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Cary, NC
Students enrolled: 750
Before care: No

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1500 North Harrison Avenue
Cary, NC 27513

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December 18, 2014
Disagree with the parents saying CA is very liberal. Many minority students appreciate the diveristy programming like Affinity Groups but feel their safety/inclusion is an afterthought to most administrators. Students of color often faced with verbal slights that are not called out. Last year, students called for the school newspaper to censor another student for writing about LGBT issues and admin blithely ignored the situation. Good academics and teachers, but wish admin was less afraid to take a stand for minority students. Guess the reviews below indicate why.

- submitted by a parent
October 24, 2014
These last two reviews pretty much sum up our years at CA. The school culture gets more and more liberal each year, and inundates the kids with sexually themed content constantly. The new headmaster calls it "desensitizing" the kids. But, if anyone objects to these non-curricular topics, they get labelled as "close-minded" by the administration and other parents. So much for tolerance and diversity of thought :( The core education is OK; better in some departments than others. Surprisingly weak on technology.

- submitted by a parent
May 06, 2014
Love Cary Academy! Strong teachers, challenging curriculum, and a dynamic, diverse student body as valuable to my child's education as the classes themselves. We picked Cary Academy because we assessed it to be the most inclusive of the academically rigorous schools in the area. Sometimes wish it we more explicit with support for minority students, esp. gay and transgender students, but reading reviews like that submitted by the close-minded parent below make me appreciate how much it does do for the students most vulnerable to marginalization and self-hate.

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2013
Solid academics, caring teachers, tech heavy and WAY over the line exposing students beginning in 6th grade to inappropriate sexual & personal topics in the name of "acceptance" and "diversity". Parents are not informed and students are required to participate. The faculty recently distributed condoms and "taught" details of a gang rape case to middle schoolers. Keynote graduation speech, endless school newspaper articles, assemblies & class discussions with both genders and multiple grades focusing on private, personal & family topics like sexuality, STDs, sex changes, feminine hygiene, etc. This is not limited to health or sex ed classes; it is ubiquitous. Parents and students both are treated like outsiders if they disagree; concerns raised to the administration are respectfully acknowledged but ignored. For families who believe some topics should be kept private or within the family, or that kids ages 11+ don't need to be exposed to TMI, you are misaligned with this school. Let's hope the new school head reins this in before further hurting kids and families, seriously damaging the school's reputatation and eroding future applicant pools.

- submitted by a parent
May 09, 2013
Cary Academy is a top-notch, academically rigorous college prep school. It does a wonderful job of preparing young people for the world beyond middle and high school in every way, academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers are outstanding, energetic and deeply committed to the young people they educate. We have yet to have less than excellent in the teaching department. The school also welcomes parental involvement. We have been very happy with CA on every level. It is a tough school, however, so your child needs to be academically motivated to succeed and thrive. The student body is cohesive and a nice group of kids. We have not experienced any meanness or bullying issues or any problems at CA.

- submitted by a parent
May 09, 2013
We are parents of a sixth grader at CA, just completing our first year at the school, and we could not be happier. We feel warmly welcomed into the CA community, and our child has had a wonderful, nurturing first year of middle school. We have been very impressed by the quality and commitment of the faculty. The academics are rigorous, but you can literally see how much your child is learning and growing every day. I can't think of a finer middle school experience!

- submitted by a parent
February 07, 2013
I took my children out of Cary Academy when we moved to North Raleigh and enrolled at North Raleigh Christian Academy. Of the two schools my children and I both prefer NRCA because I believe the overall learning atmosphere is better. Cary Academy has an element of "troubled youth" that is unsettling. That troubled youth element is non-existent at NRCA. The course work and homework requirements are more rigorous at Cary Academy (which I personally prefer) but I have no doubt that NRCA is preparing my children for college.

- submitted by a parent
July 08, 2012
Great school ! Founders are really behind this school and support faculty, students, and parents in every way they can. It seems the founders have a true love for the success of students and their community. Their commitment to the school and excellence in education is a key to the success of CA. Parents are mostly professionals and committed to their children s education. It is a total school for learning and achievement. Faculty are very much into teaching and are positive. Students like attending the school. Financial resources, technology, faculty, campus, and many more offerings of CA make it a top school. We have had one successful graduate and have a second child at the school and are VERY happy with CA. Many thanks to founders, leadership, faculty, and parents who are behind CA. A total team effort has made CA a shining example in secondary education.

