Silly spoonerisms!

Skill: Recognizing common phrases


Have you ridden a well-boiled icicle?

W.A. Spooner must have gotten his tongue twisted! He is credited with “inventing” this type of mixed-up phrase, now called a "spoonerism." In this writing worksheet, your child gets practice decoding spoonerisms and then writing the phrases correctly.


Homophones and homographs

Skill: Building vocabulary


Our funny English language

In this writing worksheet, your child will learn the difference between homophones and homographs and get practice using both types of words correctly in sentences.


Active and passive sentences

Skill: 5th grade writing practive


Was it done to you or by you?

In this writing worksheet, your child gets practice editing sentences written in passive voice and rewriting them in active voice — and vice versa.


Punctuating a paragraph

Skill: Editing


“She’s inspired by cooking her family and her dogs.”*

Punctuation could save lives and lead to a tastier meal. In this writing worksheet, your child will practice editing a paragraph. They will need to correct punctuation, capitalization, and correctly use quotation marks.
*”She’s inspired by cooking, her family, and her dogs.”


Following instructions

Skill: Writing a report



An experiment! In this writing worksheet, your child reads instructions, does an experiment, creates a flow chart, makes observations, and writes a report. Multiple tasks will build multiple skills, including science, research, and nonfiction writing skills!