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anutca1961 December 8, 2011

How often children eat fast food?

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MagnetMom December 8, 2011

Hi anutca1961,

That's a bit of a random question. Some families restrict fast food, and others make better selections when they take their families out. Most fast food places have "healthier" choices including milk, fresh fruit, and salads.

We're not much for fast food, but we do visit quick casual places where you place the order at a register and then they bring the food to us.

Even schools are jumping on the healthy lunch bandwagon where they are making healthier options available with less salt, less fat, and fewer calories.


SaraLM December 9, 2011

Some say children should never eat fast food - fast food tends to be very unhealthy food. Some people are even blaming America's obesity problem solely on fast food. Fast food is usually high fat, high calorie food. The latest statistics show that 1 out of every 3 American children is now obese and diabetes type 2 is reaching epidemic levels in American society.

In a gesture of trying to make it up to us, the widow of the founder of McDonald's - who is a very wealthy woman - is now building fitness centers in inner city areas with very reduced membership fees.

In any case, it seems pretty clear now that children shouldn't be eating fast food and all Americans - children and adults alike - need to be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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