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Can anyone recommend an exceptional children's preschool program in the area?


mwillis June 16, 2009

I am considering moving to the Fort Mill area and have son currently enrolled with the EC program, due to Aspberger's and a speech delay, looking for input and feedback on choices and recommendations?

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healthy11 June 16, 2009

HI. I'm not from SC, and I see you're asking about Fort Mill, but your question is categorized for York. I believe Early Childhood Identification programs are federally mandated, and so every state should have programs that are designed to handle students with special needs. If your child is over age 3, then the local public elementary school district would be the ones to contact regarding available preschool services.
For general questions, you might also like to join Greatschools Austim/Aspergers Group at


rkaglic June 30, 2009

We too are moving to Fort Mill with an AS child. After extensive research, we settled in on the Baxter Village development for a few important reasons: sense of community; amenities such as parks, pools, etc; and Orchard Park Elementary School. With an AS five year old, we feel that it is important that he is able to interact with the children that he will be seeing in school -- the kids at the pool are the same kids at the school. Fort Mill schools in general are excellent and Orchard Park elementary is highly rated.

Hope this helps.

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