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Public charter
Fayetteville, NC
Students enrolled: 406

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907 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28305

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(910) 223-7711
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March 18, 2015
My children go to Alpha Academy on Raeford Rd. I am sick and tired of the bullying at this school. When I attended the orientation for this school they preached about their zero tolerance policy for insubordination and bullying etc. Yet when it happens NOTHING happens to students that bully others and act like fools in the classroom. My child has been harassed and bullied. He was involved in a fight (attacked by another student) and after I came into the school and demanded that something be done about the situation, NOTHING was done. They basically made it seem as this was just "boys being boys". They talk a good game about how they provide an atmosphere for learning and that anything that takes away from that will not be tolerated. This school is not what it portrays itself to be.

- submitted by a parent
January 22, 2015
It is wanting of -I don't know exactly how to put it but I'll say- tenderness. It is way, way, way too military like. We moved here from a wealthy suburb where the school was of course superb, but there was also a spirit of love and kindness. At this school, however, I think the children are treated a bit like privates in a boot camp. Even their PE is military like. So, it is certainly not a good fit for everyone, especially if your child thrives in nurturing environments as mine does. A three star rating, however, because the children I think are truly are a cut above the rest here in Fayetteville. It is a shame, however, that far too many of the administrators in charge of children don't seem to really respect childhood.

- submitted by a parent
January 01, 2015
We are closing out our 3rd year at Alpha and overall I am pleased with the school and their growth. We came here their first year in the new building and all the growing pains. It wasn't always easy, but now things are definitely on the right track. Every school has negatives and positives but I prefer to focus on the positives and how much my children (1st & 8th) have grown. They are challenged and held to higher standards than the regular public school system. I love that their main teaching focus isn't passing an EOG test. Main stream schools ONLY teach to the test. My children are learning the foundations and in turn are passing the tests. There are a lot of negative comments and low scores for Alpha on this site and to be honest I might not have applied had I read the reviews first. I am sooo glad I didn't judge a book by its cover and saw for myself what the school is capable of based off our personal experience.

- submitted by a parent
October 26, 2014
"amazing i have gonr for about 6 years now and i have excelled to acheive greater things now" I am wondering if a student wrote this little piece. If this is the case, we have a problem with academics.

- submitted by a community member
October 22, 2014
I just put my kids at alpha academy for a few weeks now and I am not sure if it is going to be good for the kids or not. But my daughter has complainted about her teacher being mean. And they give the kids too much home works to the point it tired me out and tired them out too. I am not sure if they learn anything by doing too much home works or starting to hate school. A few people was telling me how wonderful their kids are doing at this school. But now I am not so sure. If it does not work for the kids, I can always take them out.

- submitted by a parent
October 15, 2014
I must agree, like all schools, Alpha Academy has had it's challenges. I have three children attending Alpha and I have had my share of complaints along with my great satisfactions in the past. My children have been attending Alpha Academy for over four years and there have been ups and downs, but this year I see a dramatic change and growth at Alpha Academy. I have gathered the same response from other parents as well. My children are doing wonderful at Alpha Academy. They were performing academically well in the public school system, but were not being challenged enough or provided a bully safe environment. Bullying is addressed differently, now. Obviously, they are responding to parents request and reading these reviews. The academic curriculum has grown and become more organized. I have read all of the reviews on this site and I am a little disappointed that some gave all negative reviews without expressing the positives. I am a very happy parent now and I am glad I stuck it out with Alpha as they struggled with their challenges. They got it right this year! I hope they stick to it and continue to grow as they have promised me. My children are happy and I am too.

- submitted by a parent
August 11, 2014
High academic expectation of the students they don't just let them do the bare minimum for that grade level. My son's class was doing work for the next grade up months before the end of that school year. Plus they have small class sizes, also wonderful and involved teachers!

- submitted by a parent
June 27, 2014
amazing i have gonr for about 6 years now and i have excelled to acheive greater things now

- submitted by a community member
May 05, 2014
Do not send your child to this school.... My child has been bullied (kicked, picked on, hit, etc...). I have left work on several occasions because the Administration refuses to do anything. Things escalated to my child getting into a fight after another child slapped his head. Because all year my child has been putting up with this foolishness, he finally hit back. Well, my child is suspended for 3 days. The uneducated, unprofessional Vice Principal McCoy, was very nonchalant about my concerns. He even went out his way to start up further commotion. I can't fathom the sense in this, but my son and other little kid, were put in the same room together and left unattended until the parents arrived to picked them up. I am trying very hard to follow the chain of command, but of course, no returned call from the Principal/Owner as of yet. I have to push this forward. Our kids deserve a safe and caring learning environment. Oh yes, my is child is on his 3rd teacher this year.

