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Kansas City, MO
Students enrolled: 1,103

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400 West 51st Street
Kansas City, MO 64112

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(816) 936-1200
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February 04, 2015
Excellent school, facilities and wonderful teachers! Worth spending money so that your kids get great education and attention. Noone is left behind!

- submitted by a parent

May 26, 2014
I am an alumna of PHS, and I cannot say enough positive things about the teachers who inspired me, the administration that really seemed to care about students as individuals, the terrific college counseling, and the challenging classes that were offered. Yes, it can be a challenging social environment, but there is room for everyone, particularly in the upper school. Academically, it is by far the best high school in the Kansas City area. If you want your student to work hard and be surrounded by other students who are motivated, this is the school for your family. It is expensive, but there are some scholarships and financial aid.

- submitted by a community member

December 29, 2013
There's no question that Pembroke Hill is expensive. But we have felt it's a sacrifice worth making for our children. Academics reign supreme at Pembroke. Sports definitely take a back seat. If your child is at the top of his/her class at a public or other private school in KC, chances are, they might find themselves in the middle of the pack at Pembroke. But that's okay. Your child will be able to swim with the 'big fish' in college after studying at Pembroke Hill. While there are lots of families with immense wealth, there are plenty of families of average means, and someone's income is not a prerequisite for popularity here. Plenty of parents wish that the students would be required to wear uniforms; however, I think the administration doesn't appear open to that at the moment.

- submitted by a parent

August 12, 2013
While its true, Pembroke has its problems, it more than compensates with having an amazing faculty and staff. Yes there are typical "mission hills" families that have enormous amounts of wealth and children who are apathetic, but they are few and far between. The average ACT score of my class was 30. To put that in perspective a local high achieving charter school in the area has an average score of 21. Student here work, and work hard. Those that don't are angry when they fail, (as shown by some of the other student reviews). Pembroke will teach students to work hard and accept that failure is not a bad thing, but a stepping stone to future success. If you want your kid coddled for four years only to seem them fail when it really matters (in college) send them elsewhere. Otherwise, there is simply no better place to prepare your children for a successful life.

- submitted by a community member

May 29, 2013
There is lots of stress that completely overwhelms your life. I hardly have time for anything else that I want to do. There is next to no diversity, and they don't seem to be trying to change it. The academics will be helpful and some of the teachers are nice. Another problem is that there is lots of bullying that distracts you from academics. There is lots of pressure on the students to do well that often keeps them from achieving their highest potential. All this is fine, but what really pushes it over the edge is the PRICE. It is extremely expensive compared to other schools in the area. The only reason that it is considered a good school is because the other schools in the area are horrible. They don't seem to be practicing the motto."Freedom with Responsibility." There is lots of responsibility, but hardly any freedom.

- submitted by a community member

May 27, 2013
We are starting our 7th year at PHS we have two students who have had very different experiences. Each grade at this school has a very different personality. When issues have arisen the administration has been incredibly supportive. They have addressed issues and STOPPED BULLYING! My children love PHS, we have been to other schools and this is by far the best. My kids work hard and they make great grades. They have less time to get in trouble because they study. They have made kind friends who are very diverse. Teachers are always available to help students study and some parents are welcoming. We were sold on this school when we meet a student who had moved on to Harvard, "Freshman year at Harvard is easy compared to my senior year at PHS" That is what I want for the first year away from home to be easy, prepared for collage and life. Success in life requires hard work. You will be pushed here, you will not be bored if you are they move you to a harder class that simple. Quality of character is expected and good grades are cool. There are cliques just like any school but you can find your place. I could go on. This is where you go for an excellent education

- submitted by a parent

May 25, 2013
When looking at schools, what caught my attention was that the administrator greeted each student we past, by name and they responded with a smile/wave & greeted the administrator. We toured numerous schools and NEVER saw that connection elsewhere. At that moment, I knew this is where our child was attending. Keep in mind that if you are vocational school minded, this isn't the school for you. This is a college prep school and everything about it is preparing the student for college. Some of the classes were as demanding as I had in college. Teachers are very accessible for the students. Our child participated in many extra-curricular activities without issue. There are some cliques, some awesome individuals, some self centered & some of the most giving individuals you will ever meet. This isn't any different than an other location. I think anyone can find their niche. Like elsewhere, drugs and alcohol will always be an issue. Thankful, our child choose friends that do not partake in these. Any party that my child was invited to, I always called the parents, most were completely honest and never seemed to mind my questions, many appreciated it. I don't regret it for a minute.