- submitted by a parent
March 30, 2012
CA is great at developing a kid's potential and helping them blossom into independence and adulthood. Lots of handholding and homework starting in the 6th grade leading to less handholding and more independence in the 8th grade. The Upper school focuses on learning using lots of creative methods to engage all the kids. Lots of club, arts, sports and other extracurriculars. 100% attend college. They really seem to 'get kids' and get kid behavior and channel all that energy into effective learning. You rarely see an unhappy face on the very welcoming campus. The parents are welcome and encouraged to join in and lend their talents at many different activities throughout the campus. Not in the classroom like elementaries did, but throughout the school where needed for assistance, time and talents. These kids are smart, and the teachers know how to manage these smarts kids and turn them into (hopefully) lifelong learners.

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2011
I am a parent of a female 8th grade student who will enter CA high school next year. As a parent of a middle schooler, I communicate and 'observe' the happenings of the many high schoolers we come in contact Fort those considering Cary Academy, I am breaking down my review in 5 topics: 1. Student comfort,, social fitting in 'how the student feels about himself/herself' : Cary Academy does exceptionally well in this. Students feel at home with no peer pressure or groups/cliques., Not tied to tiers of social or economical stds. 5 Star. 2. Academic: Very good -humanities and language arts & social studies etc., 5 star 3. Math and Science, Technology: Very good, though some highly driven 'merit based' Charter and public schools are doing equally well and better some times. Given the cost, this is a 4 STARS 4. College preparednes& proficiency: CA Prepares kids well, especially in college ramp up etc., but given the nature of lower educationsal standard of NC , local alarea, CA studfents do not end up at very high rates in top rated colleges. LAst few years, about 20 % students end up. 4 Star 5. Value: For a private school CA is GOOD VALUE. 5 Stars.

- submitted by a parent
November 13, 2011
Good for academics... teachers are very good and very challenging coursework. However you have to put up with: *rampant homophobia and bullying *lots of rich preppy jocks who act like they own the place *money is not spent wisely (like buying every student a laptop they don't need) *faculty that is not very interested in your problems... especially about bullying *in the high school you can only take up to a certain amount of AP classes and no more. This is because they don't want certain students looking better than others (even though they are and they should have the ability to take as many honors classes that they want). *more interested in the parents rather than the students because they are the ones who pay

- submitted by a community member
May 15, 2011
Very happy CA family--Every child is unique and blossoms into their individual potential. We've had superb teachers-expecially in history, science and the Fine Arts.

- submitted by a parent
June 21, 2010
Cary Academy is a wonderful school with great teachers that care and very technology oriented. The school prepares the students for what awaits them after graduation. There is a lot of work which is a great transitioning skill for college. Anyone who complains simply cannot cut it. It challenges the academically gifted and is worth every penny if you child is smart.

- submitted by a parent
June 15, 2010
First rate, world class. HS graduates accepted into Service Academies, Ivy League and top international schools.

- submitted by a community member
April 11, 2010
I disagree with the negative reviews I've seen by other students so far. As a ninth grader at Cary Academy, I think that Cary Academy is a school that is held in high esteem for veritable reasons; its workload matches its reputation, and those without the time management skills to handle the workload and don't try to collaborate with their teachers to fix their issues often feel overwhelmed. I've found that teachers are, on the whole, very patient with students who are struggling but who come to them with their issues. I love my teachers, and I know that the average CA teacher is better than the average teacher of many other schools. I have learned so much at Cary Academy, and while it has its quirks, as do all schools, I give CA a rating of 5/5. And for a musician like myself, its arts program is simply amazing.

- submitted by a student
February 21, 2010
Excellent preparation for college, lifelong friends, great teachers as well as academic and extracurricular options.

- submitted by a student
February 01, 2010
Cary Academy is not all what it seems. I started there thinking it would be one of the greatest experiences ever, but I soon realized it is the exact opposite. Because of it's endless work and rough, complicated schedule, I do not have any time out of school to have free time. With it's 2 week trimester breaks (although relaxing), my family can seldom go on vacations. But the biggest issue with Cary Academy, is its teachers giving way to many assignments. I currently have 4 projects all do very soon, with hours of homework on top of that every night. And even though they integrate technology very well into the school, it constantly becomes a liability when the computer literally 'eats your homework'. If I was a 5th grader and had the choice of coming here, I would refuse. I want to go to Cardinal Gibbons for high school.

