In this exclusive series, Dr. Sam Goldstein answers the following questions about AD/HD:

  • What is the relationship between AD/HD & self-control?
  • What’s the best way to evaluate for AD/HD?
  • What will lead a child with AD/HD to a positive future?
  • What are the criteria for diagnosing AD/HD?
  • How are AD/HD and common coexisting conditions related?
  • What are some myths about people with AD/HD?

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., is a clinical neuropsychologist and member of the faculty of the University of Utah. He is one of today’s leading clinicians, speakers, and authorities on child development and neuropsychology. Dr. Goldstein has authored over 100 scholarly publications, including eighteen texts, book chapters, peer reviewed research and informational articles for parents and professionals.

Download this Expert Answers series (18 pages), print, and go! (Note: You need the Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader software in order to download the files.)

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A much sought after speaker and expert witness, Dr. Goldstein is known for his ability to summarize and present current research in practical ways.

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