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Public charter
McKinney, TX
Students enrolled: 1,022
Before care: No

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2860 Virginia Parkway
McKinney, TX 75071

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(214) 491-1500
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January 25, 2015
I have been attending Imagine since it first opened. In public school, I dreaded school and education. After attending Imagine I discovered my passion for education. After a class discussion at Imagine I find myself going home to research and learn more so I can participate in the next discussion. Imagine shows the children what really matters. If you ask a public school student about what their school does, they will mention Homecoming, Friday night football games, and then education. When you ask a student going to Imagine about what their school does, they would say Day of Service (entire school dedicates a day to serve others), Day of Celebration (celebrating cultures around the world), Award Ceremonies for Behavioral and Academic Excellence, and last but not least an IB education. Trust me I have asked my old friends at public school! I am so proud to say that my school is pretty amazing.

- submitted by a student
January 03, 2015
I love it! I've been at this school since it first opened. The teachers are nice and supportive and the classrooms are small. Everyone knows everyone and because all of us are going to be together until we graduate we all learned to get along so there really isn't any drama.We get a decent amount of homework usually but once you get into summative week your about ready to kill yourself but you get use to it after a while and adjust to the work.but there is around 100 kids in each grade and how it works is that new kids on the list come every time someone leaves like next year there is going to be a lot of new kids for my grade because a lot of kids are planing on leaving for a "high school experience". But yeah sometimes I hate the school but in the end I wouldn't want to leave.I mean what other school would give me Half days to catch up on work?! that's whats great about it i mean some of the cons would be the amount of work we get but like I said we get Wednesdays to work on it all.I can say that I think my teachers actually really care about what happens to me.

- submitted by a student
November 23, 2014
Great vision but still struggling to make it a realistic vision. Having students in PYP, MYP and DP program I see large discrepancies between the programs. Still lacks support needed to provide for staff as well as parents in functions of school.

- submitted by a parent
July 27, 2014
Awesome school my son just loves going to school,except for the fact that it begins too early for kindergarteners,it really hard to little kids to wake up that early in the morning,other than that no issues with school teachers or organization.Excellent curriculum,challenging but definitely doable.

- submitted by a parent
June 07, 2014
I was nervous about leaving MISD, but I've really been impressed!! My kids are being much more challenged here and thriving!!!! I'm so thankful!!!

- submitted by a parent
June 01, 2014
We really gave it a chance ! I think the teachers are great for the most part but unfortunately they don't seem to stay. In my opinion the inexperienced school leadership is the problem To make matters worst there will be an even less experienced principal for upper grades this coming year. There isn't a lot of parent involvement and I agree with what the other parent said. There is a few not so friendly people in charge. We want the IB and my 6 grader and eight grader had great teacher this past year so because of that we will stay one more year and hope the school board wakes up and gets experienced people in the administration positions.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2014
I have four kids that go to Imagine and have been there since it opened. As with any school, Imagine has it's pros and cons. Pros: It's a completely different way of teaching children. People say it's more academically challenging, but my kids do great. Imagine emphasizes collaborative group projects and encourages kids to think through problems. There's a real since of community since there are only 100 kids per grade and all grades are represented. Parents are heavily involved so you get to know them too. There aren't as many social distractions that I found at my kid's last school. For the most part, my kid's teachers have been absolutely AMAZING!!! I also love the strict uniforms. Cons: When it first opened, it was a chaotic mess! Of course, anytime you open a business and have over a 1,000 customers, you're going to have some growing pains. There are a lot of students and teachers leaving the school and new ones coming in, and that's distracting. The classrooms are small and the kids eat in their classrooms which makes them messy, but my kids couldn't care less. Overall, we adore Imagine. It works really well for our family and my kids are very happy there.

- submitted by a parent
May 30, 2014
I am a seventh grade student at IIANT. I love this school. I got bullied a lot at my old public school. Since IIANT only has a hundred students per grade everyone knows each other, it's kind of like a family. I have yet to be bullied at IIANT and I have been attendending this school for 2 years now. Academic wise, this school is great. I have learned how to work with others and I have learned a lot about other countries. We really do have a great selection of teachers because the pay is low so the teachers who work at IIANT have to be passionate. I love my school and I am looking forward to going until I graduate.

