Looking for an easy way to boost your child’s learning at home? Try to set up a learning environment that works for your child. That’s not the same for each child and impacts the effectiveness of how one learns. Once the place is set, keep basic school supplies close at hand.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on them either: Look for sales at discount shops or dollar-store deals. If you can’t provide your child with the necessary supplies, check with the teacher or school guidance counselor about financial assistance.

To make sure your child doesn’t waste time looking for needed items around the house, keep supplies in one easy-to-reach place. Old shoe boxes or photo boxes (available at many discount stores) are perfect for holding smaller items like pencils, pens, erasers, and glue sticks.

The basics

What your child needs for a well-stocked study space:
Erasers (The large, pink kind are the sturdiest.)
Pencil sharper (If you get hand-held, go with one that has a top to collect shavings)
Glue sticks
Ruled writing paper (Keep the same kind that is preferred by the teacher.)
Spiraled notebook
Scissors (appropriate for the child’s age)

Other helpful supplies

These items, while not always necessary, are helpful to have on hand:
Colored markers
Paper clips
Four-ounce bottle of white glue
Index cards
Construction paper
Access to a printer