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Relocating to Sioux Falls and need help finding a private preschool.


smarston November 30, 2010

We are relocating in January and my 4 yr old son will not qualify for the districts PreK program like he is in here. Does anyone have any suggestions on what Preschools to check into? I am looking for one that concentrates more on the academic level than the social aspect of it. Any information would be very much appreciated.

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cmoralespda December 1, 2010

What ever happens, do not go to catholic schools, we had bad experiences in there, too much socialization and poor academic level, plus poor judgment. One that has been working good for us so far is Apple Tree Children center. They had got the 1st place as Child care center for 6 years in a row and that says a lot from them. Also, they have the Montessori curriculum integrated, plus great people to run the place. The best luck to you and your son.

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