily the best years of my life. I studied there for four years and then went on to graduate as an honors student at a challenging college prep school, and now am attending a private university on full scholarship. This is not a school for the academic faint of heart, only send your child here if you want them to be challenged, supported, and educated. While I attended this school the teachers truly cared about me and put in hours and hours of extra work to ensure my future success. As for the social atmosphere, I met a very unique group of students, some of which are still good friends. To answer any political accusations, I found that students (being in middle school) were not politically minded, and were open to all kinds of new horizons. I will say that many members of my graduating class have embraced the liberal mindset, and now are active members of the twin cities art and social justice scenes. This is a school for people who want kids that think outside the box. That is why CVA is innovative.

- submitted by a student
September 26, 2007
CVA is the best. I have alot of fun there and they have really good teachers and students . I am in 8th grade and I can not think of a better school for me or anyone who is independent and kind. I love CVA and learn lots pulse I have NLD and I think I could not have done better at any other school or have learned more. also in response to the accusations against CVA I am Agnostic and I am an Right leaning Independedent and I do not expierice any of the things that the critics of this school talk about I think every one should go to this school. it is awsome and all the teachers are awsome and are really nice. It is the best school ever. I and I am really sad that I am graduating this year

- submitted by a student
January 08, 2007
Cyber Village Academy has curriculum and wonderful students. It's teachers are kind and always willing to help.

- submitted by a student
February 28, 2006
The IB curriculum is excellent - a feast for the mind. CVA s approach to education is like college for middle school scholars. The teachers care, they get to know, understand, and inspire your child - they are wonderful. Exposure to technology and utilization is amazing, and unparalleled at this level of education Our child does very well here academically and socially. At CVA he is challenged, accepted, and thrives.

- submitted by a parent
January 19, 2006
We have been associated with CVA for the past four years. Our oldest attended for three years and our next child is currently attending. At CVA we found all the elements that were missing from our large school district: personal accountability, academic challenge, caring instructors, small classes, and a sense of community. Attending CVA requires hard work and organization, but the school provides the tools and support for you to learn these skills. In addition, CVA students become very skilled in using current technology to assist their education. The school provides many activities that foster school spirit and unity, such as all-school musicals, all-school ski day, school talent show, field trips, science fair and history day. Because of CVA, the middle school years were a happy time for our son and the friends he made there show signs of being lifelong friends. CVA is challenging but worth the hard work.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2005
Okay I am a former CVA student(I attended it last year *2004-2005*). I was in 7th grade and its !very! depressing,its such a anti-social school. I was depressed the entire year at CVA and was made fun of becuase i was a Democrat,Dont go to this school if your not a christian & 100% religous. You only go to school two days a week. I hate to say this but they dont give us enough homework to keep up to a middle school. Some teachers were the best teachers ever but only one was mean! Their was Bullies at this school but only on the west bank, not east. You had no homework untill the SCIENCE FAIR and HISTORY DAY. These events where extrodariny hard. No Kid I know finished it with an A without 30% parental help. I highly recomend this school to anyone that is paranoid with there kids safty.

- submitted by a former student
November 24, 2005
I sent my son CVA for three years, he is now in collage failing all his classes. should he be blamed for this, no I don t think so the social life there was Terrible. he was not in any social status groups there. he was all alone and diagnosed with depression. I will do all in my power to warn parents about this terrible school.

- submitted by a parent
November 21, 2005
My son went to CVA for three years. After those three years, I asked myself, WHY did I send him here? The teachers are free to teach whatever they want and that equals kids who don't understand. Parents are involved with the school and their kids are rewarded by getting spots in rigged competitions such as the Science Fair and History Day. To top it off, as a student, there's no social atmosphere whatsoever in this school. You're either popular, or you're a loser. At least normal middle schools had a much larger group of losers, so even they could fit in soemwhat. I honestly cannot recommend this school to anyone. It's safe, but that's about it.

- submitted by a parent
May 10, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
September 04, 2004
We have sent 2 of our 4 children to CVA. One is currently a junior in a private high school. We felt CVA was a very positive experience for her. She had 4-5 very good friends, wonderful teachers who were concerned about her personally and plenty of free time to do the things she wanted to do(after her school work was done of course). We felt this was a good way for her to miss 'junior high' but got so much more than we anticipated. Our son is currently in his 3rd year at CVA, for him it was more of challenge, CVA requires self discipline, something he has had to work on. But it has been well worth the trouble. I would recommend CVA for any parent who wants their child to be in a small setting with caring staff who help each child on an individual basis.

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2004
So far, four of my children have attended CVA. My oldest is now at Bethel University in his first year starting as a Sophomore. I mention that because CVA was a wonderful transition for him from Homeschooling to a public high school, enabling him to take college classes in high school. My second oldest, a HS junior, is earning straight A's. I am confident my freshmen will also do well in part because CVA prepares students for success. The small class sizes and challenging work help enable students to succeed. The teachers at CVA are well qualified and are dedicated to the students. They believe in what CVA is and is trying to do. If you are looking for a school setting on the forefront of education technology CVA is a great private school education at a public school price.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2004
Our daughter has attended Cyber Village for three years and our experience has been quite the contrary. We homeschooled prior to Cyber Village and have never found another school or coop that has a higher quality of teachers, or parent involvement. All of the staff at Cyber Village work together to make sure that we, as parents know exactly how our daughter is fairing in her classes. We use all of the parent communication tools (power school for grades, email, encarta class server for online homework) and know exactly how our daughter is doing each and every day at any given moment. Teachers and the director are available by an open door policy to talk about concerns, to offer tutoring and support, and to make sure that our family has been successful. It's a great school with a challenging curriculum that is wonderful for involved and interested parents.

- submitted by a parent
June 23, 2004
My daughter attended CVA for almost two years. CVA has unfulfilled promise. The Global Studies teacher is fabulous and creates a great environment around History Day. The Science Fair is also a great learning experience, since it is a long term project, which is a lot like work in the real world. The director does not use the technology in a way that is helpful for monitoring progress. In fact, the much-vaunted parental communication technology was never used. He also never attends the midterm meetings. There are no midtrimester progress reports in the spring term, so I was surprised when my daughter failed two classes. We had an unhappy incident when 'I H8 (my daughter's full name)' was carved into her group's mathematics table. For two weeks, nothing was done until she showed it to me. The director's only action was to say 'Kids can be cruel'.

- submitted by a parent

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We have two programs, a Fusion program in which students spend three days each week on campus and two days working online or at home and our PASCAL program in which students are fully online. The online program can serve students throughout Minnesota. Our school is ideal for families that want additional flexibility in their schedules, parents who want to stay deeply involved in their child's education, and students who don't fit - or don't want to fit - into a more traditional setting.

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768 Hamline Ave South, Saint Paul, MN  55116
(651) 523-7170
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