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Hi, Can someone please tell me the schools in Albuquerque that have FULL inclusion sped classes? And especially ones that hav...


pleasehelp May 22, 2010

have full inclusion sped classes? Also does anyone know a school that specializes in teaching children with aspergers syndrome? The school my son is in is horrible.The sped teachers have NO idea what aspergers is all about,or how to teach a child with it.He is teased and bullied,and when he sticks up for himself..HE gets in trouble.thankyou so much! I have just moved from the east coast,and I'm fed up with the incompetent sped teachers at this school.

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BurqueMom November 27, 2010

Did you find a school that you like for your son? My son is in 7th grade and has Asperger's. I heard Madiosn Middle School is good for autism/asperger's... What school was he in where he was teased and bullied? I want to avoid that one!!

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