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Public district
Huntersville, NC
Students enrolled: 1,100

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12202 Hambright Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

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June 11, 2015
Much has changed since my 9/5/14 review. It would take days to go into detail but then again it would not matter in the end. While my son has grown significantly academically, emotionally and mentally (we’re so proud of him) this year he has of course still had some behavioral related obstacles due to his disability. I must mention, his teacher was nothing but the best. Although, after learning news from the principal a week before school let out that a request was being submitted requesting that my son return back to his home school due to the fact they could not accommodate him or his needs during the following school year. It’s upsetting and saddening at the same time that he, the ‘ultimate priority’ in the situation was clearly not considered in the decision. With this being said, ‘IF’ your child has any type of behavioral issues and/or disparities that will result in additional accommodations in result to a disability, Blythe or by the looks of it no CMS school is a good fit for them. I’ve been a proactive and involved parent well before school started to avoid such instances. The counselor left me confident that my son would receive the support he needed to thrive. Only to later find her and other staff frustrated when he needed their support the most support. Many at the school thought ‘medication’ was the key to his problem, when over medicating kids is the #1 answer to many problems in this world now. It’s unfortunate that children with disabilities have to experience such obstacles/discrimination on top of what they’re already going through. People say they understand, but they truly don’t until they experience it themselves. One thing I know for sure, my son’s disability is not a crutch for him not to excel in any area of life and he will not be denied an education. So many especially in the media question why there are so many African American males failing in life. The reality is they’re being written off during their childhood years then not having parents to fight for them and their rights to grow up to be successful. Thank God my son has a village out here fighting for him. He’s already looking forward to 3rd Grade. 9/5/14 Review Ive been seeking the right school for my son over the past two years, it appears the Blythe is the ONE! I m overall impressed with the school and staff, my son seems to be off to an excellent start

- submitted by a parent

March 31, 2015
This is our daughter's first year at this school. We LOVE it! Her teacher, Mrs. Nguyen went out for maternity leave and she now has Ms. Fernandez. They both made sure that there was a smooth transition for the students. She comes home daily to tell us what she has learned and is excited about learning. This school not only teaches students to do well in reading, writing, math, etc.... but, also embraces the IB principles of making your child a better individual overall!

- submitted by a parent

April 25, 2014
Three out of four of our children attended this great school. While maintaining the traditional values, the staff and faculty at Leggett Blythe successfully embraces diversity and perfectly incorporates cutting edge technology to assist each child in reaching their personal goals. Thank you teachers, staff members, administrators, and fellow parents. We are truly proud Blythe parents.

- submitted by a parent

April 17, 2014
This school is just great. My grandkids love going to school here at Blythe Elementary. This school challanges them. They have homework every night and on the weekends my 8 year old grandson ask me to write down math problems for him to do. So when hes out of school he misses it. i would give this school a 10.

- submitted by a community member

April 02, 2014
Blythe is a great school for many reasons. For one, they are a truly diverse school where the uniqueness of each individual is respected. Most importantly, Blythe sets high academic expectations for ALL students and they have the best teachers who motivate the children to achieve their goals. One of the things that impresses me as well is how quiet the halls are even during crowded transition times. "Right Moves" is always encouraged and it's great to see the students following and respecting the rules. Blythe has many after school clubs and activities. So far this year, they've had AutumnFest, a Talent Show, Movie Nights, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Carnival and Spring Jam is coming up! Their Engineering Club just returned last weekend from Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama! There are ALWAYS opportunities for parents to be involved. The Blythe PTA even has their own website! I've always told my children that you have to work hard then play hard. Blythe Elementary believes the same thing!

- submitted by a parent

March 31, 2014
Our son has learning disabilities and has been in 3 different CMS schools prior to landing at Blythe Elementary School and it is safe to say the fourth time is a charm. He is thriving as much as can be expected in this school and more importantly he's accepted here with open arms from both faculty, staff and students. Highly recommend this school for any parents dealing with special needs/ learning disabilities.

- submitted by a parent

February 26, 2014
I have worked at Blythe for numerous years. I have loved this school from the beginning and still do. Our staff, administrators and principal do a great job!

