5th grade probability

Skill: Introduction to probability


How likely is it that snow will fall in August?

Remember there are possibilities between definite and impossible. This math worksheet introduces your child to probability with common sense statements to plot on a line. Probability lines help visualize answers.


Probability scale 0 to 1

Skill: Logic problems


Link likely outcomes to a number on the line.

The sun will come up tomorrow. Your fifth grader will plot the likelihood of this and other statements on this math worksheet along a probability line.


Probability: what’s most likely?

Skill: Interpreting data


Using graphs and tables

Let’s look at Margaret’s colored marbles and Mr O’Neill’s socks. This math worksheet on probability asks your child to read table data and answer questions about what’s most likely to be picked.


Coin toss likely outcomes

Skill: Understanding odds


Throw one coin; throw 2 coins.

Heads or tails, heads or tails, heads or tails? This math worksheet gives your fifth grader practice calculating and understanding probability.