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I need to find a school that offers Pre-k that is a good school. I don't know of any.


tiiiguh March 16, 2009

I am a mother of 3 about to be 4 in a couple days maybe weeks. I have my four year old boy about to go to kindergarten this upcoming year, and my 3 daughter that can attend Pre-k I would like them to be in the same school. It would be nice to find a school that is academically advanced or atleast upto par when it comes to their education. It would also be nice to have a school that offers before/after school programs. I found the scioto elementry but they do not offer pre-k and I really want both in the same school. If anyone can help me that would be so wonderful.

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Linda1 August 27, 2009

Try Village Academy in Powell. It's private, but it meets your needs.


kmg6871 August 27, 2009

I am not sure where you live but I too was in the same predicument, and found out thru a friend about a preschool program that networked with the elementary public schools. They actually had a teaching site @ my daughters school CSAS in Canton, MS. It is a title 4 school excellent educational programs. I must say this program helped me out tremendously without it they would have gone to seperate schools. You might want to check around with some of your get start-preschools and see if they have diffrent teaching sites with neighboring elementary schools. I hope this helps you out.


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