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I have two teenagers who will be in the 10th grade this fall


j4desi July 27, 2009

I am looking for a good high school that is gearing students up for college all over.

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healthy11 July 27, 2009

Hi. I want to be sure we understand your question...In most cities, where you live determines which public school your kids would attend. Did you just move to Milwaukee, or are you looking to switch them from whatever school they attended for 9th grade? Are you looking for private or public?

While this is a different way to approach the issue, what colleges would your kids like to attend? Maybe you can contact those universities, and ask them what schools in the Milwaukee area seem to best prepare students for success at their college...LIke if your kids want to attend UW-Whitewater, contact UW and ask what high school in Milwaukee they accept the most kids from (most colleges do have a breakdown of their student's backgrounds.)


j4desi July 28, 2009

Thank you very much for your response. I have lived in Milwaukee all my life, I want my kids to be able to attend a college out of wisconsin. Unfortunately i was unable to travel to college and i do not want my kids to miss out on any opportunites that is out there. My children are in the gear up program but the colleges they attend seems to be only in wisconsin.


healthy11 July 28, 2009

I'm not familiar with the Gear Up program, but nothing ever prevents kids from applying to schools out of state, it's just that the program may "guarantee" more spots are open in WI colleges for those participants.
It might help you to know that I have a son in college now. He will be a sophomore. Originally, he said he wanted to attend a "big college, out of state" (We're near Chicago) but would you believe that when "decision time" came, he opted to go to a smaller local university, about an hour away from home? Although he could have commuted back and forth on a daily basis, we decided to let him move on campus, and THAT is what really seems to make a difference in terms of a child getting a real "college experience" and being able to find out about all the opportunities that exist.
I'm sure that if your kids even lived away from Milwaukee, like at UW in Madison (which has a very good reputation,) they would feel like it's "worlds away." Truthfully, college is tough, and if they don't get accepted into their #1 university at first, your children might start at a community college and get their "feet wet" and if they get good grades, then transfer to their "dream schools."


j4desi July 28, 2009

thanks alot! I am actually researching universities now. I am planning on moving to either Virginia or Tennessee in two years and i wanted to get a jump start on researchs.


enbayman September 27, 2009

Nicolet High School in Milwaukee, WI is great

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