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We are moving from Australia to Columbus Ohio and we have a 5 year old child. We do not understand how.....


Anonymous October 12, 2009

the Ohio School District works. Specifically, if you live in a particular school district, can you choose to enroll your child in any of the schools in the district not just the one that is closest to your house? Also can the elementary schools reject your enrollment even if you live in the school district. In Australia, the school system is a bit different. One more thing, we are due to move in January 2010 at which time my child will be 5 (turning 6 in March 2010), will she be enrolling in K for the remainder of the school year? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give me....

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delayney October 13, 2009

You might want to try the website for Columbus City Schools -

If you have your new address in Columbus I think you can find out which school to enroll in and be able to get contact information for that school.

Hope this information helps and good luck with your move!


healthy11 October 13, 2009

Greetings. I'm afraid I don't know the details about public school selection in Columbus because I'm not in Ohio, but I did want to say that your child should be enrolling in kindergarten for the balance of the school year.
For general kindergarten questions, you might like to join Greatschools Kindergarten Parents Group at


TeacherParent October 14, 2009

By 'googleing' 'school choice Ohio' just now, it seems to me that Ohio does not have 'school choice' yet but there is a great push for it going on among the people of Ohio. Perhaps... within individual districts, there is the possibility of choosing among schools but the question would be best asked of the Ohio state department of education and you can likely find a contact for them on-line. Or contact the Ohio school choice movement - it's easily found on google.

In Ohio or any other state here, it's Not possible for them to reject your enrollment if you bring proof that you live within the district's boundaries.

Welcome to the States! Post back if there are other questions you have though these days 'Google' is a great source of quick information.

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