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kirkwood public highschool


tcnelson September 19, 2011

I have a 6th grader in Lutheran school. I need to figure out where to send her for highshcool & was considering our public school Kirkwood vs. one of the private school. Has anyone had experience with Kirkwood High?

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JohnSmith1234 March 4, 2012

Kirkwood Public High School is not very good academically. If you plan to send your child to a public school I recommend Ladue, Clayton, Parkway Central, or Marquette High School (Rockwood).
If you plan to send your send your child to a Lutheran high school, then Lutheran South High School is great. It is probably close in proximity to Kirkwood, and your son or daughter would probably do great there.
If you want to send your child to a non-religious high school, I recommend MICDS or John Burroughs School. Good luck on your choice! :)


mmm4mom August 26, 2012

I totally disagree with the previous poster. Kirkwood is an excellent high school both academically and otherwise. My 4th child has just started as a freshman. We go to a Lutheran church and quite a few of the students who went to CCLS are now at Kirkwood. There graduation rate was like 97.4 for 2012. They offer honors courses, AP classes and a host of other opportunities. They also offer great services if your child needs extra help. One of the kids who we go to church with just switched from Lutheran South to Kirkwood, he is now a Junior. Kirkwood has much to offer and being back in the school after a few years out since my son graduated, I have been very impressed with what they are doing and offering. They have several programs to link the kids in with older students and my daughter is loving it. She is eating lunch with upper classmen as a freshman. Check it out, it is an excellent school.


lg0003 February 12, 2013

I joined this website just because I so strongly disagree with what "JohnSmith1234" wrote.
As a graduate of Kirkwood, I can't say enough about the school. The administrators, teachers, parents, and community are so extremely supportive of all students. It takes a village to raise a child and Kirkwood does this well. It is one of the "big small towns" that still has traditions and community. Most kids walk to school. Sidewalks are everywhere. Parents are involved. Taxes are high because residents support their schools.
As the second reviewer said, Kirkwood has tons of AP classes, more than 20 various sports to join (football won State this year!), and even more clubs and interest groups.
They are at the leading edge academically and are progressive with their learning styles, techniques, and expectations.
As a current teacher (not in Kirkwood, but in an independent private school -$$$), I am able to see the comparison between elite public schools like Kirkwood and nice private schools like the one where I teach. I am able to look back and reflect on what a wonderful and blessed education I had; I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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