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7777 Osage Plaza Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75252

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October 19, 2014
The Post below this is absolutely wrong about All Saints. My kids were at St. Marks and it was a disaster. I had to pull both my children out mid year. The bullying was terrible and out of control. All Saints does not have problems like that. Parents are supportive and non Threatening. I think who ever wrote that post is from another school.

- submitted by a parent
September 29, 2014
The plus side All Saints school gives a great education. The downfall with the school is some of the parents are jealous and don't like loosing at volleyball. If your players are better than their team they get angry and threaten you. If you are willing to put up with this for a good education for your children than this is a great place for you. Otherwise I would suggest looking into one of the other private schools. I know people that are at Legacy Christian and Saint Marks that are happy with the education and the parents are supporting.... Not crazy!

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2014
The highlight of my day was walking my Kindergartner to her class. Older kids are great examples to the little kids, teachers are caring and supportive--high-fives and hugs all around. There is a great community spirit here. We are not very religious and feel completely at home. We are also pleased with the academics--challenging but the kids get help outside of class if they need it. I consider myself an engaged parent and I'd say they knew my kid's academic strengths and weaknesses as well as I did after a week of classes. My kid loves school and is disappointed when Saturday roles around. We started All Saints not sure--that has changed 100%!

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2014
All Saints is not just an excellent school--it is a truly wonderful community. The parents have instilled such core values into the children, I am proud to have my kids attend. We live about a 20-25 minute-drive away from the school, and it is more than worth the time to have our kids involved in this awesome educational and personal enrichment. The kids are so well-rounded, supportive of one another, and very involved socially. I could not be happier than to see my kids flourish on a daily basis at this very astounding school. Caveat: I've read a few recent negative reviews, and understand that not every school is a good match for every family. But, I am hard-pressed to understand how anyone could give a low-rating to this school. All Saints has welcomed our family with open arms from day one. I love my children, and want nothing short of the best education out there. I found that at All Saints. Go Eagles!

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2014
As far as the parent who posted a review stating they would never send their child to this school has right to their opinion, but needs to get the facts before writing the review. My daughter also started in kinder and is now a 5th grader. They are correct that we went through 2 vice principals in two years, but they failed to mention why. One has been the vice principal for 3 years and left for a principal position in the same diocese. The other left because her husband got an opportunity in his degree that caused them to move out of state. Our school has great kids who do nothing, but look out or one another and have the best staff in the diocese. The community is great and very supportive of one another. I only hope that other communities and schools teach their kids the core values they need in life like All Saints does. Sorry for your bad experience and I hope you find the happiness you are looking for.

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2014
As for the comment below.......Sorry to say, we all have a choice if you are not happy you may need to find a place that is a better "fit" for you and your family. Have never encountered rude or cruel parents or children. Also, I think you have to be a Christian or at least understand what it is to be one, before you make comments about those you feel are slighting you! Be very careful in that glass house, never know when someone may hit a rogue volleyball and smash some glass. That being said, this is a wonderful school with EXCELLENT values and teachers that are phenominal! The education my children are getting here is amazing. Their religious comprehension is out of this world. We love All Saints and would recommend this school to anyone.

- submitted by a parent
May 24, 2014
I love this school! The classrooms are smaller than most and the attention the teachers give my kiddos are amazing! The environment is a community of people who truly want to help each other! My son could not have had a better experience in Kinder - Mrs. Patty Moothart is the best teacher for that age group! So happy with our decision, my daughter is now counting down the days until she gets to start in August.

- submitted by a parent
April 17, 2014
All Saints Catholic School has been such a wonderful blessing to our family. I have 3 children there and just today on the way home my 10 year old son told me his "biggest hero was Jesus Christ, because he died to save us from sin." I grew up in Catholic Schools and we teach the faith at home and go to church on the weekends, but for him to be hearing that at school and feeling comfortable saying it is beyond what we can do at home. Being that it is Easter week I have been reminded daily of how wonderful that my children spend all day in a school where they are encouraged to believe in heroes such as Jesus Christ, not the multitude of other "so-called" heroes that our children are inevitably exposed to. All week I have been hearing about the tridium, stations of the cross, Easter vigil, and more, it is so refreshing. I feel so at ease every morning when I drop off my children knowing they are so well loved and taught by such a wonderful faculty, surrounded by good friends and Catholic values and academically challenged. What more could I ask for?

- submitted by a parent
April 14, 2014
This is one of the school, a Catholic School where everybody IS NOT afraid to speak up and voice their opinion if they feel they need to do it and whenever we do it, we always (read it again: always) get an HONEST response and the TRUTH. Although this is a Catholic School, but it also opens its door for another student who has different religion so this is one of the place where my kids learn not only academics but also religion about the true meaning of become a Catholic and how to build beautiful relationship among others without "being afraid of offending others" (if you know what I mean). I have two kids here (the third one will join in two years) and I can tell you that so far I am very satisfied with this school. This school is not perfect, they just keep striving to and they always have good intention to seek nothing but the TRUTH and the best of all, they are consistent with the true identity and meaning of being a Catholic School. There is no personal agenda here. If you want your kids to have what is the true meaning of a Catholic School, this is one of the places that you should highly consider of.