- submitted by a student
December 20, 2009
Cary Academy has great teachers and integrates the latest technology into the curriculum.

- submitted by a parent
September 16, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 15, 2009
This school is very good, and has very good students

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2009
Cary Academy is a technological dreamland which still keeps to it's roots in the humanities. It offers a wide variety of courses and requires all students to take some form of art elective. Cary Academy promotes a kind of diversity rarely seen at other schools.

- submitted by a student
May 17, 2009
This school does a fantastic job preparing students for college. Already well known for excellence in academics and arts, it is also becoming known for some very competitive athletic programs. Despite it's rather small size, Cary Academy has many other extracurricular activities that allow their students to develop their passions and leadership skills. College counselors work closely with students to help them enter into the schools that best fit the child.

- submitted by a parent
April 26, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
April 14, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
November 10, 2008
As a parent, I have found that Cary Academy strives for excellence in all areas. Continuously challenging for the student, providing students to reach their full potential, but allowing some balance through extra-curricular option , as well as choosing a 'major' in the Arts, which students have every day (as well as daily PE and foreign language) The school's use of laptops & technology is outstanding. Our child has had some wonderfully creative and inspitring teachers and good guidance from instructors when needed, especially through their yearly 'Advisor' program. As a family, we have been pleased to find it a collaborative community and my dsughter has made wonderful friends. My only warning for some is that because of the schools high academic reputation, the homework load is rigorous and demanding.

- submitted by a parent
October 21, 2008
This school is good; little too much drama from other students though

- submitted by a student
March 06, 2008
I am a parent with one child at Cary Academy and one child at Daniels Middle School it is an excellent school and definitely deserves 5 stars.

- submitted by a parent
no rating December 23, 2007
As a former student at Cary Academy, I can also assure you that this institution is horrible. They spend money on the campus and technology to look good to parents and uphold a reputation, but other than a nice campus they hold no value. The technology and reputation of the school provide 'rose colored glasses' for the public. Students who actually attend the school receive no help if they are struggling. This institution nurtures the already well developed students and pays little to no attention to the rest. Faculty provides no help to students to comprehend the material, and there have been countless experiences I've heard about or experienced where a faculty member has made a student uncomfortable or singled out for struggling. The amount of protection the administration supplies to their faculty members when a complaint is lodged reflects on their inability to respectfully or productively solve any problems.

- submitted by a student
January 03, 2006
Exceptional private school which constantly evaluates and reevaluates the execution of their mission and philosophy, Discovery, Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence. Facilities are excellent, well used and maintained, faculty is well trained, guided, and professionally nurtured, parent community is attentive and carefully involved in all aspects of school support, plus student body is focused, thoughtful, and motivated in many areas outside of academics. Fine Arts program, athletics, extracurriculars are quality and available to all.

- submitted by a parent
October 02, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a teacher
September 28, 2004
I'm not a parent, and I know its against the rules, but I am a student there. The school is excellent. The teachers are fabulous, and I have learned so much there so far. We have amazing school spirit there, sports programs that are slowly beginning to win more, and an outstanding arts program. The chorus is especially fantastic. The middle school chorus participated in a National Conference in New York two years ago, and the Upper School chorus recently participated at a national fastival in Universal Studios last year. This is an outstanding school, and if you live in the area, you should definetly check it out.

- submitted by a student
no rating January 10, 2004
Cary Academy lives up to everything it says and much more. The middle school teachers are well versed in integrated, whole child learning. They genuinely like the students and tell them so! Students are encouraged to think beyond the 'box' and apply what they are learning to real situations. These lessons are not just one per trimester, but on-going, genuine learning opportunities. The upper school teachers are more traditional in their approaches to teaching, yet employ the same caring and challenging opportunties to every student. In my thirty years of raising children, I have never seen a faculty as devoted to their students and the process of learning. Cary Academy is the 'safest' school I have seen as well. Students are kind to each other and there are friends for every student. No one is humiliated by teachers or students. The school is acknowledged for its leading edge in the application of technology, but I don't know if these other attributes are as well known.

- submitted by a parent

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Cary Academy
1500 North Harrison Avenue, Cary, NC  27513
Last modified Cary Academy is a Private school that serves grades 6-12
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