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Moving to Columbus Metro -- Please Help! Looking for Very Good High School


prettynpink023 June 27, 2011

My family & I are moving to the Columbus metro area and I am really clueless to the school district. The school district is VERY important to us-however I am getting mixed reviews regarding the HS's in Columbus. I am in search of a HS that DOESN'T tolerate violence at all and a HS that prides itself on offering a great public education with caring students and staff. We are an African American family but the school district we are currently in contains only 20% minorities, which is fine as long as there aren't racial mis-treatment.(I know racism is everywhere & everyone is entitled to their preferences but I don't want her to feel threatened or unwelcomed) Thank you for any & all your help. I am VERY stressed with this decision to move but there are no jobs in PA so we are looking for a new start by downsizing & w/ more affordable housing. Thanks again! P.S. any word on Reynoldsburg High School?

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a-realtor July 13, 2011

Columbus Alternative Highschool A.K.A. (CAHS) Is one of the best highschools in Columbus. It is a college prep. school. There arent any sports offered at CAHS therefore teachers and students focus primarily on academics. There is a waiting to attend CAHS, so try to enroll early. GOOD LUCK


KandiKH August 24, 2011

I would agree that CAHS is very good, but it is a lottery school and getting in is a crapshoot. Same for almost all of the good schools in the Columbus District. You might want to try a Charter. the Charles School is a 5 year program that is connected with Ohio Dominican University and the kids graduate with 62 college credit hours. (basically a 2-year degree). Reynoldsburg is pretty good, and so are Westerville and Gahanna. They sport a nice racial diversity as well. Good luck with your move, even if you've already done it by now. -Kandi


RTBarksdale October 5, 2011

Don't know if you are still looking, but I'll give you my recommendation anyway! ACPA (the Arts & College Preparatory Academy) is a public (therefore free) charter school, rated excellent for the past 2 years and with zero tolerance for bullying/violence. I know quite a bit about the school (taught there for 7 years!), and encourage you to take a look. Preview their website ( AND schedule a visit (that will really give you a chance to see into the heart of the's the students!).

ACPA has a lot of former Reynoldburg students, came to us because they were profoundly unhappy there, at risk of dropping out or failing, for a variety of reasons. Just don't settle until your kids have found the place where they will thrive; it's too darn important.


dthoburn December 6, 2011

You may have found a school home but I would certainly recommend Harvest Preparatory School. HPS is a pk-12 Christian-centered school in Canal Winchester. The school has made a renewed committment to academic excellence, high staff qualification, positive environment and quality athletics. HPS is a premier facility and great bargin in the private school world of the Columbus area.

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