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Relocating...Catholic school options?


new2nashville August 30, 2012

We are relocating to Nashville at the end of this school year and need guidance on the catholic elementary schools in the area. I have read the reviews here for the local schools but would love some additional opinions. Our children are currently in kindergarten & 2nd grade catholic school in FL. Any feedback on St. Henrys, St. Matthews, St. Bernards (or any I am not aware of) would be greatly appreciated!

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Molly9876 September 13, 2012

Hi! You are looking in the right place with St. H, St. M and St. B. I would definitely look at Overbrook too. St. H (where we are parishioners) and St. M are both typical parish schools. Sweet schools, maybe not able to easily accommodate extremes in learning ability. St. B is academically very solid, not really very Catholic, though. Our non-Christian neighbors love it there. Overbrook is academically excellent and, with the Dominican sisters, very orthodox. You may want to check out St. Ann too. Some people really like it. Hope this helps!


MamaWolf99 October 22, 2012

I went to St. Henry's growing up and my son now attends. He is in 8th grade. I have really enjoyed the school and the changes it has gone through over the years. Most of the changes have been for the better.

Overbrook is a solid good school but will be the more expensive option since it is not associated with a parish.

I would like to second the St. Ann's suggestions. This is a very small school one class per grade but I went to high school with several of the St. Ann children and they all made honor roll and graduated with honors.

Another school I'd like to mention is St. Edwards. They have a great program and the children do very well there and are more than ready for high school.

A word of caution on St. Matt's... they can be very selective on the children they let in and I have heard this from several different Catholic families. And by selective ... I do not mean in a good way.


lspore November 20, 2012

We recently relocated here this past summer (2012) and if I could do it differently, I would have put my 8 yr old in Catholic or private school. If you are going to be living in the Metro School District area, go with private schools. MNPS has a very poor attitude about schooling and educating and policy. Good Luck!


mac1115 February 20, 2013

I have had one child attend St. Henry and thought it was a great school. We have ended up sending all 4 of our children to St Matthew and I highly recommend it. As far as being selective, yes, your child must be ready for kindergarten and the rigorous curriculum they will encounter and the school is mostly full of participating Catholics with the connected church. I do agree that some try to present St Matthew as an "elitist school", but the true heart and soul of the school are kind, down to earth and loving people who will treat you like family. You will most certainly notice this when you take the time to visit the school and church. These are reasons this school has a waiting list and may come across as being "selective". All parents just want their child to go to the best school.
St Ann is also a wonderful small school with a more urban feel and your child will be ready for any private highschool in Nashville after going there. These are the only schools I will offer an opinion on as I have direct educational contact with them. I wouldn't put too much on what people say they've heard about a school. Ask the families who know and have actually sent their children there. Good luck!

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