- submitted by a community member
May 28, 2014
Imagine has told parents the city of McKinney requires staggered start times 45 mins apart (not true! Look at McKinney Christian Academy and city ordinance). They have also implemented early release every Wednesday for 2014-2015. Only students with parents who can afford daycare or can accommodate having every half Wednesday off will be able to attend. This is an obvious tactic to weed out economically disadvantaged students. It is well documented that economically disadvantaged students require more attention and get lower grades. This is not a school that supports equal education. They also do not meet Texas State requirements for having 180 instructional days for next year. Waivers can be requested, however, they only account for a few days and all those half days were NOT properly accounted for. State law requires 7 hours of instructional time for the day to qualify as instructional. Ipso facto, students will have less instructional time, as required by law, and parents will need to rearrange their lives if they have full time jobs. I am an experience educator and am truly in awe of what they've done.

- submitted by a parent
May 01, 2014
My two children have had an entirely different experience at Imagine. I'm fact we are headed to year three next year. All the teachers I know are experienced teachers in fact no first year teachers this year that I have heard of! Maybe I missed one. Academically I do see it as challenging but not overwhelming my 4th and 5th grader - both are in outside sports amd do not have homework every night. A lot of work is done in the classroom which is awesome! This school has come along way in two years and I pray it works for us through HS so they can graduate with a year of college credits under their belt and the class size is 100. We did like MISD buy class size scared is and we were worried about all the rezoning! Anyways we love the parents and teachers and the school administration is awesome. They has an arts programs and sports and though we will still do external activities I am again so impressed with what they've accomplished in two years!

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2014
I'll echo a previous review- a disappointment. Transferring my child to public school has been the absolute right decision. The work he's given there vs. Imagine- no comparison. He's challenged, thriving & his teacher truly KNOWS him. We'd heard horror stories about poor organization & lack of communication, but ultimately what led to our decision was inexperienced teachers & a lack of resources for students. I was appalled while volunteering (in my child's classroom & other areas) at the lack of experience amongst the staff -- so many first year teachers! Some of these poor teachers are drowning in their own inexperience, and the students suffer the consequences. Lack of campus/classroom resources is also a major issue. Without district funding or substantial parental (monetary) support, they just cannot offer the same resources/materials/experiences as a district-funded school. There are a handful of very involved (although not terribly friendly) parents that give of their time,but there's no real sense of community, in my opinion. Lots of lofty goals and promises that may someday materialize, but too many kinks to work out in the meantime for us to stay.

- submitted by a parent
April 03, 2014
A great disappointment. Lots of great promises, but in reality the public schools are much better. There is a lot of disorganization and improvisation here. The leadership is neither qualified nor experienced to run a school of this size. The infrastructure lacks amenities, and compared to the public schools this school does not offer enough support and opportunities to the students.

- submitted by a parent
April 01, 2014
not that great of a school, poor curriculum, and unstructured. I don't think they know what they are doing, teachers are inexperienced...I would rather have my child at the regular public school than attend this school

- submitted by a parent
March 27, 2014
Imagine is an awesome school and I am so excited to have both of my kiddos attending!!!

- submitted by a parent
February 21, 2014
My experience with Imagine was as a parent of a PYP (elementary) student. What we found was very inexperienced teachers, a poorly thought through and executed curriculum, and chaotic classrooms. Our child attended Imagine the first year it opened and about 2 months of the current school year. At that point we made the decision to pull our child out of Imagine and into our local public school. We are so glad we did! There are many students and families who love Imagine, but we see our child thriving socially and academically at the current school. The other day I was helping my child with homework (which would not be given at this grade level at Imagine). Out of frustration my child said "I wish I could go back to Imagine!" Later I asked "Did you really mean that?" My child replied "No I just didn't want to do homework." I asked "Which school do you like better?" The reply was the current school. I asked "Where do you think you are/were learning more?" Again, the current school. If you are considering Imagine, be clear about what you want and ask a lot of questions. We feel our local public school is more academically challenging and has much more to offer our child.

