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Two Oakridge Elementary Schools?


RTamanda January 11, 2012

Are there two Oakridge Elementary Schools? I'm looking for the new one in Moore School District but the only one that comes up is the one in OKC district. The address and maps aren't even close to each other. I know the one in Moore has only been opened a year, so is this the same school but it moved? If not, why isn't the Moore school even listed?

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MagnetMom February 21, 2012

Hi RTamanda,

It typically takes a while for schools to be listed in the GreatSchools database--sometimes upwards of a year--they have to exist in order to have test scores, in order to have a rating. That takes a bit of time. If the one in Moore is a new school, you'll have to contact them directly.

Their website is here:

Good luck!

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