When it comes to helping your child with writing, the secret is to keep it fun! Writing is about ideas, expression, and communication. Here are six easy ways to keep the ideas and words flowing — with or without a pencil and paper.

  1. Storytime

    Read aloud to your child. Pick books with more complex language than everyday conversation because that helps grow her vocabulary and teaches her sentence structure.

  2. Shhh! Just write

    Often, when you are somewhere you’re not supposed to talk (a church or ceremony, for instance), your child may still be able to write. Letting them write you a secret note will teach them how useful and fun writing can be.

  3. Family blog

    Pick an upcoming family event (trip, celebration, etc.) and ask your child to help you write about it to share with friends and family.

  4. Everyone’s a critic

    Have your child write a review about a place you’ve visited such as a park, store, or restaurant. Get him to talk about his ideas before he writes; it helps to organize thoughts out loud.

  5. Convince me!

    Ask your child to write you a letter trying to convince you of why he should be allowed to watch more TV or why the family should order pizza on Friday night.

  6. Worksheets

    Try some of our third grade writing worksheets: How to write a story, Writing practice: alternatives to said.