Every kids loves to laugh! So check out these lists of funny books for preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary school kids. Rediscover classics from your childhood and discover new heroes and heroines that your little one will adore. Browse and find a great read for any child (yes, even your reluctant reader!).

Funny books for kids of all ages

Humor books for preschoolers
A king who won’t get out of the bathtub, a kid who keeps tasting disgusting things, a bird who’s longing to drive, and more characters who’ll have you and your child laughing as you read.

Humor books for kindergartners
Help your child try on wings like Lulu the Ladybug Girl or read silly verse in these fun books for the kindergarten set.

Humor books for 1st graders
Your youngster will smile at the diary of a literate worm or the “smash, mash, and crash” of garbage trucks.

Humor books for 2nd graders
These second grade reads are packed with goofy, “gooney,” drooling pleasures.

Humor books for 3rd graders
Say “Ahhhhh” or “bead a rook”: A mouse dentist and backward bunnies lend these books their laughs.

Humor books for 4th graders
Your grade schooler will love these stories that make light of rabbit vampires, wimpy kids, and more.

Humor books for 5th graders
Your kid can get surreal with tales of David Letterman fandom and cows that make lemonade.