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Single Mom Looking for a decent public/private/charter school for my son (1st grade) in Queens,NY


kcocopink2 August 11, 2008

Well I guess my title pretty much explained it! LOL! I recently pulled my son from a Seven Day Adventist school for several personal reasons. I am looking for a decent school- public (but has to be top notch like a Core Knowledge school), private, or charter schools. Problem is I'm a single parent, part-time worker, and full-time student. Finances are an issue. I've heard about the Allen School, (very close to home), but it's too expensive. The school year is rolling in and I've been searching and coming up with nil. I ran across a few good public schools, but they've told me that the school is not "zoned" for my address. Therefore, even though I'd be able to take him to school every morning, he wouldn't be able to attend. I'm talking about schools that are 5 minutes from home!! This is very frustrating for me as school starts soon--for both of us! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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firsttimemom1 February 18, 2009

Merrick Academy is a great school

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