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Parents banned from schools


Nikki112 February 12, 2013

I was banned today by my kids principal is their anything I can do she has a personal grudge against me

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MagnetMom February 15, 2013

Hi Nikki112, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

Hopefully she has made it clear what you have been banned for. If not, it would be helpful for you to know what she's claiming you've done.

Schools need to be a drama-free environment, and at my daughter's elementary school, occasionally a parent was asked to stay off campus for their inability to talk to teachers or staff with respect.

If she says you've done something you can apologize for, you might want to just apologize--whether you feel you did it or not. I'm sure you'd rather be able to be on campus to support your kids than worry about the issue behind it.

If she's openly hostile to you or refuses to explain her reasoning, then remember, even principal's have bosses. Contact the district office and ask to speak to the superintendent or ask whom to speak with when dealing with an issue with a principal. They'll put you in touch with the right person.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


Shindman February 24, 2013

You can always file a complaint with the Superintendant. Take it in writing in person. We need to let these bullies in charge KNOW that they will not get away with treating parents unfairly.


cateyedmom February 24, 2013

This is absolutely ridiculous, I was nearly banned or arrested from my son's elementary school after I requested my money back from a PTA that was not a legal PTA. I found out that dues had not been paid for almost 2 years. You must at least pay the dues in order to have a legitimate PTA. The principal was not helpful and the "PTA board" had accused me of stealing over $400.00. After, the parents and I had raised over $5000.00 in 2010/2011 and bought new cafeteria tables for the school. This is what happens when we take God out of our schools.


pollylbm February 24, 2013

Nikki112 -

My intention isn't to be mean, but what did you do. You said the principal has a personal grudge against you - but why? And banned from what?

I am a PTO president at my child's school and have been highly involved since he started attending. I have seen many parents behave in ways that would embarrass many people. Outrageous or demanding behavior creates conflict and drama in the school and does not make for a positive teaching environment.

You have to take a look at your own behavior and ask yourself what you may have done - intentional or not - that would result in being banned.

Many parents have been banned from volunteering at my child's school for reasons as simple as they cannot get along with other parents. Others have been for more serious reasons.

Teachers and school administration deserve respect. I suggest you make an appointment with the principal to calmly discuss the reasons for her action towards you.

Perhaps there is a resolution to the situation that would limit your access to certain areas or people, but still allow you to participate in meaningful ways.


ADVOCATE617 February 25, 2013

Hi, they do form opinions and at times it is the :"jump of the gun judgement" on people. I am a parent and advocate for many students in BPS..I find they tend to fear what may come out about what really goes on. I ask that you continue to stand up for what is right and remember there is someone above them all to report to and also if you feel they are doing nothing they work for someone too.


nursepyn February 27, 2013

Contact the State Board of Education in the state your child lives in. Let us know what happens and I wish you and your children the best!


danielae March 13, 2013

What did you do that prompted the ban?


Anonymous47 August 9, 2013

Hi Nikki:

First, I am so sorry you are going through this. I understand principals and personal grudges. My child attends a private school and the principal is the Queen Bee. She was principal here once before, quit, then regretted quitting and did all she could to get her successor removed and her back in place. She plays favorites and she will set out to destroy ANY one--parent, teacher, staff member---even children--who do not see eye to eye with her.

Last year, she refused to allow the previous school secretary, also a parent, from volunteering for anything last year--even though she was a hard worker. It had to do with politics. She's trying to do the same to me this year because I was upfront that I do not approve of how she has handled situations involving my child. I have been a key volunteer in the school and parish for years---she wants me gone because I do not fawn all over her and tell her she's wonderful (I refused to stand when she was given a standing ovation at an event because I felt it was disingenuous).

This is what you need to do. You need to a) get something in writing for her that states clearly why you have been banned and ask for a response by a certain date--make sure to keep copies for later; b) if you don't agree with what was stated, you need to refute the claim, politely, but firmly, with as many facts as possible. She may or may not choose to respond, but again, keep the trail going; c) after all is said and done, if she does not re-instate your volunteer privileges, by all means, ESCALATE. There needs to be ample documentation to show that you have made the effort with her. State your case as clearly, factually, and politely as possible, and see what happens.

She sounds like my nightmare though---one of those who lets power go to her head (even when she claims "oh, I'm a team player"--total lies. . .)

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