Learning Difficulties

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Social Skills

"Will make eye contact."

Learn how to write an IEP that includes social skills goals — and really works for your child.

Extracurricular Activities

My son the vice president

Last spring, our son (who has Down syndrome) casually mentioned he wanted to run for student council.

Health & Development

Normal childhood conflict — or bullying?

Kids with LD can be targets for bullies. Learn eight key differences between regular conflicts and bullying.

Identifying a Learning Disability

Early signs of a reading difficulty

Often, parents are the first to spot their child's reading problem. Learn the early indicators to keep an eye on.

Managing ADHD

Study strategies for kids with LD

Many students with learning difficulties need explicit, intensive instruction in study strategies

Identifying a Learning Disability

Anger overload

Learn how intense anger outbursts in children may be related to other disorders — and how to cope.

Diagnosing ADHD

7 myths about ADHD

There are many mistaken beliefs about ADHD and its implications for children. Get the facts.

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