- submitted by a parent

May 07, 2013
I have been attending this school for 9 years now, and I can't stand it. It costs WAY to much money, has poor teachers, most of the kids are stuck-up, there is an awful amount of homework, and I could honestly go on forever. They also have awful sports programs and not a very good preforming arts program. I have almost no time to enjoy other things such as sports and free time because of how much work I am given. The students there only care about what type of clothing you wear and how good looking you are, and well if they think your "uncool" be prepared to be bullied about it for the rest of your time at PHS. And if you try to tell a teacher about the bullying, they will only punish the bully if they do not contribute a lot of money to the school. If the bully does contribute a lot of money, they will pretty much be let off the hook. Even most of the teachers there judge the kids. They don't allow kids to be goth at PHS, and they pretty much won't let you wear any clothing that you can express yourself with. Their dress code is absurd, and honestly I can't take much more of Pembroke. I am very happy I am leaving in about a year There are a few nice teachers and kids but not many

- submitted by a community member

May 07, 2013
I have been going to Pembroke since Kindergarten (I am currently a freshman.) To be upfront, Pembroke is a very hard school with a lot of work. In the long run, it is definitely worth it. I know more and am more advanced than any of my friends who go to public schools. I have learned so many life and educational skills over the years I have gone to Pembroke. Yes, there are some stuck up kids, but not everyone is like that. Almost all of the students and faculty I have encountered at Pembroke are all-around great people. I truly love Pembroke. If you are living near this school and want your child to receive the best high school experience and education possible, I highly recommend Pembroke Hill.

- submitted by a community member

August 16, 2012
I'm currently enrolled at PHS. I've gone there since kindergarten. I've never particularly liked it. There have been teachers that I like. But overall I completely hate it. There's way too much homework, tests, and stress. It completely consumes your life to the point that there's not time for anything else. It's pretty difficult to play a sport or an instrument or do anything that you enjoy. It's as if the school is saying "Give us your money, we'll make you the equivalent of dead until you graduate, and you probably won't even remember most of what we've taught you." The students are horrible too: a lot of them drink and they're pretty rude to eachother. The only reason that I'm even remotely inclined to stay is because I'm really into the performing arts and I think that they have a nice performing arts program and facility.

- submitted by a community member

February 06, 2012
I am currently attending the Pembroke Hill School and am a senior. Although I feel like I have learned a great deal over the past four years, the school is truly going downhill. My freshmen year it was the most fun school you could possibly go to, they allowed students to actually practice "Freedom with Responsibility", the schools motto. At this point, so many restrictions have been placed on us that that motto is something that is simply advertised, but not practiced. I have spoken with administration and many of my peers have as well, but the school does not care. Although at many school a class who cannot wait to graduate is the norm, this is not how it always was at Pembroke. Students used to dread graduating because they were leaving such a terrific place. Today, most of the senior class is glad that this is there last year because of the direction the school is going. You should be able to have fun while learning at school, instead of counting down the days until the end. Overall, it is hit and miss, the sole reason I have not left is the great connections I have made with friends, but aside from that this school truly does not have that much to offer.

- submitted by a community member

December 16, 2011
I went to Pembroke Hill, and thought it was an excellent school. I went on to Northwestern, and about half the class went to top tier schools. Now, I am trying to decide if it is worth the money to send my kids there. It is EXPENSIVE.

- submitted by a community member

October 13, 2011
I could not agree more (Dec 7 posting). This school is average at best. There are some wonderful teachers, but the admin and many of the families are just awful. I urge you to look elsewhere!

- submitted by a parent

December 07, 2010
Meh! it's "great" only if you're in Kansas City. Not quite competitive with schools across the country. Next to no diversity and they don't seem to be working hard to correct that. College matriculation list is unimpressive as are the ACT scores listed on their web page. It thrives because so many other schools in the area are so horrible. We looked into it and then chose a better school for our child after an alum told me what we could expect even in our income bracket. Be prepared to shell out big bucks if you go. Lots of fundraising obligations on top of it.