- submitted by a parent
April 13, 2014
Great school. The teachers are excellent, they are caring and very supportive. We recommend All Saints to any family looking for a good Catholic education.

- submitted by a parent
April 11, 2014
My child has been at the school from kinder to 8th grade. He has been excepted to every high school he applied to. We love All Saints Catholic School. From the secretary in the office to all the staff. They have an open door policy. The teachers are wonderful. All Saints is our 2nd family.

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2014
When looking for an elementary school, consider which will build a foundation for your child. ASCS offers an intimate environment where your child will be recognized by teachers and staff, and they will truly help your child discover what will make him/her successful in high school, and beyond!

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2014
All Saints has been an extension of our family for years. I know my children are challenged academically and loved. The school provides reinforcement for the moral compass I want my children to have. They have a fabulous orchestra and band! The new pastor is very supportive of the school. I love the direction this school is headed.

- submitted by a parent
February 24, 2014
Very sorry to see this below post. I would hope whomever wrote it has taken advantage of the open door policy described in other posts to voice his/her concerns. I'm pretty sure this is a free website....free in the sense that everyone is entitled to write their opinions and free in the sense that the schools do not pay for it. We couldn't be happier at ASCS. It is our community and family.

- submitted by a parent
November 14, 2013
We have been extremely grateful that we found All Saints for our child's catholic education. We have been at ASCS for 5 years. From day 1, we were welcomed into a loving, Christian community. I see my child's friends and their parents as extended family and I am beyond grateful for them. The academics have far exceeded my expectations. My child is constantly challenged and the bar is set high. We love the values that are woven throughout each day and instilled in our children. They pray for sick friends and family together. They come together as a group and create service oriented projects for those in need. They play team sports together. There are also many opportunities to come together as a school family to gather and socialize. After hearing from admissions directors from some of the catholic high schools in the area, I feel that my child will be more than prepared to attend a Catholic high school due to the outstanding education she is receiving at All Saints.

- submitted by a parent
no rating November 04, 2013
We have been at All Saints from Kindergarten through Middle School and have had a wonderful experience! It is an extremely supportive community with a dedicated, caring principal at the top, wonderful teachers and administration, warm families and great students. I love that my child is in an environment where faith and academics come together. I've seen the turnover as positive with a constant focus on academic excellence and an overall well-rounded experience. I am so thankful that my child is able to be a part of this wonderful school!

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2013
My daughter has been a student at All Saints from Kinder through middle school. I have been very happy with her growing in faith and her academic education No school is perfect. But at All Saints, it's close. We are members of a close knit community. The teachers and administrative staff truly care about every student. The families and parents are part of the community. I know my daughter is receiving every benefit and has the best opportunities to succeed. I give my highest recommendation to All Saints Catholic School.

- submitted by a parent
August 12, 2013
Great school. The teachers are excellent, they are caring and very supportive. The principal is available and involved with the students. We recommend All Saints to any family looking for a good Catholic education.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2013
We are very pleased with the school--administration, teachers, and other parents. Our child has had a wonderful experience this year. The principal makes you feel heard as a parent and the new AP stepping up for next school year will be the right piece to the puzzle. Overall, very pleased, and looking forward to next school year already!

- submitted by a parent
March 06, 2013
We are proud to be an ASCS family! We feel that the school has found its stride and the leadership is headed in the right direction. The staff and teachers are caring, involved and have created a positive environment for the children. The parents are friendly and dedicated. We would recommend All Saints to anyone looking for a warm and inviting experience. Overall very pleased.

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2013
We have been at All Saints for the last 5 years and our boys couldn't be happier. The class sizescare perfect and the teachers are excellent. We have been blessed with some of the best. The Principal truly cares about the school and the students. She has made great changes! If you are looking for a great Catholic education for your money, look bno further.

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2011
Our family has been in the school through 3 principals and it just keps getting worse. My kids have both said it feels like they are in a prison this year with the very strict rules. The current principal has brought in several teachers that she has previously worked with and they have a strong loyalty to each other. She will stand behind those teachers to the detriment of the students. Other teachers that have been there for years get publicly criticized. There are many reasons I used to love this school, but the negative outweighs the positive.

- submitted by a parent
September 14, 2011
I just toured this school yesterday for my son who will be starting Kindergarten next year. I have to say I don't see any of the things these reviews are stating. I am so impressed with this school and thrilled that as a single Mother it is affordable to send my son to a school of this stature. The facilities are new and clean. There are short term and long term plans for fields. The teachers seem involved and they have thought of everything from gifted teachers to special education teachers. They seem to believe in leaving no child behind . This school is concentrating on developing my child spiritually and intellectually. Every class I looked in was beautifully maintained and the children were engaged. Even the children in the lunchroom were orderly! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to send my son to this school. I will be happy knowing he will be in a safe and disciplined environment with small classes where he will get the attention and nurturing he deserves.

