Plotting number pairs

Skill: Understanding coordinates


The plot thickens

This math worksheet offers practice dealing with coordinate pairs to plot data points.



Skill: Interpreting data


Making 2 points

A, B, and C all have a place. This math worksheet offers practice working with data points and finding coordinate pairs.


Coordinate graphs

Skill: Understanding x and y axes


On the grid

What are the coordinates of the shape? This math worksheet deals with coordinate graphs; working with coordinate pairs to find and plot data points.


Lines tell a story

Skill: Reading graphs


Graphic information

Graphs can help with word problems. In this math worksheet, your child will interpret graph data to answer questions.


Interpreting circle graphs

Skill: Multiplying fractions


Easy as pie charts

If only one-fifth of a class of 30 students voted Sean Connery as the best James Bond, then how many students voted for Connery? This math worksheet gives your child practice reading circle graphs and interpreting data to answer questions.