- submitted by a parent
January 27, 2014
My child has attended Imagine since it opened; Imagine's implementation of the IB program is a great fit for her. The focus on academics is rigorous; it is not appropriate (or enjoyable) for all children. Please research the IB program thoroughly before enrolling your kiddo: http://www.ibo.org/. My daughter loves the community feeling of the school--the "big kids" know her, she gets to be a mentor for the "little kids". School leadership is serious, professional, and dedicated. They ask the same of their staff, students, and parents.

- submitted by a parent
January 27, 2014
My school is AMAZING! All of my teachers love teaching and are very smart. The kids are also nicer than than most kids from public schools.

- submitted by a teacher
January 27, 2014
My child began when Imagine first opened so this is our second year. After all of the hiccups and changes involved in the first year growing pains we were pleased to see how much our child had advanced and grown. His teacher was amazing (Primary) and really challenged the kids. He had tons of homework and it was difficult to keep up with, but he was doing work two grade levels ahead and grasping the concepts and mastering it. This year the school communication and functions have been much more organized. The class work is a complete 360. My child is bored. His teacher does not communicate well regarding behavior. Bullying is rampant. My child is not challenged or allowed to grow. Everything is math, math, math. They are not teaching basic spelling and the homework is rare and what they do require them to do as homework is not teaching them anything related to the classroom. It is sad because I know my child will not be challenged in public schools so we are really at an impasse as to whether we will return or not because one they leave they are out.

- submitted by a parent
December 18, 2013
We have to kids going to imagine.. We love the way our kids are challenged. Imagine will surely get them ready for higher education.

- submitted by a parent
November 11, 2013
I am a student at Imagine International Academy of North Texas and I love it! I am in the middle years program and I enjoy the challenging classes that actually make you think. The teachers are friendly and more than willing to work with you one on one if you need help. The curriculum is challenging but I enjoy it and most of it actually applies to the real world. I like the school's global perspective and I like that they teach both sides of things (like both perspectives of the revolutionary war). If you are investigating this school you need to know that while the curriculum is amazing and will look good on a collage resume it isn't for everyone. Parents this school is HARD, if your child is struggling to keep up with the pace in normal school then this isn't the right place. Also don't force your kid to go, it won't work in the long run, I know so many kids who hate it there because they didn't want to be there. Kids: This school is awesome but don't go if you aren't up to the challenge. In all imagine is amazing and a great place to go.

- submitted by a community member
October 31, 2013
I have two children at Imagine in the Middle Years Program. This is their second year. They have always been taught the value of education. Academics come first and sports second. They are children who love to learn and want an environment where there is a purpose in the learning. Imagine has met that need. They are not just annotating books to annotate. They have an understanding of what and how to annotate. Their writing skills are improving with the hard work by their teachers. The math teachers actually know how to teach math, which is different than what I've found at traditional public schools. The administrators are awesome. They know each student by name and the kids love them. One comment by my older daughter is that she no longer feels like a number. She knows that she is important to each and every staff member that she interacts with. In addition to academics, leadership skills and community service are also a focus of the school. I am thrilled with that. I just wish that both kids would have been able to start at this school in Kindergarten. This school is a great fit for my kids, but it is not for students who do not have that love of learning.

- submitted by a parent
October 18, 2013
We have two kids in their second year at Imagine in the Lower School. We have loved it and appreciate the additional planning and flexibility that this school employs regularly.

- submitted by a parent
August 27, 2013
The first year Imagine opened was a bit chaotic, and it yes it relies a lot on parent volunteering; however this has made this school very strong. Teachers work with parents very closely following up on the kid's academic progress. My children have grown tremendously in academics, social skills, respect, responsibility for their homework, and they are eager to learn. Wearing uniforms identifies them as Imagine-Dragons and are pround. Nothing is perfect in life, Imagine will keep on growing strong in every way. This year sports have been added. GO DRAGONS!!

