1. Take a learning adventure

    This summer, take your child on a factory or art studio tour. From jelly beans to ceramics, your child will love learning how things are made. More ways to keep your child learning this summer.

  2. Make some noise

    Summer is the ideal time for your child to start playing a musical instrument, because she’s out of school and has plenty of time to practice. Find out more about the benefits of playing a musical instrument. By the end of the summer, your child will be right on key!

  3. Stop the presses!

    Help your child keep writing skills fresh this summer by starting a family newspaper. Brainstorm ideas about what to include (for example: interviews with family members, movie and book reviews, advice columns, and photo contests).

  4. Keep math skills sharp

    You’re familiar with summer reading — what about summer math? Most kids lose ground in math over the long summer months. You can help keep your child’s math skills fresh with these math tips for every grade.

  5. Go green this summer

    Work with your kids to make your home more eco-friendly. Designate a weekly theme — recycle, use less gas, or reduce electricity — and help them plan activities like hanging clothes on a line instead of using the dryer, walking to the store instead of driving, or creating a compost bin.

  6. Raising readers

    From a trip to the comic store to books on tape during long car rides, these 8 tips will keep your child reading this summer. More ways to improve your child’s reading.

  7. Community service

    Does your teen or tween have too much time on his hands this summer? Find out if if your school or public library offers tutoring, and encourage your child to volunteer. Middle and high school students can help younger kids, keep their own skills fresh, and get valuable work experience. More summer volunteer ideas.

  8. Do the math

    Practice everyday math with your child by taking her shopping and letting her choose between two brands of the same food. If she picks the one that’s a better value, let her keep the money you save.

  9. Summer tales

    Keep your child’s writing skills sharp this summer by encouraging her to write and illustrate her own book of fairy tales.

  10. Crafty clean-up

    Turn a rainy day into a cleaning day. Help your child get rid of her clutter and plan her dream room at the same time. Make it fun by cranking up the music and planning an outing when the job’s done.