- submitted by a parent
March 16, 2014
This school is the best school you could send your child to in Cumberland county. I am currently enrolled and I have been for 5 months now and I love it. The teachers give you the assistance you need to succeed in life and have a proper education . But to succeed you need to put in effort. They offer tutoring if you need and the have many benefits to help the community. They also have an amazing athletic department, soccer ,Softball, Baseball, Pep-squad,and basketball all open for both genders. Overall this is an amazing school.

- submitted by a community member
March 06, 2014
Alpha Academy in Fayetteville NC is, in my opinion, a sham. As a prior employee I can say from experience that the Administration does not seem to care about students/parents/teachers, condones bullying, and does not include parents in their so-called partnership. The Curriculum Superintendent is without an education in education. The communications within the Alpha Academy structure is terrible and there is an extreme deficit in the area of good leadership. This causes a huge turnover in teachers which weakens the Alpha Academy and this weakness shows in Alpha's dropping test scores. Alpha's teacher to student ratio has doubled since they moved to the Raeford Road location. Alpha puts huge and strong requirements on teachers and parents but does not give respect to either. The Alpha Academy difference is that it is their way or the highway and if parents or teachers do not like it, go back to the shoddy regular school system. The one shining star that I give this school is for the staff who puts up with a great deal of disrespect and chaos from the Administration Parents and teachers ~ Beware. You can do much better elsewhere. Hold out for the new charter schools coming in.

- submitted by a teacher
January 24, 2014
This school is truly not what it was made out to be. My child is in the 5th grade and on her 3rd teacher since school has begun. The communication in the Administration is very poor. they are to concerned on making Money for the school instead of teaching our children, Promises made are not kept. I thought I was doing the right thing in putting y Child at Alpha Academy instead of public school, what a huge mistake. She has come from a A/b Honor Roll student to struggling to make the grades now. The school needs to be more aggressive on hiring there teachers and teaching assistants and get involved more in learning achievements and buying books. Instead of worrying about building a playground. They need to be more concerned in building a cafeteria and a library and getting the tutoring program up to higher standards.

- submitted by a parent
December 20, 2013
The curriculum is geared towards garnering the highest possible scores and doesn't institute critical thinking skills necessary for them to compete. Teachers don't teach/mentor anymore, all they do is give homework and blame students when they fail. There's no reason kids need 1.5-2 hours of homework daily. Teachers need to understand kids need to be motivated and inspired to learn. I witnessed a despicable act when I went to pickup my children and saw teachers and bus drivers yell at a point of frustration/intimidation at kids. When I looked to confront them, they immediately quieted their voice and tone and were clearly ashamed of their behavior. They behaved more like prison guards. How were they behaving when parents weren't there? It was a mistake for me to expose my children to this experience simply because I perceived it would challenge them academically. In reality there's more homework and memorization, not tools to allow them to think more effectively. Your child is only young once and they deserve the best experience and mentors (besides yourselves) you can offer them. We're out, there's several more years of kids being kids and we're going to savor it.

- submitted by a parent
November 21, 2013
I feel this school is failing my children. It has not turned out to be what it presents itself as: a school of excellence. My children went from an all A report card to my one struggling to stay afloat and the other failing all subjects. Homework starts from the moment they come home and continues often until well past bedtime, sometimes more than three hours. They are unhappy and have come to resist all things school-related, even reading out of sheer "educational" burnout. All of the reasons I chose to pursue this school as an educational option for my children have turned out to be the reasons they are failing to thrive. I strongly urge parents to discuss this school with other parents who have children currently enrolled or have attended Alpha in the past. It is obviously a great fit for some, but sadly it is not a fit for mine and others. I often tell parents it is a mixed bag in benefits and drawbacks but, for my family the mix has rapidly declined into a outright negative experience and I, once again, urge parents to fully research and think hard before choosing Alpha Academy.

- submitted by a parent
November 18, 2013
i am very concerned about what is going on at this school. could someone please investigate this new location at Raeford road. I was happy with the school at first but now I am worried.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2013
Just pulled my son out. If you have a very bright child this is not the school for you. Class sizes are HUGE and teachers just dont have time to help whether they are gifted or behind. There is no real plan to teach gifted children. No AIG, advancements, sitting in proper grade for certain subjects. They just say we give him extra work. My son loves school and he started begging me not to go cause he was bullied and so bored. They have no playground and run around in the grass. MANY really bad kids there and they just cannot control them. Vice Principal is lazy and couldn't even act properly like he cared about my child. I left meeting with him and went straight to enroll him somewhere else. I gave them benifit of the doubt by these reviews but I know now I have done my son an injustice. RUN....