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2013
This is not a private school, nor does the administration expect it to be; the school does not receive city funds and relies heavily on parental volunteers. It is a school visualized by parents and RUN BY PARENTS! Although some parents don't mind it, I don't like that the lower school kids are stuck in class eating lunch. My social child hated it. The school feels overcrowded and it oozes stress. The hand driers in the restrooms are so loud you can hear them in all the classrooms... all the time. Some walls are painted red and decor is red & black (school colors). Apparently they were not aware that color effects mood. Plan accordingly for am/pm carpool; if you have a kid at another school, somebody is going to wait. Homework is out of control. This is a college prep school, so I understand preparing the kids for heavy work, however, at the lower school level, it only succeeds in stressing the young kids. More homework does not substitute for great teaching. Our kids will attend IIA-NT for lower school where they can get ahead academically and then transfer to public school in 7th for upper school years so they can enjoy everything the public school has to offer.

- submitted by a parent
August 24, 2013
I just want to point out the parent posting that the school encouraged a 500 fee is completely wrong. The Parent organization was recommending those fund to go tot the parent organization and this organization in turn would use the funds for parties, supply material if the school was in need etc. My children eat in their classroom and to me is not a big deal. They are able to talk to each other and not required to remain quiet like in public school so to me that is a big plus. We have sports now that compete with other private schools. Yes they cost a fee but I knew going in to this school that sports were not included. That they are offering at an elementary levels is just icing on the cake. How many elementary schools offer golf? I have met extraordinary staff and parents who care. Mrs. Davis is still involved just behind the scenes. Go Dragons!

- submitted by a parent
August 22, 2013
The school was a disappointment despite our realistic expectations. The school lacks the necessary funding and was requesting(not forcing) $500/family! The school would collapse without insane amounts of volunteering from parents. NOTHING functions here without volunteers, if a volunteer has something unexpected come up, the panic that ensues to find a replacement is ridiculous. The school lacks space-the parking lots have kids doing their PE jogging!, kids eat in class and corridors because there isn't a cafeteria to sit at(the indoor gym has students playing)while the caterers serve lunch which has to be taken all the way back to the class,by which time lunch break is half done. The staff was rude. Piles of homework doesn't equal quality academics. The number of teachers that left within weeks and months is very telling. Families here are convincing themselves that this is like a private school-but its isn't. Extracurriculars are only for a fee after school hours. Ms.Davis with her tremendous knowledge of IB, experience (her presence was to convince us they knew what they were doing) but she just vanished. Research problems Imagine schools have, safety concerns and closings!

- submitted by a parent
August 10, 2013
I cannot agree more with the last parent.My daughter was in the 5th grade and we are absolutely pleased with the quality of education she received.One thing parents need to be aware of is that this school is not for every child.If your child is not up for a challenge,this is NOT the school for them.i can wait for the next school year to start.

- submitted by a parent
August 08, 2013
This school is amazing. We saw definite results in our first grader within 2 weeks. Now she questions everything, which is yet another way for her to learn. We also have a sibling in public school and our daughter (in first grade) is learning things that our other daughter in 3rd grade (public school) has still yet to learn. We will have 3 children in Imagine this year and could not be more excited. Although there were items during that were "rough" during the first year, the staff was very responsive and open to suggestions and very quickly adapted to make the experience better. I simply notched up the first year as a growing experience not only for the school but parents and teachers as well. One of the most impressive things that I saw at the school was that at an extracurricular event they had kindergartners going around and introducing themselves to the other students / parents that were in attendance. This showed that the students were both confident and out-going (something I'm not sure either one of my 3 kindergartners could have done at the time).

- submitted by a parent
August 01, 2013
I am impressed with Imagine and what they have accomplished during its first year. I feel that we had realistic expectations for a brand new school. There have been a few bumps along the way during the first year, but it has gone much smoother than I expected. And I believe that each year will continue to improve. The administration has been very open to feedback and encourage suggestions. They have acknowledged certain issues and have made changes to improve in those areas. Our daughter is in the lower school (primary years program) and has had a great experience at Imagine. Her teachers have been rock solid and have worked so hard this past year. I am amazed at how much the students are learning and how much fun they have had along the way. Our daughter loves her teachers, school and friends she has made there.

