"Infant of Prague is fully accredited by AdvancEd (SACS) "
Students enrolled 135
Hours 7:45 - 3:00
School leader Mrs. Jennifer Cupsta
Transportation options None
Type no info
Preschool capacity no info
Before school no info
After school Yes

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March 20, 2014
I went the great schools actually looking for high schools and decided to see about our school. Last night I attended a meeting with two presenters. I found both of them to be very professional and informative. However, there were 2 ladies and a husband and his wife (I believe) that were rude, unprofessional and mean spirited. I would have to assume that the lady speaking about the trip was back by the principal. I don't know the individual that they were tearing apart, I stayed afterwards and was told he is one of the biggest supporters of the parish and school. I was told that the person these folks were assailing probably volunteers more than all three of the them together. As a grandparent I confused about the lack of Christian behavior. Somebody told me that the person that was being ripped apart that his child was there. Really professional and these are the kind of people I want in charge of my grandchild on a trip. I think they owe the teacher and child an apology. My grandchild loves this school but like below maybe a cast change of some parents is needed. I hope the principal keeps things going and hope I find the person they were tearing about to thank him for his work.

- submitted by a community member
February 13, 2014
Just excellent! My son goes to this school so this is a current review with the new principal. I can't speak highly enough of our experience at IOP. My son's teachers are incredibly compassionate and caring and take the time to really know him. I feel this is the best education he has received (we moved from a previous school due to military). The Catholic teachings have been superior, and my son actually encourages ME to attend Mass more and read the Bible at night. Not even kidding. He loves it there. He feels cared for, and he is, and is thriving in his education. I have nothing negative to say about this school, Parish, or staff. Everyone is very kind here and I feel so blessed we can be a part of this school.

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2014
Discipline at this school is severely lacking. After being called to pick up our child from this school multiple times for "behavior issues", we transferred our child(ren) to public school. We had a conference with the public school principal, social worker, and other support staff regarding our child's IEP. We have had no behavior issues with our child(ren) since making the switch to the public school. The academics are more challenging and better suited to their grade levels than they were at IOP. We do miss the daily religious education, but with weekly religious education class and home teachings, and regular mass attendance, our children are doing well. If you are looking for a school that teaches the whole child, academically and socially/emotionally, I would not recommend this private institution. The SLP (silent lunch program) is also not an effective means of discipline. The public school is much more suited to teaching social skills such as self control, conflict resolution, coping skills, and bullying prevention, helping children grow into more well-developed students.

- submitted by a parent
January 11, 2014
I would like to respond to the previous two posts: First of all, I am sure the people who visit this site looking for information will see clearly the last two posts involve personal issues. All points are not proven facts except the sentence regarding the lack of a science teacher at this current time. The "petition" story is hearsay, misquoted from a child. Children often misquote and misunderstand larger contextual issues. The petition was NOT started by a teacher-I know this personally as I have middle school children and the school squashed any notion immediately. Regarding teachers running principals away...Again, yet another example of a personal squabble between parents and further illustrates the parent's blatant ignorance of the overall involvement of the teachers at IOP. I simply cannot believe a parent would not know if their child was or was not taught science. I implore the previous two parents who posted such incendiary comments get involved and volunteer with your child's teacher. See for yourself how involved these superlative, dedicated instructors are with YOUR child...OUR FUTURE...I am very happy with my children's teachers and the school overall.

- submitted by a parent
January 07, 2014
The middle school now has no science class taught by a science teacher. Previously science was being taught. The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade were combined for their daily science class and the 7th and 8th grade had separate 45 minute classes daily. They now have the social studies and language arts and math teachers integrating science into their classes. There is now no science class with a period of its own. This is supposed to only be until next year when the school should hire a science teacher. All classes are now an hour long instead of 45 minutes so the language arts and social studies and math teachers' extra fifteen minutes of time per period are to be dedicated to science.

- submitted by a parent
December 20, 2013
Yesterday my children were asked to sign a petition against a new schedule. When I asked who told them they said a teacher REALLY!. I guess times have changed now when teachers that may not like doing something they have the kids start a petition. This is really nice leadership in a private school environment. It seems that for the first time in the last 2-3 years that the teachers are being given some lesson directions that benefit the kids besides smart boards. It appears that no matter what principal is leading faculty finds it necessary to be non-supportive as shown trying to have my children sign a petition. I was told by another parent that Science isn't going to be taught, I went directly to the principal and actually found out my children weren't receiving science anyway and now they would by adding 15 minutes more instructional time. What a novel idea instructional time for students which is what I am paying for, my children to learn. I think instead of changing principals so much from being run out by some faculty maybe the faculty should evaluate whether they can fit in or move on. So far it appears that the new principal is about the children again what a novel idea.