- submitted by a parent
September 23, 2013
This school is the best I ever did for my kids. You guys have your opinions. If you don't like the school then take your kids out. I have not had a problem with this school. You knew they didn't have a lunch room so stop complaining. My kids have learned so much. Keep up the work Alpha Academy.

- submitted by a parent
September 13, 2013
It hasn't been a full month since school has started and I am ready to pull my kids out of this school. #1 there is no nurse at the school. My kid got hurt and I found out when she got home with a bruise on her face. #2 No cafeteria in this school, gym was way important than feeding children, #3 they have teachers who don't speak english and cannot teach a class properly. I am disappointed with this school. Tuition was free but the amount you pay on the uniform shirts plus the long list of supplies they need and every other fee for books, it is not worth it. Send your kids to public school and take your chances. This school is a huge joke ! Biggest mistake I've ever made sending them to this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2013
This is my daughter second year. K-1 was good because of a good teacher/parents communication. .they do require a lot of homework but most things you have to work for. This year there are new teachers and a lot more students.

- submitted by a parent
August 04, 2013
This school is a joke. Teachers are grossly overworked and underpaid. The students are rude and obnoxious and the administration does not uphold the standards that they profess to have. My child was harassed at this school and the administration looked the other way. Send your child somewhere else. If that is not an option, consider homeschooling.

- submitted by a community member
July 22, 2013
Bad school choice!!! Run with your child to another school. They are not prepared to properly educate your child.

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2013
My son goes to this school. Please run the other way with your child. My son has been bullied everyday in this school year. When I call, they are never returned. So I had to go in person and saying I am pressing charges for someone to respond. My son has problems with his homework everyday. I talked to the math teacher and she told me well he needs to catch up.How can you catch up and you don't know what you are doing from the start. All they are worried about is a standardized testing. They have a gym, but the children can only use it if they are good. My son was a A,B student in three different school, We are a military family. In this school, he makes D's and F's. My son cries to not go to school. In all of his other school, he was the first to get up and be ready. Most of the children comes from the project, so be prepared for you child coming home asking you questions and you say where did you hear that, and telling him not to say that.

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2013
Loved the school when it was at the Fayetteville location...not so much in the new location. They obviously mis-managed thier money, not allowing for the essentials to create a well rounded student and overcrowding the classrooms to get more students (more students equals more funding). Studies show that children learn better when exposed to Arts, Science and Physical Education. Alpha managed these aspects at thier old location but do not even offer it at the new location (just started allowing student PE 1 day/week). In the begining I donated over $500 of outdoor equipement...less than a week later my daughters (2nd grade and KIndergarted) informed me that they no longer could play with them. My 2nd graders classromm was promised to me (at orientation) to contain no more than "18 at the most"...she had 28! I pulled her and put her into Scurlock, now she is in a class of 23 which I still believe to be to big but soooo much better then the alternative. If your child is a over-ambitious self-starter, whose only need is hardcore scholastics, then Alpha is your school. Its your child, you make the choice.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2012
I pulled my kids out of this school (and not in it's infant stages). I understand that kids need rigorous education, but they also need time to just be kids! Being in school from 7:45 to 3:45 then coming home to 3-4+ hours of homework is ridiculous esp in 3rd grade! The teachers are excellent and I know are only following administrative orders but it's way too much. The first step in any child succeeding in their educational career is that they believe they can, and when nothing they do is adequate in the eyes of administration a child feels defeated. They need to find a happy medium... And STOP COMPARING EVERYTHING HERE TO CHINA!!!

- submitted by a parent
January 18, 2012
There is so much that goes on that this school. I am surprised nobody else has come on here and said it! Kids curse at teachers. Teachers quit all the time. The students are rude. I had my kids there for a short time and took them right out because it was not the environment I thought it would be! That was NOT when the school was in the infant stages. They need to kick the kids out who don't listen like they said they would do.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2012
Most of the negative reviews here are from when the academy was still in its infant stages. It's come a long way since then. I have three children attending the academy, and they absolutely love it. The small teacher-to-student ratio allows their individualized attention, and the assistant principal is so involved with all the staff, parents, and kids. Currently, the school is in the process of moving to a bigger location. Also, the curriculum places a lot of emphasis on reading, math, and science.

