Putting sentences in order

Skill: Sequencing


This paragraph is a mess; your child to the rescue!

In this reading worksheet, your child is presented with a series of sentences about chess that are out of order. Using reading comprehension and sequencing skills, your child will put these sentences in their proper place.


A questionnaire: what do you like to read?

Skill: Learning types of text


Your child’s answers may surprise you!

Research shows that one of the best ways to raise a reader is to get your child reading about topics she enjoys. This reading worksheet presents your child with many different reading choices — and just may open the door to a whole new area at the library or bookstore.


Finding key points

Skill: Evaluating writing


Ever wonder why the sky is sometimes a deep blue — and other times it’s almost white?

This reading worksheet answers that question — and follows it up with other handy questions to boost your child’s reading comprehension.


Comparing two stories

Skill: Compare and contrast


One of these stories is old, the other new. But each has a setting, characters, and a plot.

In this reading worksheet, your child gets practice answering reading comprehension questions about two very different stories with similar components.


Word-building riddles

Skill: Decoding words


Ready to have a little fun?

Reading carefully is a key skill all fifth graders should work on — but there’s no need to make it boring! Your child will play word detective, closely reading the clues to solve the puzzles in this reading worksheet.