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2013
Having had my children at this school I can only speak highly of IOP. After extensive research all through Jacksonville I have to say that this school is the best. If you want your children grow academically and spiritually in a warm and truly caring environment then this is the school for you. By the way: the parent that wrote those reviews below will not hurt the school because it seems that's the intention. All the teachers do their very best daily, the staff is very professional and that is all I am looking for. I wanted my children love to go to school and they love it daily. Those reviews do not hurt the staff but a handful of catholic parents that might not have the chance to see the school themselves before they move into town. You hurt that handful of children that would thrive so much in that environment but cant because being a military child, mom and dad did not have anything but this review. The school will always grow in numbers since people in town know that this is the best school in town. Please use this homepage truthfully and not with the intent to hurt others. If you have a problem with something do not vent on a homepage!

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2013
It is truly sad if parents put their personal issues in regards to a report card or other into a public homepage making it harder for other parents to rate a school. Grow up! And use this page for what it is! if you send your child to a private school and want a catholic education please expect your child to go to church once a week! The parent who wrote about Father cannot be a true catholic. I am truly happy with this school and comparing it to others in Jacksonville I would say - there is no comparison! It is the best! Listen to the parents that have had their whole family in the school from Pre-K through 8th Grade!!!!

- submitted by a parent
May 28, 2013
There is a new principal who has moved the school from text book learning to technology. There has been some nice changes but everyone school has issues. I think the pastor is more in tune than you think as I had an issue and he handled it. Unfortunately the bullying issue is worse by some teachers. I was told it would be handled but wasn't. I know you can't change all the problems out so I am moving my child to another school. There are just to many special rules depending on who you are, one day things are this way the next day totally different. I have hard of the silent reading issue but also have heard parents talk about the SLP (silent lunch program). This seems to be the new way not to have to deal with kids during lunch (especially for one teacher). Thankfully my child doesn't have lunch with her. I know my child not coming back will not make a big difference and I am sure there will be issues in public school but will take the chance. I do wish the school the best.

- submitted by a parent
May 18, 2013
Zero stars was not an option! My child attended this school for only one year and that was TOO long! I wish I could agree with some of the comments saying that the teachers were of high quality but that was not my experience. After countless unsuccessful attempts to call, speak, and/or have a conference with her, I spoke with the principal who promised to make changes. 3 months later, nothing had been done. I attempted to reach the principal again and now she wouldn't respond. One teacher begged me to addreass the issue with the pastor stating my child was the type of child that a catholic school needed. At this point, I knew of other current IOP families that had attempted to speak with him regarding the same issues. When I had my meeting with him he completely lied to my face. It was at that point when I realized we were done. The school year was a complete and total loss. My child spent more time in church on a weekly basis than he did in the classroom; often to attend baptisms of parishoners! When they were in the class, they more often than not had SSR (sustained silent reading.) I am a product of Catholic schools education. To call this an education is a complete lie.

- submitted by a parent
March 13, 2013
We are a former family of IOP. New Principal. That is a good thing. That being said, I am rating IOP on our experience. The teachers were great. The leadership-Principal, Pastor, Business Office-were awful. No transparency, no communication. There was bullying-of my children, and bullying of adults. IOP was not any where close to what I would call a wholesome, christian community. Our new school, also Catholic, is a 180 from IOP. Open, warm, inviting. I wish that for IOP. There is an actual Home and School that is run by the parents. The Pastor invites dialog from the Parents and has a Board of parents with limited jurisdiction for decision making on school matters. He makes investments in the school because he BELIEVES the school in the FUTURE. IOP's Pastor is afraid of all those things. I don't believe I once saw the IOP Pastor in the school. Our Pastor is regularly in the classrooms. And, sadly, many of the parents at IOP were so invested in the IDEA of a Catholic education that they had fooled themselves into believing they were getting one for their children, when in fact, it was a shell of what could have been a great education. They had the right to expect more.

- submitted by a parent
February 15, 2013
After reading some of the reviews from earlier years, I wonder if these parents even attended the same school my children do. I agree with one parent's review that the new principal does, sit down with each student individually discuss their report cards with them. However, after accidentally walking past one such discussion, I shivered at the language this principal used when speaking with a child. The language was not foul, just condescending and riddled with empty threats in regard to a students performance. I was floored. The principal is equally condescending to parents. I sat in a meeting with her on several occasions and found her conversations personally offensive. Upon talking with one parent, I found out that her daughter was "unofficially suspended" the day the accreditation team would be in school. That sounded to me like the school had something to hide. This school lacks compassion and everything I would personally attribute to the Catholic faith and therefore a Catholic school. Perhaps if they changed their name to Infant of Prague Private School, then this elitist behavior would atleast be expected. We will not be returning after we complete this school year.