- submitted by a parent
July 31, 2013
I attended this school for the entire 2012-2013 school year, and I hated it. It was completely disorganized, and frankly, it seems that they do not know what they are doing. Half of my teachers were completely clueless and terrible, making rude remarks to students, and even lashing out at them. It is a chaotic environment. The teachers which I did find to be great are leaving the school this year. I wonder why... The school does look great on paper, and the IB seems very appealing, but they don't seem to know how to run a school, and I would NOT recommend it. Also, there is no clubs for after school, which would look great on a college application! I was completely loaded down with homework and projects every single day, and exams too. I have found myself to be so stressed that I can't enjoy the good aspects of the school, such as the charismatic people in my own grade!

- submitted by a community member
June 06, 2013
I had great expectations for this school but...I liked it better at my public school. Imagine is tiny and here are small children always running up and down the halls and disturbing class even during the final tests. A bunch of my favorite teachers have moved away and everything is so chaotic all the time. There are no electives except for after school and even then you have to pay a fee! Homework and projects are now taking over my life. I even had to quit several of my extra-curricular activities because of it and still I stay up often until midnight or even later doing homework. The school looked great but they didn't nearly do everything they promised they would at he beginning.

- submitted by a community member
April 05, 2013
My kids really love the school! It has been a year of ups and downs but it is all finally coming together. There have been some teachers that are extremely rude to parents and to their peers, however we just ignore those teachers.

- submitted by a parent
March 27, 2013
We were skeptical of a brand new school and of the IB program. After seeing the teachers/staff in action, we have nothing but good things to say! I was just volunteering yesterday and saw kids from the 5th grade math class doing a scavenger hunt around the school (math problems). It's fun to see the kids thinking outside the box. I love that there are only 100 kids in each class. I personally LOVE the volunteer setup at Imagine. I can volunteer at lunch, recess, 2nd recess and for a small reading group....what school can you spend time like this with your children and their peers (most schools you just go in to make copies etc? They recently had a Family Night and it was so much fun. This school has rallied around a little girl with Cancer and to see this has been astounding (being a brand new school). The way they are taking care of this family, you would have thought we have been together for years! It's a great school for us so far.

- submitted by a parent
March 20, 2013
I keep reading about the school loosing teachers and being un-organized. All I can say is my kid loves it there and it is the FIRST year this school has been open, I am sure if we had gone to any other school with it being the first year there would have been hiccups too! The school is growing and next year will be so much better!!

- submitted by a parent
March 04, 2013
Excellent school, they are going through some groeing pains, but my kids have developed that love for learning. we are coming from a private school, but I feel the level at Imagine is superior. The teachers need to be supported. The Spanish program needs more attention in the upper class.

- submitted by a parent
February 01, 2013
The school has been a blessing to our family. My kids are so happy(they were also happy at their old school) but they seem to really enjoy and be excited about learning like they never have before. The former principal is still there her position has changed. She is a specialist on the IB program and she is concentrating on that rather than on the day to day things of running a schoo. A wise move if you asked me. This is defenetly not your typical school and is not for everyone but for us is the answer to our prayers.

- submitted by a parent
January 21, 2013
Having a full IB program is extremely appealing. The school hit the ground running to become an IB candidate school and this was very encouraging to see so early on. Class size is 25 (even for the lower grades) which is higher than the state average. This school has been only open for 1/2 a school year, but there has already been high turnover of the staff including the director of the school leaving. This is a concern considering the director was really focused on IB accreditation. Staff retention needs to be an urgent priority. Imagine does not have acreage to expand to a comfortable size and is already overcrowded with the school scheduled to add 300 students in the next 3 years. They will either have to relocate or lower the school population. The board talks about making Imagine a college prep school modeled after schools such as Westlake Academy, but the school unfortunately does not have the funding to see that vision through. Fundraising not been nearly what it needs to even provide some modest extras. No school library yet. They offer enrichment programs which for a fee and meet after school, but there are no athletic teams or clubs.

- submitted by a parent
January 03, 2013
Very impressed. Yes as they have had so hiccups with the opening but the staff is amazing and my child LOVES it"

- submitted by a parent
December 04, 2012
Imagine International Academy is a college preparatory school. With an International Baccaleureate curriculum, this schools offers the private school experience at the charter school price. We like to think of it as a hybrid :) My children are thrilled to be here with other like minded students. They are really enjoying this inquiry-based, very hands-on curriculum!

- submitted by a parent

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Imagine International Academy Of N
2860 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX  75071
(214) 491-1500
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