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divyanair March 16, 2011

I am from Texas. In Texas the cut off month is september 1st. My daughter will turn 6 only in November 2011.
She goes to a private school now . I am thinking of enrolling her in the public school from 2nd grade.

Can some one please tell me whether the "cut off age"is appLicable even in the 2nd grade.

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MagnetMom March 17, 2011

Hi divyanair,

GreatSchools is a nationwide community, so the best place to ask your question would be directly to the Pearland ISD.

I'm assuming your daughter is currently in kinder now, will be in first grade for 2011-12, and you're asking can you then switch her to public despite her age.

Check TX law, and you'll likely find out. For instance, California dictates the minimum age for kinder and first. So if you switch by second, they will not argue with you over placement.

But because you won't want to be surprised, definitely contact the district for specifics.


karrots November 17, 2011

Cut off dates usually only apply to kindergarten. We moved from California where my daughter had just finished third. Here in Texas there was no problem with her continuing with fourth grade, although she is almost a year younger than the other kids in her class. As long as you can show that your child has completed the grade, switching from private to public or from one district to another won't make a difference.

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