Looking for some fun ways to engage your third grader in building academic skills? Check out these games and activities.

Crazy Captions
This simple but fun activity builds reading and writing skills.

Microscope Discovery
With an inexpensive microscope as your tool, you can help your child reinforces the skills of observation and prediction, important tools in building science skills.

Create a Scroll
By making an Egyptian scroll, your third grader will learn about creating narratives in art and text.

Play a Matching Game
This game will reinforce your child’s recognition of spelling patterns and different spellings for words that sound the same.

Writing Letters
Third-grade students love writing letters and getting letters back. And writing friendly or request letters builds language skills.

Power Reading Talk
Don’t underestimate the power of talking to your child about what he is reading by asking questions and engaging in conversation. This activity helps to build reading skills.

Water Glass Music
With this fun and simple activity, your child can practice playing a familiar tune, and might even create his own song.

Family Fitness
Try these activities together to build an awareness of the importance of exercise.

Follow a Recipe
This activity provides real-life practice in reading directions, sequencing and measuring.

Identify That State
This game will help your third grader locate states on a map and build social studies skills.

Make a Self-Portrait
Making a self-portrait is an engaging art project for third graders.

Develop a Mental Image
Have your child make a mental image of a passage that has been read aloud.

Weather Graph
Have your child observe the weather for a week or more and make a bar graph of the results.

Jumping Raisins
In this activity your child makes predictions about what will happen when he puts some raisins in water, others in soda water, and observes what happens.

Act Out a Script
This activity will help your child have fun, increase reading fluency and expression, and get the whole family involved.

Make a Pop-Up Book
This book is fun to make and will encourage your child’s writing and artistic skills.

Make a Reading Tree
Have your child keep track of the books she reads by having her write them on a reading tree.

Plant Parts Salad
Make a healthy salad with your child out of plant parts.

Describe an Object
In this activity your child writes about an object in detail.

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Updated: August 19, 2019