- submitted by a teacher

December 26, 2013
Blythe is a great and up-incoming school. They have many afterschool clubs and programs for afterschool enrichment. Also, they are working to quantify progress for each student to make sure they are moving forward.

- submitted by a parent

October 01, 2013
To the last reviewer who gave a one star, you nailed this school. I do wonder where the positive reviews are coming from. I am a teacher, but not at this school. I took my child out of Blythe to teach her. To look back and remember how her teacher, the assistant principal and the principal handled my child's situation, with no care at all to the harm it was doing to her mentally and physically is beyond comprehension. If time had not been of the essence, I would have used my attorney to fight the school and their rulings;however, my child's education was far more important than wasting my time on a school who cares more about the End of School Testing and where they will fall in the ratings than the mind of a child. Even if my case would have been taken before the board and my little girl had received a proper teaching plan, do you think I would want her in a school where very few care? At one time, they had a great social worker and a school psychologist and there were some good teachers, who, unfortunately toed the line, for fear of losing their jobs during the 100 million dollar school budget cut. Blythe looks good on the exterior and that is about all I can say.

- submitted by a teacher

September 30, 2013
As a parent at Blythe for many years, I can not recommend this school. For the most part, the teachers are excellent, but this school has many shortcomings. Like us, many families who want a good school experience for their children have removed their kids in the past year or are seeking charter school slots next year. There is very little parent involvement. A group of about 10 parents do 99% of the volunteering. There is a general feeling that parents are not wanted in the building. We call Blythe the "boot camp" because of the way the school is run. The administration seems to care more about walking on a blue line using "hip and lip" than they do about creating a nurturing environment for children. Children often aren't allowed to talk at lunch and must walk laps during recess for any infractions. The principal gives a good impression when you meet her, but her focus is not the best interests of students unless you are an ESL student. She is quick to say no to any PTA proposals/ideas and never takes responsibility for any problems.... The buck definitely doesn't stop with her. Any lower administrator who doesn't function as a puppet quickly disappears from Blythe.

- submitted by a parent

August 06, 2013
I love Blythe. I have one TD (gifted) child and one special needs (AU) child at Blythe. They cluster the TD students so my daughter had her best year ever - she was truly challenged and loved school. They bend over backwards for my son, constantly adjusting and working with him. They see him for what he can do, which is HUGE. I have loved every teacher and admin professional I have come into contact with (which is a lot with all those IEP meetings!). Thank you, Blythe!

- submitted by a parent

July 11, 2013
I have worked at Blythe for 2 years, and I love the energy and enthusiasm the staff brings. Teachers here focus on what the students need. The families are caring and want the best for their children. I love coming to a school that puts children first!

- submitted by a teacher

April 04, 2013
I am constantly blown away by the excellent teachers my children have at Blythe Elementary. From new teachers to seasoned veterans, my children have always received excellent attention. In particular, this year, Mrs. Cross (3rd) and Ms. Conde (1st) push my children to reach higher than they would on their own. Additionally, the staff is always friendly and willing to help. The school needs more parents and community members to step up and support their needs. The current PTA has 90% of the work done by 10% of the membership. This fledgling IB school needs MORE parents to take an active role in their children's education, and there are PLENTY of opportunities. Overall, I have never questioned my decision to send my children to this school.

- submitted by a parent

February 04, 2013
As a teacher at Blythe elementary I have been very happy the six years I have taught here. I feel the teachers are dedicated and want to do the very best for all children. We have a very diverse population which prepares our students for the real world. We also do a lot of community outreach to help those families in need. We do fundraisers to purchase technology for the school, keep educational programs running, and keep our food bank stocked to help the families in need at our school.

- submitted by a teacher

January 31, 2013
We have had a GREAT experience at Blythe. My first child attended K-5 and I currently have a 2nd grade student. The pincipal, admin, staff and teachers are wonderful. I would recommend Blythe to anyone. I love that it has a wide demographic umbrella and offers many extra curricular activities. The PTA is very active and there are a lot of volunteer opportunities.

