These academic vocabulary words for eighth graders are broadly used in many subjects. It’s important for your child to know these words to better understand reading and classroom lessons. And knowing these vocabulary words well enough to use them in writing and presentations will add precision and eloquence to your child’s work. Print this list, courtesy of Hyde Park Central School District in New York, and post it somewhere your child will see it every day. Not only will these words help your child with reading and writing assignments now, they’re the types of words that will pop up on the SAT and ACT (if your child chooses to take one of these tests), too.

8th grade vocabulary words

abhor construct precise
abrasive contrast prediction
alternative corroborate prevalent
ambiguous depict procedure
amiss derive profound
anarchy despicable proprietor
anonymous despondent prudent
anthology elapse pseudonym
apathy embark quote
apprehend encompass rebel
assimilate endeavor rebuff
assumption evidence rebuke
audacious evoke recur
authority feasible resilient
avid focus response
ban formula reverberate
belligerent generation significant
bisect gruesome similar
bizarre imminent simulate
boycott impel simultaneous
capable imperative source
cause integrate specific
characterize interrogate spontaneous
chronological merge surmise
commence modify theory
compels mutiny tirade
concise narrate universal
conclude novice validate
confiscate obsolete variable
conjecture opposition conscientious
perish consecutive perspective
consistent persuasive inspire

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