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Any mom from York Junior High in Spring, TX, Conroe ISD?


bonnieserrano August 28, 2008

Hi. I have an eigth grader attending York Junio High and I need your help!!!! I want to get to know other moms who has daughters in this school that are in the 8th grade and are open to freindships. We moved from another neighborhood over 6 months ago and my daughter can't seem to let go of her previous school. She hates this school because she says noone likes her. Please .. please .. I need some help here. I would like to get to know other moms who has gone thru a similar situation and I want to know what they did to change it around. I was thinking of us moms can team up with our daughters and maybe we can build some relationships. I tend to think that my daughter feels school sick from her other school and she is not giving anyone a chance to be her friend. I want her to feel that just because they are different is not a bad thing. Any York moms out there? Please email me at (bonnieserrano at gmail dot com). Thanks!!!!!!!! Bonnie

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ashleydurham January 3, 2009

Hey, I actually go to York Junior High and I am a seventh grader there. I moved a year and a half ago from Arizona and I miss it too. Who is your daughter? I understand her frustrations with York, there are some things that frustrate me at York too. I would be glad to help. She might be in one of my extra-curricular activities...

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