- submitted by a community member

February 22, 2010
The classes are small the teachers are brilliant and the school its self it outstanding!

- submitted by a student

January 27, 2010
My son is in his 2nd year of middle school at Pembroke and he's likes everything about it. I like that he is not at such risk for violence like his public school. Everyone there is friendly and the kids seem to 1/2 jokingly make a point of saying hello to visiting parents by name. You can walk across the campus and ask any kid for help and you'll instantly see how well spoken and outgoing they are. I've tested this countless times and I'm always impressed. To me this speaks volumes in itself. Sports take a backseat to academics which is exactly how things should be and Pembroke graduates track to schools allover the world. This has been the best decision we've made for our son aside from teaching him to read at a very

- submitted by a parent

August 03, 2009
My kids have attended Pembroke since preschool. It is clearly the best school in the KC metro area. It offers small class sizes, teachers who care about their students, learning specialists for those that need it and a challenging, engaging curriculum. PHS prepares students for the rigors of college, starting in middle school. They also field 22 high school sports teams, which is amzaing given the size of the school. It's is a small enough environment that kids can actually get to play on the multiple teams. They don't have to focus on just one sport in order to be good enough to get to play. Pembroke Hill school has won has a total of 54 state titles, the most in the state and 14 more than the next closest school in the state.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
May 03, 2009
I have gone to Pembroke Hill and have disliked it greatly. The people there are extremely stuck-up and rude. The facilities are nice though.The academics are the same as the Barstow School. They are a smaller school with a better enviroment.

- submitted by a community member
no rating
April 29, 2009
My kids have attended Pembroke since preschool. It is clearly the best school in the KC metro area. It offers small class sizes, teachers who care about their students, learning specialists for those that need it and a challenging, engaging curriculum. PHS prepares students for the rigors of college, starting in middle school. They also field 22 high school sports teams, which is amzaing given the size of the school. It's is a small enough environment that kids can actually get to play on the multiple teams. They don't have to focus on just one sport in order to be good enough to get to play. Pembroke Hill school has won has a total of 54 state titles, the most in the state and 14 more than the next closest school in the state.

- submitted by a parent

April 27, 2009
Absolutely stellar education, incredible teachers, the every day activities for our kids are sometimes astonishing to their friends. The other children and families we interact with share the bond of knowing we are putting a lot of our resources to our children's education and getting a fantastic return for the investment. I have yet to meet another Pembroke parent who wasn't exceptionally pleased by their child's education progress.

- submitted by a parent

April 12, 2009
I am a current student at Pembroke, and I find it a great school for academics, though the middle school is better than the high school. many kids go to Pembroke through middle school and then branch out and go to whichever high school would fit to what they want to do later in life. It is a rather smaller school and a low student teacher ratio with classes of about twelve kids. Pembroke is a very good school choice for any child with many options and high level classes. Choose this school if you want to be challenged greatly and well prepared for college.

- submitted by a parent

January 23, 2009
I have gone to pembroke since preschool and i am now going through the college process. Pembroke has done a great job at getting me both accedemicly and socially prepared for college. For others looking into Pembroke Hill, i think its a great school for everyone. The school saying is freedom with responcibility, this saying is very true to our school. We the students work hard in everything we do. If you are looking for a school that reaches to find the best potential of your child this is the best school in the kansas city area, but be ready to work for it.

- submitted by a student
no rating
October 06, 2008
Ive been to Pembroke Hill.I went there for Hurricane Katrina.Everyone was really nice to me.Its a great school.You should get you child to go there.

- submitted by a student

September 10, 2008
Pembroke's teachers surpassed my college professors in ability, attitude & diligence.

- submitted by a student

September 05, 2008
Pembroke Hill School is the very best in the midwest, great faculty, small classes, strong parent and alumi support. Long list of very successful graduates.

- submitted by a teacher

April 18, 2008
My kids have been here since preschool and they are now in high school. We think it is clearly the best education in the area. The teachers go above and beyond. The graduates are accepted into the top schools in the country. The only downside might be that attitude towards local state school -- that Pembroke graduates deserve better.

- submitted by a parent

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The Pembroke Hill School
400 West 51st Street, Kansas City, MO  64112
(816) 936-1200
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