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What preschool do you think is great in Oklahoma City? Why?


chrispix August 14, 2008

What preschool do you think is great in Oklahoma City? Why?

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OneSock August 29, 2011

Hmmm, I was shocked to see a negative post about First Presbyterian School at NW 25 & Western. They have an excellent reputation in the community and their students are often preferred by incoming kindergarten principals.

The teacher that someone *anonymously* slammed is no longer on staff there, but she was a great teacher who helped students learn social skills (that they may not be getting in their home environment) as well as making sure the students have a solid grasp of pre-K knowledge.


twoboystwice October 13, 2009

Please do not send your child to First Presbyterian on Western, older 4 year old class. The other classes are ok, but have also gone down hill. The school used to be great, but now the Shark class teacher has been caught talking negatively to other parents about other children. She is abusive to staff members and parents. Many children were pulled out of the school due to this teacher. Ms. Lora needs to be avoided at all cost. A child should never be told their clothes are inappropriate in front of other classmates as well as telling the entire school that the parent is inappropriate. I am a parent that has gone there from toddler until Ms. Lora's class. As many parents, my child is going elsewhere.

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