- submitted by a teacher
June 22, 2012
Being at IOP, I felt that I was in a safe environment. I was in this school from Pre-K to 6th grade and enjoyed it! I moved to another Catholic school that was twice the size of IOP, and the idea of a small and safe learning environment was out the window. Definitely an A++ school!

- submitted by a community member
March 31, 2012
We have enjoyed our experience at this school. I could not ask for anything more for our children.

- submitted by a parent
January 13, 2012
We believe a catholic school education is a gift, which will become part of who our children are and will help shape their character. This is a gift we wanted to pass to our children. IOP school and staff are truly a gift. Our children have attended IOP for the past 5 years. We and our children LOVE it. The children look forward to school. IOP provides an excellent education surrounded by God's love.

- submitted by a parent
September 05, 2011
Welcome to the new year. Bring my child back to find a new administrator not even from here (remember the last principal that ran the school from somewhere in WIlmington), no milk until school until if I remember right last Wednesday and school lunch was on Tuesday. Then I received in my childs book bag an order form for two fast food restaurants (nice healthy eating). I was one of the parents that complained about the past principal fixing lunches and am sorry that I did not step up but at least the lunches were healthy especially the salad bar. I wonder if the newspaper would like to do another article on our new lunch program after what they printed last year. I will say that the parents aren't as hateful thus far but feel for the faculty who I understand now teach art with all else to do. I did hear from the one family that the pastor was going to be more involved and that the reaccreditation issue that was flying all over the place last year, that the pastor will be asking for a postponement, good idea! After looking back I am sorry that I didn't support administration, the pastor and business folks. I am sorry for what they were put through. Pray for a better year.

- submitted by a parent
June 28, 2011
Most teachers are great and try very hard to educate, however the the administration does not believe in giving out any information about how the school will improve or advance, they are even unwilling to have meetings with parents because they do not want to answer any tough questions. As an involved parent I can't believe the lack of effort from the administration to involve and inform the parents about what is going on in the school. I've asked about the fundraisers and I can't get any answers about how the money from the Scrip, HSA and other moneymakers are used. Most private schools have transparency in how funds are used but here no one is willing to give basic information. The school is due for re-accreditation and no one is willing to answer the question of how the school will be re-accredited. The academics are not the best either, I watched the Academic Derbies and followed the results, the fact that no student in our school could answer the simple question of what the most populous country in the world is, is very telling. My children won't be back.

- submitted by a parent
June 22, 2011
I'm giving this school 1 star because of the teachers, but I can't say the same for the administration, I agree with the other parents there is a big problem with the current administration. After only 1 year of my kids been at this School I have decided we won't be back. The lack of responde and lidership from the administration is a big problem in this School.

- submitted by a parent
June 20, 2011
Every school will have it's issues, that's a given. I am a public school bred adult and was excited about putting my children through Catholic education, which I held in such high regard. Educationally, I believe the faculty handled their positions well and really did my children justice with the education provided. I believe the student and family population was outstanding, as we all grew together through our children s experience. The reason why I rate this school with one star has to do with the relationship between the administration and the families. As an Active Duty Service member, I hold persons of leadership with high regard and expect them to perform in a professional manner. This is not the case for IOP. The principal is rarely available for meetings or communicates with the families, the front office airs other families dirty laundry, the bookkeeping is horrendous and it has caused all that I said above to sour our overall experience. This is just one persons experience, I would recommend when talking to them to address the issues you have read about, and formulate your own opinion.

- submitted by a parent
May 06, 2011
I have had children at IOP for the last four years. I feel my children are challenged academically and more importantly, they have been in a Christian environment and taught that one's charcter and stewardship is of great value. I wouldn't trade my children's experience at IOP for anything. If people want to improve things maybe they should stop casting stones and become involved in the school. My children love IOP as much as I do. S.D.

- submitted by a parent
May 06, 2011
We transferred my son to IOP after he was repeatedly bullied/beaten up on a public school bus and the situation was not handled properly. We liked IOP so much that we decided to send his younger brother there as well. My oldest son made a smooth transition to Northside High School last year and is doing very well academically and socially. More importantly, both he and his younger brother display a level of character that I rarely see in their peers outside of IOP. They are polite, respectful, charitable, and have been taught to love God and this country! The teachers at IOP are some of the most passionate that I have seen in the 15 years that I have had children in school. Although modest, the facilities are safe and well maintained. Since IOP requires community service and encourages parental involvement you feel like you are an important part of your child s education!

