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busymomofateen March 10, 2012

I will probably be moving to El Paso for the fall school year. I am interested in the best private school for 8th grade and high school. My son will be coming from the midwest (only speaks english) and we want a challenging academic environment with sports and the arts. Would like some feedback on Radford and some of the religious based private schools. Thanks.

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MagnetMom March 19, 2012

Hi busymomofateen,

Start here:

Type in your new zip code, and then sort the results for private schools only. You can read parent reviews and compare their results.

Good luck.


rachmatt07 May 2, 2012

Hello... there are a few private schools here, but the one most known here is Cathedral High School. It's a private all boy Catholic School. Great in sports and they have a high percentage rate of students that go to college after high school. Wish I can be more help, but I believe I might be send my 8 year old there when he's old enough to attend. Hope it helps.


slizetteg May 20, 2012

Cathedral High School is your best choice. All the men in my family went to Cathedral and all of them have had success in their careers. Not only did they gain a great career but while in high school they learned more than academics they learn the meaning of brother hood. The teachers are great and they will work with each student till that student succeeds. Cathedral High School this year (2012) had 11 Bill Gates Scholars and they had a NASA scholar. You can also see their website

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