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2012
Sure, lots of fundraisers but I participated when I wanted to and ignored the rest. I appreciated the level of involvement for the PTA. I would pay attention to the focus of the teacher and possibly request a specific one. Some specialize in getting up to grade level and some focus on a faster pace. My kid went in two grades ahead in second grade and ended up with the teacher who focused on getting kids to read at all. Terrible mismatch and he lost a year but he got sorted out and was very challenged afterward. Ms. Johansson is amazing. I would trust her with anything (and have). And she is solid and handles things so well. She is going to make that school shine. I've had kids at prestigious private schools, charters and public and she is by far the best leader I've seen in education.

- submitted by a parent

August 27, 2012
I I don't understand how fundraising and asking for supplies can cause a single star rating. Many of the supplies brought in are shared with those who cannot afford. For such a large school...and yes it is large - there is definitely an at home feeling and both of our children have flourished at Blythe. We moved from a pretty nice district in Michigan, and Blythe is head and shoulders better!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 24, 2010
I love this school because it is truly a community. Everyone makes you feel welcome and the teachers really care about your child's success.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 22, 2010
Did you know that Blythe Elementary has the most nationally certified teachers in CMS! That is something to be proud of!! Great job Blythe!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 21, 2010
Blythe is a good school with EXCELLENT teachers!!!

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2008
Compared to a lot of schools in Charlotte this one is excellent. My son seems to have learned a lot this year. He is in kindergarten and he has learned to read this year. The teachers are excellent and no matter who you pass in the hall they all say hi and are familliar whith who you are even if you haven't formally met. There are way too many fundraisers and too much emphasis on them. Overall Blythe is a great school. It's no bigger than the elementary school I went to and that was 20 years ago.

- submitted by a parent

June 14, 2007
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to have my son start here last year, because the school is so big. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, though. I think the school is very well run overall and you really don't 'feel' as if your child is going to a very large school. I do feel that there are way , way too many fundraisers during the year, including high picture packages and expensive field trips (the latest was $55 each), and I think sometimes staff forgets to consider that not all parents can afford such high prices. Overall, though, I'm glad we chose Blythe for him.

- submitted by a parent

January 03, 2007
My Daughter is in Kindergarten. I have been very impressed with the school. Both with the Faculty and the Organization of the Staff. Since the school population was cut in half this year...It has a small school feel.

- submitted by a parent

June 07, 2006
My daughter is just finishing Kindergarten this year. The school is overcrowded, and this is seen in the high numbers of kids in the specials classes (art, music) The art and music classes lack depth and seems to always be 'produce what everyone else produces' instead of letting the kids be creative. Music is not taught, but my child told me she watches videos in music classes. She was not exposed to notation or rhythms. She can read, but she knew how to read before she started school. Pretty much I felt she could have learned more in the school year, and I am disappointed in the lack of variety of what she was exposed to (I feel this is no fault of the teachers). Advanced children should be in advanced classes.

- submitted by a parent

December 20, 2005
I think that Blythe is an exceptional school, it maybe over crowded, but you would never know because the staff has done an incredible job at every level to make sure everything is under control. Academically I feel that my child is getting an great education. The parent involvement is exceptional. I think Blythe is the best. staci

- submitted by a parent

July 06, 2005
My son has attended here 2 years. It is a huge school, but it is extremely well run and does not feel overcrowded. Most importantly, I feel my son is receiving a top-notch education here.

- submitted by a parent

May 06, 2005
My daughter completed K and is about to finish 1st grade at Blythe. Her teachers have been great, shes enjoying school and I think she is getting a good quality of education. One complaint is that it's overcrowded and I'm looking forward to the new elementary school opening in Highland Creek in 2006.

- submitted by a parent

April 17, 2005
2004-2005 school year was the first year my son attended 5th grade at Blythe. Overall we have had a succesful year and the his teachers have a geniune concern for his education. They quickly alert me of any issues with his grades or it they feel he needs additional reinforcement at home.

- submitted by a parent

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Legette Blythe Elementary
12202 Hambright Road, Huntersville, NC  28078
(980) 343-5770
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