- submitted by a parent
May 05, 2011
I love the school and so do my children. The children are happy and look forward to going to school. I have chidren in various grades and one that has graduated and is now in highschool and was well prepared not only academically but with great character and self confidence. We have never had a problem with bullying and the faculty including the administration are wonderful. The school prepares the children with the whole package. Great eduacation, great morals, great character building, great family atmosphere & is a safe christian environment. I was sorry to read the negative comments because as an involved parent for many years I have NEVER had any negative feelings about the school or administration.

- submitted by a parent
May 23, 2010
Agree this is an excellent school. My high school child is also doing well. When the current school principal came and changed the math program I saw for the first time some advanced work for my child. I am also aware of the changes in the computer lab and library after the leadership change. I think that administration has done an excellent job with what they have to work with. My other child will continue, the religion needs changing and maybe bring back the science lab that the teaches got rid of a few years back. Also agree with the comment about the budget, don't think the pastor has that kind of power not to have one, Just someone not having all the facts which as usual leads to negative calls and emails.

- submitted by a parent
May 12, 2010
I find the majority of the other reviews to be entertaining...I like fiction. The principle does not have the proper credencials and the pastor does not advocate having a budget for the school. I have no trust or confidence in either...that is why I am taking my child out of the school. That being said; the teachers are very good and caring, especially in the lower grades. Also, the Parocial Vicar (Father Tony) is outstanding. However, if you have a middle school student who is looking to excel in high school, the academic and athletic opportunities are very limited compared to the county schools.

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 02, 2010
I agree to what has been said recently. if you're a paying parent, your expectations and standards goes with it. not for anything negative, if only criticisms are taken constructively and acted upon well, IOP will be able to achieve the vision it has sought for in years. Education starts with the teachers. some are good, some are great like any other school. the principal has to be able to mold the structure of the academic program even if the curiculum is dictated by the the diocese. I believe it has strong potential to be the best. It is a safe, secure environment and the children are happy and well mannered.

- submitted by a parent
April 28, 2010
I'm Just Not Sure! The teachers and staff are very kind, and i am so glad my kids seem to be more sheltered then the kids in my neiborhood. I am just confused weather my kids are getting the best education available. The teacher student ratio is NOT great, comparabley. There are 20 students and more in a class. Also, if your not a stay at home mom, it is pretty hard to keep up with the work. It seems like I have to help all 3 of my kids with every homework problem, they just cant all 3 have learning issues. Also, is the help they need speaking for the education they are recieving or not recieving. Last I am not sure if they are prepared when leaving for high school, I havent gotten there yet but I wish I had more feed back..

- submitted by a parent
April 13, 2010
Sounds like the last review must not have gotten what they wanted at a meeting or is trying to run the school. My child has been there several years and I find with the exception of a few faculty members not on board that my child is getting a solid education. I agree with a statement written earlier if things are so bad why are their kids still in the school? As for vision obviously they are clueless as to where the school has been in the past ( I know one of my children graduated from there) and another will if I have anything to do with it. The so called trend lines are from folks like the one below that live in the negative world, wonder the last time they volunteered or actually said something positive. Stuff like the comment below is what hurts the school not administration.

- submitted by a parent
April 13, 2010
I took the tour and had an interview with the school administrator and found her to be quite helpful, above board and even had suggestions for my child once enrolled in the school. I brought my child from the public school system and the person that wrote the negative trend lines and bad talked the administration has a rude awakening when their kids get in public school. You don't run those schools, faculty or administration nor have any input. Just because I decided to put my child in the school and pay tuition does not give me those rights. When I left the meeting I felt very welcomed by the principal, felt confident in what she is doing and that her superiors must feel the same since she is in the position. I agree with the last review move on if you think it is greener elsewhere, Good Luck with that.

- submitted by a parent
March 04, 2010
Faculty is tremendous and singular reason why school remains functional. However, IOP has significant ongoing problems due to the following: extremely poor communication (administration to both faculty and parents), no evidence of mid to long range planning (zero vision for growth or improvement), and no coordinated effort to enhance parental involvement at the school (opinions/feelings of parents are not valued) Bottom line is that my children are receiving a good education at IOP. Whether a child will receive a good education there next year, or two years from now, I cannot say with certainty. The trend lines are negative due to the aforementioned reasons. Strongly recommend a personal interview with the principal, and tour of facilities prior to enrollment decision.

