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Y2ME24 February 9, 2012

i might be relocating later this year to the Seattle area and wanted to know what areas are considered safe, middle-class, family oriented neighborhoods with great schools. Some diversity would be great as well. Additionally, I read information about a private school, Lakeside, what is the opinion of this school?

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ALFfan1 February 15, 2012

I live in White Center, that's a V E R Y diverse area of Seattle, and the United States. The schools here are good to. It's safe, and middle class. So I say move here!


Y2ME24 February 18, 2012

Alfani1 where is white center? Is it in the city or outskirts of seattle?


ramrod February 19, 2012

White center is in West Seattle, an outlying neighborhood within city limits but feels like a long way out due to having to take the bridge to get back into the city and downtown. More convenient neighborhoods might be Columbia City, Capitol Hill, Madison Valley. I didn't know the middle class existed anymore. We live in Queen Anne but are not the middle class by definition. We are working class.


StacyinSeattle March 6, 2012

We moved here two years ago and are currently also looking to buy a home in a good school district for our two small children. West Seattle has some good schools, but is a bit isolated. Queen Anne, also mentioned above, is lovely and has great elementary schools. But I'm not sure of the perspective of the commenter who stated that QA is "working class," as it's one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, as are Capitol Hill and Madison Valley, other neighborhoods mentioned. In the center of the city you have neighborhoods with weaker schools. North Seattle is where the better schools are concentrated and is much more family-oriented. Depending on your job location, your income and your personal style, you could consider Wallingford, Green Lake, Ballard, part of the University District, Ravenna/Bryant, View Ridge, Laurelhurt, and Wedgewood. All have great schools. If your job will be on the east side you'll want to be near a bridge, so maybe also consider Montlake? right on the 520 bridge, and strong elementary schools. The only major downside of the North Seattle neighborhoods is they have less diversity. You can get a lot more diversity in the central and south neighbhorhood school districts, but unfortunately the schools themselves are not nearly as strong. I've noticed a lot of people in the area complain about Seattle schools; however, we moved here from San Francisco and find that the schools are excellent in Seattle in comparison -- I guess it depends on your expectations? If you want a more suburban experience, the Bellevue/Kirkland/Issaquah areas do have highly rated schools.


seattle21 March 9, 2012

West Seattle is a very family oriented neighborhood in Seattle. It also has great access to the beach and is slightly more affordable with more diversity as well. It is a bit isolated, but that is part of its charm. Good Luck!!


Welshmum May 18, 2012

If you're looking for a good middle class neighborhood, I would look North of Seattle. Alternatively, there are some less expensive neighborhoods in Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland that would give you access to good public schools. I agree with the responder regarding Queen Anne - it's a fabulous hip neighborhood but it's by no means middle class. Lakeside is an amazing school and it's exceptionally difficult to get in. I plan to apply for admission for my daughter in a few years but with a 20% acceptance rate, I'm not counting on her getting in. Other great schools are SASS, Bush, University Prep, Northwest Scool.

With all due respect, White Center is a high crime neighborhood and doesn't have the best reputation.

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