- submitted by a parent
January 19, 2011
My two children attended Alpha Academy during the 2007/08 and 2008/09 school year. I was blown away by the pre-k teacher Miss Rose! She is awsome. I wanted her to teach my daughter through the rest of her school years but unfortunately that was not possible. My second grader struggled a bit with reading, but was encouraged to read as well as keep daily journals. The journaling is something I was not exposed to until I was in Jr. High School. Due to our pcs move my children no longer attend Alpha. I wish I could find a school like Alpha where we live now. We enjoyed this school very much and miss all our friends we made there. Yolanda Moore, Noel, & Joy

- submitted by a parent
August 31, 2009
I currently have 4 children attending Alpha Academy. When I first arrived in Fayetteville 3 out of 4 children were attending a local school in our neighborhood. The work was to easy for the children and their minds was not being challenged. I will never forget the day when my son came home and said mommy the work is to easy. At that point I had to figure something out. The doors were open so that they could attend Alpha Academy. Last year was their first year at Alpha Academy and they excelled like never before. Being a part of Alpha takes parents involvement also. Yes the teachers are their but without us as parents ensuring that every need is met the students will lose out. I love the principal discipline. School is a place to learn not a place to have fun and hang out. Education!!!!

- submitted by a parent
October 01, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
October 07, 2007
Alpha is a small school, and it may not have a fancy football field but it does have a dream that all children can learn together. Gifted kids sit next to children with downs syndrome. Generic test scores in this enviroment are obviously not accurate - what is accurate is that all children learn, improve, and grow. Most of the schools in cumberland county are in need of improvement and they have twice the financial resources this small school does. Many of the students come from other counties as well to be part of the Alpha family. This is a very parent involved school. If you believe your child has potential otherwise unseen, perhaps it can be seen at Alpha.

- submitted by a parent
April 18, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a staff
March 03, 2007
My child has been to several different schools in Cumberland County, and with the exception of a few teachers, no one was willing to look beyond my child's disability and see a bright future until Alpha Academy. Other schools used my child's disability as an excuse to not educate him. The staff at Alpha Academy sees my child as a child who can learn if given the right environment. This school provides a positive and encouraging atmosphere where a child can learn and grow. The small classrooms allow for individual attention and decreased distractions. The staff has high expectations for their students and wants them to succeed. Where else could you walk in on a class and find the PRINCIPAL personally tutoring your child? My only complaint is the high teacher turnover. My child has had three math teachers this year. I recommend this school whole-heartedly.

- submitted by a parent
March 16, 2006
I am in love with the teachers and staff at the Alpha Academy. True, I wish it had a bigger budget and more modern facilities (specially the middle school) like most of the other public schools have. But for a school with such a small budget, they offer all I can wish for, and then some. The principal is firm but caring. He won t hesitate to discipline the kids if they break the rules, but he ll also reward them when they do good, and is always there if they need him. The teachers are always available to the kids, and will take the time to work with them, and help them learn. My child has blossom there.

- submitted by a parent
January 01, 2006
This school is by far one of the worst I have come across. I attended this school because my parents fell for the small classes and 'individual attention'. My teachers kept quitting and I was not introduced science or reading for quite a while. There is no school nurse and there is also no real cafeteria. Students have to bring microwavable lunches or they just don't eat. Also, because of the long wait and limited time to eat, I sometimes did not get to eat as much as I should have and had to go outside and 'play'. This is what went on for most of the day.

- submitted by a former student
October 03, 2005
People complain about schools not being supportive of their child's education. I have to say Alpha Academy is a school which cares about the students academics and character. This school has communicated with me concerning what my child is doing. I do not have a perfect child, but I do have a better child since my child has attended this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 30, 2005
I think that alpha iz a bad school because the teachers are to strict they never let the kids go outside and they take favortism in grades like in the 6th grade my told my son that they were in a bad class and dont let me get started with the principal all i can say is mean mean mean and i am not scared to say it to his face or his wifes

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2005
This was the worse school I could have ever chosen for my girls. The school did not provide science until the 3rd nine weeks. Sometimes,the students was confuse as to where their next class would be or if there would be a techer to teach them. The academic programs that was promised was not fulfilled. There is no organization at his school. There is a lot of favouritism with who is displine and who is not. I urge you to call the state of education to see how many reports filed on this school and you, the parent sitting in all classes before adding your child. Beware this is a public chater school and you are not obligated to pay any fees. The school is free to all. My children no longer attends this school. I was told to think outside the box, but the principal cannot fulfill his obligations in or out the box.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
August 26, 2004
I have had two children attend Alpha Academy over the past 5 years that the school has been opened. For a school on an extremely low budget, there are none better. Where in the world can you find a Principal and Teaching Staff willing to sit down with parents on the weekends and straighten out your childrens situations. I commend Mr. Slocum and his staff and owe the a great amount of gratitude and respect for the knowledge and discipline my children have acquired under them. Both of my sons have continuallly achieved honor roll standings and high test scores (consistant 4/4, and 4/3's) on end of year tests. You will always have me and my families support. -The Smith Family

- submitted by a parent

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Alpha Academy
907 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC  28305
(910) 223-7711
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