- submitted by a parent
February 15, 2010
My grandchild loves the school. Fr. Ernest has begun to make a difference with his presence and care for the school. I understand the office issue but try walking into the office in a public school, my other grandchild goes there and it just does not happen. This school has come a long ways, Mrs. Marks has upgraded text books and enough can't be said about the music dept.. I can't remember if it was Fr. Joe or Fr. John that was here before, it would have been nice to have him here with Fr. Ernest to work in a positive way with kids and parents. You still here in car line some folks being so negative, if it is so bad why are they still here?

- submitted by a community member
no rating February 07, 2010
I have kids in school right now. I feel that the teachers are great. My kids are happy, disciplined and well mannered. I do feel some frustration towards the lack of professionalism the office staff shows to visitors (whether you are there to volunteer or pick-up your child). You can stand in the reception counter or the office door and no one acknowledges your presence. Sometimes you have to interrupt social interactions between staff and teachers to get your point across.

- submitted by a parent
January 20, 2010
Have one child in the school for a second year and my child also loves the school. I find the principal and pastor to be very good with the kids and very caring. They both try and do what they say and understand the school is about the kids and their education and not personal agendas as I have witnessed. Having an only child is important to have quality education and have an administration from the top that cares deeply about children. I second the comment about the lady that sells gift cards, great program and I don't feel bombarded by fundraisers. Last year there were so many negative families which was disruptive to the school. Hopefully, Ms. Marks and Fr. Ernest can keep this in check this year, I don't know how they do it with the cheap tuition we pay.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2009
Infant of Prague Catholic School is a great school. My Children attended this school for 3 years before we had orders and we miss it. The small family like community inside the school and Christian atmosphere is something hard to find. There is no perfect school. Every child's needs and learning styles are different. This school offers a chance for a good education with moral values. That to me is priceless. I feel blessed that my children were able to attend this school from 2005 to 2008. We had teachers that were wonderful and willing to work with us and our children. We had Mrs. Marks leading our school in a new direction making many updated changes and doing a great job. Look beyond negative statements and make your judgement based on what you think not someone else's. God lead your interest to this school for a reason.

- submitted by a parent
February 28, 2009
My child has attended Infant of Prague for four years. I have nothing but praise for the administration, faculty, and staff of the school. The students follow a strong curriculum that has been updated by the current administration, especially in mathematics. The school is safe, the administration and the teachers care greatly about the students and we are more than happy and satisfied with this school. Unfortunately, the people who have complained here, and I have both heard them and know who they are, would complain about anything. These are the same people who complained about the last administration and would undoubtedly complain if God himself ran the school. They are not only incorrect in their comments, but have no idea what they are talking about. Infant of Prague is superior to the public school system in curriculum, discipline, values, character, and overall worth.

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 28, 2009
While I'm not completely satisfied with Infant of Prague, I do believe it is a fine school. I must caveat this statement that I would not be happy with any school unless it was run by God himself. All schools are institutions, run by people who are imperfect, thus their institutions will be imperfect too. If the people below who are complaining have such issue with the school, take them out of the school immediately. If that is not an option, for whatever reason, then it can't be that bad. They should ask themselves 'What have I done to positively contribute to the school?' Academically the school is great. The administration has made decisions that I don t agree with, but I m not in their shoes and don t see the big picture as they do.

- submitted by a parent
February 19, 2009
My children have attended Infant of Prague school for the last 6 years. I love the small, family like environment. I love the uniforms, and the structured environment. I feel my children are receiving a top noch education and their report cards and standardized testing scores seem to validate my feelings. I would definately recommend IOP to new families.

- submitted by a parent
February 12, 2009
This is not a good school anymore. The teachers know what they are doing, but that is where it stops.

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2007
My child attended IOP for the 2006-07 school year. I can not say enough great things about this school. The school is by far the best in the Jacksonville area. The academic program was outstanding. Parental involvement was highly encouraged and welcomed. The staff and families were wonderful. My family will cherish the time she spent at IOP. April

- submitted by a parent
December 21, 2006
We feel so blessed for our children to be part of I.O.P. The quality of education, moral values, and Christian environment makes this the best school in Jacksonville. Wonderful music program, art program, and basketball is big at our school. The Spanish classes and computer classes are excellent additions to the education the children receive. I love the parent involvement. It is like a family. The is overall an excellent school.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2005
There is no better school in Jacksonville. The childrens main focus is on academics. They don't have to deal with all the drama and disobedience that goes on in other schools. The teachers all expect a lot out of the students and themselves. My child loves going to school everyday and has a wonderful group of friends.

- submitted by a parent
September 21, 2004
Infant of Prague offers the highest quality education ANYWHERE in Jacksonville. My children have learned so much and all in a loving, Christian environment.

- submitted by a parent
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