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My daughter "forgets" to bring home her spelling words every week, is there a way I could get them?


AshAndMom October 13, 2008

A 2nd grader with HISD, Need words for Unit 5? Can anyone help?????????

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tprice1982 May 20, 2009

If she has a weekly agenda (which is probably a good idea), have the teacher make sure that she writes them in her agenda every Monday. Additionally, she will then come in contact with the words frequently throughout the week.


TeacherParent December 27, 2008

The other posters have given you all the good advice - yes, you can contact her teacher - find out when the words are given out - what day of the week. And where are these words? What does the inside of your daughter's desk at school look like?? Do the children copy the words off the board and into what notebook and where is that notebook??
Calling a friend is also a way to deal with this - but it assumes the friend has the words and the right ones - pick the 'friend' carefully - make sure the friend she calls is a solid student with the right information.
And - many teachers are now making class websites - as they should in these modern times. There are teachers who would post the week's spelling words on the website. You might ask the teacher if she has a class website yet....
The only other caution I'd offer is - if your daughter forgets to bring home the spelling words, is that all she's forgetting? It would be wonderful if it is but in my long teaching experience - most children who forget the spelling words or forgetting a few other things as well - worksheets, etc - and you might want to keep a lookout for missing things in subjects other than spelling.


drjohnson November 18, 2008

Another idea is to have a word with her teacher about this continuing problem. Maybe she can make sure your daughter has it in her back pack before she leaves for home. I wonder if there's a reason why she keeps "forgetting", like maybe spelling is hard for her and she could use some help.


debrasuefitzge November 18, 2008

i agree with tobby,you should get your daughter to get her friends numbers and that way if she forgets them she can call them and maybe they can come over and they study togather.


tobbyandlui November 18, 2008

In this case, is better to keep some phone numbers of her classmates so when she forgets, you can be able to get the info, or find out if someone from her class leaves near by your home to get them, or if you have a fax, they can fax it to you, one time I did this, a classmate of my daughter faxed me my daughters Math homework.


debrasuefitzge October 14, 2008

have contacted the school are one of your daughters friends who could maybe let you borrow hers when shes done. was this helpful?

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