- submitted by a community member
May 03, 2011
Our family has been with this school for over three years and every year we hope things will change and get better. The teacher turn over is high, and the leadership (principal and assit) have not communication experience. The curriculum and teaching is very week. The are not teaching the students which has been confirmed through the local private high school say the students are behind academically!

- submitted by a parent
April 27, 2011
Leadership is terrible, teacher turnover terrible. Its sad that being a catholic school there are so many lies within the staff. For the most part the teacher quality is terrible. There are a few good teachers but the terrible ones out weigh the good ones. No one takes responsibility of their actions.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2011
Our experience over the last 2 years has been top notch. We are a catholic family wanting a great education for our children. Sister Denise and Marian Davis are fantastic leaders who love children and expect the best. The teachers love their jobs and that only makes them better in the classroom. The curriculum is challenging and is brought to the children with love. The children are taught respect, morals, and how to be good individuals contributing to society, which you won't find in any public school. We love All Saints.

- submitted by a parent
December 14, 2010
So far so good. Sister Denise is Great. All of the teachers are great and they challenge the kids, the only downfall his 1 or 2 of the teachers at times will yell and it would be great if it was more diverse other that that we have not had any problems.

- submitted by a parent
September 25, 2009
Poor teacher education, poor extracurricular activities, poor administration, and constantly changing staff. Good parental support though.

- submitted by a student
September 02, 2009
My daughter has been in the All Saints education program since she was 18 months old beginning with the Little Saints program and she is now in the 4th grade. My experience with the highly-credentialed faculty, cirriculum and facilities has been nothing short of outstanding. There is no lack of activies for the students to be involved with if you look around. While athletic fields would be nice, they have no negative impact on the high-quality of education that is provided here. A brand new computer lab thsi year is a big step in broadening the student learing experience and further piquing interest in technology. This school is by design, an intimate learning environment that insures your child receives the individual attention they need. Low student/teacher ratios promote hands-on learning experience where truly no kid is left behind.

- submitted by a parent
August 17, 2009
My kids and I are happy with the family atmosphere at all saints. A school is not only about learning english and math. It is also about learning to respect others.

- submitted by a parent
March 30, 2009
This school is very expensive for what you get. There are very little extracurricular activities, sports, and the after school program is not well attended. The small size of this school is not a good thing. Hard earned money would be better spent elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent
no rating December 08, 2008
I could never take years learning how terrible a school is. My child is far too valuable to me. The new leadership brought on in 2007 has exceeded expectations w/ the recruitment of a principal with a degree in counseling, as well an MBA She has with an eye for growth & head for meeting individual needs of students. Not shabby. The highly educated faculty (w/ degrees from schools parents could envy) has kept us not only happy, but there ! A bit of cliquishness, & boorish behavior from some parents, but hey, that's everywhere, just read a newspaper. As far as turnover - life sometimes takes us elsewhere, when we'd rather stay. W/ regard to salaries, teachers bonuses (donated by the parents, btw), could easily rectify oversights. Tuition is actually lowest for a Catholic school in the Plano area. My child attending a well kept secret is fine

- submitted by a parent
November 08, 2008
After 6 years, I'm thankful my child is through with this school. Administration has been a disappointment with double standards, untruths and lack of support for the really good teachers. Most have left or are leaving. Ask any parent of an 8th grader (08-09) and they will tell you to choose another Catholic school.

- submitted by a parent
July 16, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a community member
June 23, 2007
We love All Saints. We have been very happy with every aspect of the school. I have not found tuition to be too high. It is worth every penny. The teachers are great & the other parents are very welcoming. I give All Saints Catholic School of Dallas a A++!

- submitted by a parent
February 14, 2007
The tuition of this school is very high, there are few sports and club activities. I would avoid this school if you could. Most of the good teachers have left. I would recomend St. Marks on Alma in Plano. It's a very nice school.

- submitted by a former student
June 19, 2005
Working out the 'new school kinks', but this school has terrific potential. Tuition is a bit high compared to other parish schools.

- submitted by a parent
May 03, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent

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All Saints Catholic School serves the north Dallas, Plano, and Collin county areas. We are a faith based elementary and middle school centered around Christ. ASCS exists to pass on the Catholic faith to our children in a challenging academic environment with Gospel values as a foundation and Christ as the model. Parents, the primary educators of their children, together with our community, share the common goal of preparing children for life-long learning and Christian service.

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All Saints' Catholic School - Dallas
7777 Osage Plaza Pkwy, Dallas, TX  75252
(214) 217-3300
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